Longest-Running Daytime Soaps In American TV History


Longest Running Soaps in American TV History: You have seen some of the TV show that might come to an end but still remembered. Shows which are outstanding and continues for a short time are remembered always. Similarly in American TV industry, there are some great shows which lasts for couple of year then did not continue. In this, we will discuss all about that great shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Breaking Bad where both lasts for not a long period. However shows like The Simpsons lasted for almost 29 years.

For a TV show or daytime opera to lasts for a decade is very impressive, however, for more than a decade is got to be legendary. Can you imagine how much dedication and creativity is needed to provide the incredible characters and story-line to make it interesting for the viewers?

Stay tuned with us until the end of this article to know all about the Longest Running Soaps in American TV history. Have a look:

Longest-running daytime soaps of America

We have grab all the most liked longest running daytime soaps in America. Let us continue:

Guiding Light (57 years)

In America, Guiding Light is known as the “ Mother of all soap opera”. It is the only show which set a stage around the world for soap operas. Initially in 1937, it was started on NBC Radio as a radio broadcast until 1956. The show has around 15,762 total episodes. In 1952, the show was transitioned to TV and taken off air due to very low rating in 2009. Guiding Light has made a record in the longest running daytime opera show as it was lasted for around 57 years with 72 years of runtime.

Guiding Light holds the record for non-news show that is longest-running in the TV history of America.

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Days of Our Lives (53 years and counting)

The drama days of our lives was popular because of streaming unconventional themes and some taboo subjects that other shows never did. It was first aired in 1965 and still on its way. Throughout approx 54 years of continuous streaming, the show had gained numerous Emmy awards and accolades. The show features a family of doctors. The main character of the show was Joey’s stint who played a role of Dr. Drake Ramoray.

The Young and the Restless : 45 years

Young and the Restless is a drama show with highest rating in the American Television. It was aired in 1973 having the initial duration of half hour. Later in 1980, it came out to be one hour show. Initially the rating of show was very bad then gradually it climbed its way to the success. In 2013, it was the show of number one position since 25 years. Being an outstanding series, it was awarded by Emmy award for 9 times. Later in 2017, the show again renewed for three years.

The show was about two families: working class and wealthy Brook. Later it was replaced with new families Williamses and Abbots.

One Life to Live (43 years)

Agnes Nixon was the creator of the show One Life To Live which was aired in 1968 on ABC. It was long-running soap opera in America. The show gained this much praise because of featuring certain issues like ethnically diverse characters, social issues, and sociology-economically characters. Initially in 196, the show has duration of 30 minutes and later in 1976, the show expanded to 45  minutes and to an hour in 1978. The show lasts from 1968 to 2012 and later in 2013, the show was streamed again but get quickly cancelled due to unknown reasons.

The show, One Life To Live was all about the affluent Lord family which the pitting against a powerful Buchanan clan and a Cramer family. The character, Viki Lord who was popularly known as the Erika Slezak, had won 6 Emmy awards for playing this role.

All My Children (41 years)

All My Children, the popular opera soap was introduced in the year 1970, which was ran from 1970 to 2011 which is almost 40 years. In 2011 the show was cancelled due to some reasons. Later in 2013, the show was again streamed as a series but after 40 episodes the show was suspended. Erica Kane (popularly known as Susan Lucci), the breakout star of the show, was the main leading character of the most popular show All My Children.

The show was set in the fictional suburb of Philadelphia in the Pink Valley. It was the first show to feature the war of Vietnam, and other taboo topics such as AIDs, same-sex marriage, and abortion. This was the main reason behind the success of this show for a long time.

Another World (35 years)

The show Another world was aired in 1964 on NBC. It was the first show to depict the taboo subjects like abortion. The show lasts from 1964 to 1999 for around 35 years due to the continuous decline of rating. Also it was the first opera show to perform a crossover from the show Guiding Light with character Mike Bauer.

The show, Another World, is all about the fighting of upper class of a Matthews family with middle class branch. In the  first year of launching the  show, it featured a teenager who had illegally aborted her child and later ends up to acquitted murder later she get married with her lawyer. The show became popular by the taboo topic of the show and later on Hudson, Randolph, and Cory families were added in the popular show.

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