Well, looking forward to work with you.”

Well, looking forward to work with you.”

Looking forward to work with you

In the corridor, you introduced yourself to a recent hire at your firm. After a brief conversation, you both need to get back to your jobs. You say this to conclude the conversation.

Well, I’m looking forward to work with you.

The word “well” has a variety of applications. One significant application is to signal that you are prepared to end a conversation. A conversation might end by saying something like this:

A: Well, looking forward to work with you.

B: I agree, yeah.

A: I’ll see you later.

B: Bye.

Looking forward to something is being enthusiastic about it. However, as this is a polite way, it lacks a particularly contagious sense of excitement. But it does sound courteous.

  • When you’ve recently met someone in a professional or business setting, end your first chat with the words “I look forward to ___ing.” For more examples of how to express “I look forward to working with you,” keep reading. For instance:
  • I’m looking forward /eager to collaborate with you.
  • I’m interested in conducting business with you.