Metabolism tracker: Lumen Reviews


The Lumen Metabolism Tracker is a new device that helps people understand their metabolism. It tells you whether your body is burning fat or carbohydrates. 

You can use it to make better choices about what to eat and how to exercise. This lumen review will explain how the Lumen works, its benefits, and its drawbacks.

What is the Lumen metabolism tracker?

The Lumen is a small device that measures carbon dioxide (CO2) in your breath. It helps determine whether your body is burning fats or carbohydrates for energy. You use it by breathing into the device and sending the data to an app. 

The app gives you daily advice on how to eat and exercise based on your metabolism.

How does Lumen work?

You take a breath test by inhaling through the device, holding your breath for a few seconds, and then exhaling into the device. The device analyzes your breath to see how much CO2 is present. 

The app then shows whether you are burning fat or carbs. Based on this, it gives you tips on what to eat and how to exercise to improve your metabolism.


The Lumen provides personalized insights into your metabolism, which means the advice you get is specific to your body’s needs. It gives daily recommendations for food and exercise and allows you to track your progress over time with graphs and charts. 

The device is easy to use; it requires only a simple breath test. You can connect Lumen with other health apps like Apple Health and Google Fit.

Detailed functionality

You can better understand the Lumen’s functionality by exploring how it operates daily. Each morning, you start with a breath test to see how your metabolism is functioning at the start of the day. 

Based on these readings, the app will tell you what type of breakfast would be most beneficial for you. You can take additional breath tests throughout the day to monitor how your body responds to different foods and activities.

For example, if you eat a high-carb meal, you might use Lumen to see how long it takes for your body to switch from burning carbs to fats. This real-time feedback helps you understand how different foods affect your metabolism and energy levels.

Benefits of using Lumen

You can improve your metabolic health with Lumen. Knowing whether you are burning fats or carbs helps you make better choices. The personalized nutrition advice can help you stick to a diet that works for you. 

Optimizing your workouts based on your metabolism can lead to better performance. Tracking your progress helps you see how your body is changing and improving. Using Lumen regularly can lead to long-term health benefits.

Personalized Nutrition

One of Lumen’s standout features is its ability to provide personalized nutrition advice. Instead of following a one-size-fits-all diet plan, you get recommendations tailored to your unique metabolic profile. 

This can increase the effectiveness of your diet, as you are eating foods that are optimal for your body’s current state.

workout performance

Knowing your metabolic state can help you optimize your workouts. For example, if Lumen indicates that you are burning carbohydrates, you might engage in high-intensity exercise to maximize fat burning. 

If you are burning fats, you might focus on endurance training. This targeted approach can help you get the most out of your exercise routine.

Weight management

Lumen’s insights can help you manage weight by helping you understand how your body responds to different foods and activities. Adjusting your diet and exercise routines based on your metabolic readings can create a more effective weight management plan. 

This can make it easier to reach and maintain your weight goals.

Long-term health benefits

Regular use of Lumen can lead to long-term improvements in metabolic health. You can promote overall wellness and reduce the risk of metabolic disorders by continuously monitoring your metabolism and making informed lifestyle adjustments. 

This proactive approach to health can help you stay fit and healthy for years.



One drawback of Lumen is its cost. It is quite expensive, and you must also pay a subscription fee for the app. This cost may be prohibitive for some users, especially on a tight budget. However, many users find that the device’s benefits justify the expense.

Learning curve

While Lumen is designed to be user-friendly, some users may still experience a learning curve. It can take time to become familiar with the breath test procedure and understand the metabolic readings and recommendations provided by the app.

 Patience and practice are key to getting the most out of the device.


Although Lumen is based on scientific principles, the accuracy of the device’s readings can be affected by various factors, such as user technique and environmental conditions. 

It is important to use the device consistently and follow the instructions carefully to obtain reliable results. Some users have reported inconsistencies in their readings, which can be frustrating.

Dependence on the device

Some users may become overly dependent on Lumen to make dietary and exercise decisions. While the device provides valuable insights, it’s essential to use it as a tool to complement, not replace, professional medical advice and personal judgment. 

Trusting your own instincts and knowledge about your body is also important.

User experience as per Lumen reviews

Many users have positive experiences with Lumen, and Lumen reviews are positive. They find it easy to use and helpful for making better choices. Success stories show people have improved their metabolic health and reached their goals. Detailed feedback and recommendations are often highlighted as the most valuable features.

Lumen users have shared many success stories of achieving their health goals with the device. These stories often emphasize significant improvements in metabolic health, weight loss, and workout performance. 

Users appreciate the personalized approach and the ability to track their progress over time.

Criticism as per lumen reviews

Some users have offered criticism, noting areas where Lumen could improve. Common suggestions include:

  • reducing the cost of the device and subscription,
  • enhancing the accuracy of the readings and
  • providing more detailed explanations of the metabolic insights.

These suggestions indicate that while Lumen is effective, there is always room for improvement.

Collab with other health apps

Lumen’s ability to integrate with other health and fitness apps is a significant advantage. You can connect it with apps like Apple Health and Google Fit to consolidate your health data in one place. 

This integration allows you to comprehensively view your overall wellness and track various health metrics alongside your metabolic data.

Practical tips for using Lumen

Follow some practical tips to get the most out of Lumen. First, take breath tests consistently, preferably at the same time each day. This consistency helps you get accurate and reliable data. 

Second, follow the app’s instructions carefully when performing the breath test to ensure proper technique. Third, use the personalized recommendations to change your diet and exercise routine gradually. Small, consistent adjustments are often more effective than drastic changes.

Long-term use and maintenance

Maintaining the Lumen device is straightforward. You should clean it regularly to ensure accurate readings. Storing it in a safe place when not in use will help prolong its lifespan. Regularly updating the app will ensure you have access to the latest features and improvements. 

By taking good care of the device and following the recommended usage guidelines, you can enjoy Lumen’s benefits for a long time.


The Lumen metabolism tracker is useful for anyone looking to improve their metabolism and health. 

It provides personalized advice based on real-time data from your breath. While some drawbacks exist, the benefits can make it a worthwhile investment. With the insights Lumen provides, you can make better choices about your diet and exercise.

Some questions

How much does the Lumen metabolism tracker cost?

The Lumen costs around $299, plus the app’s monthly subscription fee of about $19 to $29.

How accurate is the Lumen metabolism tracker?

The Lumen is generally accurate, but user technique and environment can affect readings. Consistent use and following instructions are important for good results.

Can Lumen help with weight loss?

Yes, Lumen can help by giving personalized diet and exercise advice based on your metabolism. Following these tips can aid in weight management.

Is the Lumen device difficult to use?

The Lumen is designed to be user-friendly. There might be a slight learning curve, but most people find it easy to use.

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