Lab-Grown Diamonds for All Occasions: Jewelry Ideas and Inspirations


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Lab-Grown Diamonds for All Occasions: Jewelry Ideas and Inspirations

Lab-grown diamonds become one of the jewelry ideas and inspirations that capture the hearts of many. These in-demand diamond engagement rings are for all occasions and all types of people not just for the younger generation. The positive effect of using lab diamonds like they are ecological and sustainable to the environment makes them popularly used by many.

What are the Typical Ring Shapes from Rare Carat Diamonds?

Most diamond rings have similar features but there are a lot of factors that you can see more about their difference and one of those is their shapes. There are various ring shapes that you can choose from but what is the most common and popular nowadays? Out of all the familiar and widely used shapes of a diamond are round brilliants. Every facet and angle of round brilliance is positioned purposely to accentuate every aspect of it that many diamond lovers find alluring. In simple words, this kind of cut is the height of diamond beauty. Next to round brilliant are oval brilliants which are a great choice for those buyers who are looking for a rounded type of diamond ring shape but want a particular cut that’s more personal than round brilliant. The oval cut features gentle air with elegance and its elongated cut nature is considered flattering on your ring finger. The biggest advantage of this cut is its shape as the carat size appears to be higher or bigger compared with other cuts. For example, a 1-carat weight of an oval brilliant diamond will appear larger than the er 1-caratrat weight of a round brilliant diamond. Another on the list, aside from round and oval cuts like if you were to take a survey of the most desirable shapes of diamond rings, the princess cut is always one on the top list. The princess cut is one of the top three most popular and in-demand diamond ring shapes. The bold and dramatic silhouette of the princess cut has made quite the impact and lasting beauty in modern jewelry and thus is a trendy diamond ring to own. For more information and detailed data about these Rare Carat diamonds, you may find time and comprehend this site from Rare Carat, .

Rare Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

For the best quality of lab-grown diamonds, Rare Carat lab grown diamonds are the number one diamond ring marketplace online. They are advocates of the advantages of using lab diamonds over natural stones. You can start shopping at their site wherein you can choose various lab diamond rings based on the 4 C’s elements such as their color, cut, clarity, and carat weight plus their competitive prices. They have new diamond designs and the latest styles of diamond trends for you to choose from you can shop at their site with the diamond setting that you want. If you are not sure of what particular diamond you want to buy like what color, cut and clarity grade, and its carat weight, you can ask for help from their customer live agents who are always ready to answer your queries and assist you with you to have the best engagement ring like what Rare Carat diamonds offer. Rare Carat diamonds are proven to be high-quality and tested so that you will receive what you ordered online. You can also enjoy the benefits and privileges they offer like free shipping of ordered items free returns, and free resizing plus they will assure you of money cash back if you don’t like the diamond order that you will receive.