Elden Ring: How To Defeat Mad Pumpkin Head

Defeat Mad Pumpkin Head

Mad Pumpkin Head Elden Ring – Elden Ring features an open world with a nonlinear story, player freedom in path selection, and stealth gameplay elements. The game’s combat system called the “Souls-like action,” is similar to From Software’s own Souls series games and Bloodborne, consisting of a strong melee attack, a ranged attack for dealing damage at a distance, and parrying. First, discuss everything you should know about the mad pumpkin head Elden ring. 

The mad pumpkin head Elden ring uses magic abilities that people in both combat and exploration can use. Stealth elements were also introduced, allowing players to hide from enemies or break their line of sight by hiding behind objects. Two versions of Elden Ring have been released: A standard edition which includes a standard copy of the game, and a Collector’s Edition, which includes a soundtrack, a hardcover art book, behind-the-scenes artwork, and additional in-game items.

Elden Ring: Combat Basics, Tips, and Tricks

You will never be forced to move forward by the game’s aggressive meter, only by the desire to explore or the necessity of trying to advance through a section. This tactical freedom is one of Elden Ring’s greatest strengths; it doesn’t punish you for doing something different.

However, gaining experience is less generous than it is in Bloodborne, and progress feels more like a grind than an exciting journey. In Bloodborne, you’d collect bottles and other rewards along your way, but in Elden Ring, all you do for experience points is fight monsters.

Mad Pumpkin Head Overview:

As its name suggests, the Mad Pumpkin Head is a giant, misshapen pumpkin with a face. It always carries a giant goblet in one hand and swings it around recklessly. The Mad Pumpkin Head is one of the most challenging bosses in all of Elden Ring and holds a real threat to any player if the player is at a low health level. Its attacks are slow and easy to avoid and do minor damage to players. What’s more, the Mad Pumpkin Head also has poor health; it can be taken down in under ten seconds by any player whose level is 50 or higher.

The main issue with the mad pumpkin head elden ring has to do more with locating him than anything else. He may appear randomly just about anywhere or only appear for a few days. The Mad Pumpkin Head can appear in the same area more than once in the same play-through. Finding this elusive boss is always rewarding, and it’s always worth your while to seek him out.

The Mad Pumpkin Heads attack pattern is simple and easy to predict. He starts slowly by swinging his big cup around and then slowly builds up speed until he begins wildly swinging it around like a whirlwind with all the force of a hurricane.

Mad Pumpkin Head Attacks:

When the mad pumpkin head elden ring raises his goblet in the air, he prepares to strike. He throws the cup at random foes or swings it around in a circle, striking anything in its radius. To dodge this attack, you have to roll. You can’t dodge or move away from it, and you can’t roll through it, as the Mad Pumpkin Head’s attacks are too fast.

The best way to avoid this attack is to roll directly away from him, behind him. It allows you to keep your distance and avoid his attacks altogether.

The best way to attack him is by swinging at his head when he drops his goblet and drinking the soup that spills out of it. To do this, you must be in the correct position and have enough stamina. If you hit him correctly, he’ll get knocked back.

The Mad Pumpkin Head’s second attack is a simple smash attack, which he performs while standing completely still. Like his other attacks, this one can be avoided e by people simply rolling away from him, behind him.

The third and final attack the Mad Pumpkin Head has is also a simple smash attack; only this one will push you forward as it hits. To avoid it, roll backward or roll directly away from the boss.


Elden Ring is set in a fantasy world named Alerts. The player chooses a character class at the start of the game, which determines their starting spells, equipment, and attributes. As the player progresses, they gain experience points and level up.

Leveling up grants the player skill points, which people across multiple passive skills can spend on a skill tree and select one active skill from their skill tree to learn. Each character class has a dedicated skill tree the player can access at any time. 

As the player gains levels, they gain access to new skills on their dedicated skill trees. In addition, the game features four different combat modes: standard mode (similar to Bloodborne and Dark Souls), defensive mode (which encourages players to block enemy attacks and respond with counterattacks), offensive mode (which allows players to attack enemies while dodging their attacks), and balanced mode (a combination of standard and defensive modes).

Cooperative play is cooperative gameplay, which allows players to fight against the environment and bosses together. P2P play allows a maximum of sixteen players to join a match, with up to eight players on each team. Players must be level ten or higher to participate in PvP matches.

Players can choose one of two factions: the Imperials and the Rebels. Factions receive special buffs when they win a match, which benefits the winning faction more depending on how much time has passed since their last victory. 

The above portion explains everything about the mad pumpkin head elden ring.