Pick these food items to win your weight-loss journey


If you’re a fitness freak, you must know the fact that everyone’s calorie intake is different, and everyone’s body reacts differently to the consumed calories. But what you can do is to control your calorie intake a bit, and focus on the food items that may actually help you in losing weight.

Some of them are:

  • Leafy Greens

Leafy greens comprise spinach, collards, kale, and Swiss chards, etc. These own all the properties through which you can lose weight fast. Leafy greens include fibres, low-calories, and low carbohydrates. You can make your food voluminous, that too without calorie-increment. Because of being rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; it proves to be extremely beneficial in-taking leafy greens.

  • Whole Eggs

Whole eggs are very beneficial if taken in a certain quantity. If you opt for high intake of them, that too regularly, then whole eggs may give you bad LDL-cholesterol. So, just be cautious while you eat whole eggs to lose weight. Eggs prove to highly nutrient, and can locate bloom to your low-calorie diet.

  • Tuna

If you’re searching for high in protein and low in calorie food, Tuna is the best option for you. It comprises a lean fish, which specifically indicates that it’s low-fat. Most of the fitness models, and bodybuilders opt for Tuna, as it fulfils their protein intake properly. And, if you’re focusing on protein intake, you can have Tuna canned in water, not in the oil.

  • Legumes & Beans

Some of the Legumes and Beans prove to be highly profitable when it comes to losing weight. It involves black beans, lentils, and kidney beans, etc. The food items, which are high in fibre, as well as, protein, are very healthy, nutrient, and add the same time, add almost negligible calorie to your diet. Legumes don’t suit to all, and some people cannot tolerate them, that’s why they required to be prepared properly.