Kangal Dog Price, Temperament, Life Span, and More

kanal dog price

Kangal dog price – The Kangal Dog is a big and strong dog kind commonly seen in Turkey. They are used to take care of sheep and protect them from other animals. People also call them Turkish Kangal dogs, Kurdish Kangal dogs, or Kangal shepherd dogs. They look special with their big heads and curly tails. Even though they appear very big and scary, they are really gentle and friendly.

Because they pay good attention, they can be good at watching over things, but they don’t show aggression. They protect instead of attack. If you want one of these dogs, you should have a big yard or a farm because they aren’t meant for living inside houses. 

In this article, we will give you lots of information about Kangal dog price, how they act, how long they live, and more.

Where They Come From

The Kangal shepherd dog is from Sivas, Turkey, and is like Turkey’s special dog. They were made to work and protect. These dogs from Turkey are used to protect animals and also help security teams.

They keep both people and groups of animals safe from creatures like lions, wolves, jackals, and cheetahs. These animals are common in Africa and Turkey, where these dogs are really liked.

The Kurdish Kangal and Turkish Kangal dogs are also called Anatolian lions. These dogs have been around for over a thousand years. People know them because they are big, fast, and can move well. The Kurdish Kangal dog has considered as one of the strongest dog bites.

Research shows dogs from places like Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan are much like Kangals.

How They Look

The Turkish Kangal dog is big and has strong bones. It grew this way naturally because it had to guard flocks from animals that might hurt them. It has a big head that’s not too wide, with a black part on its nose. Its ears hang down and are long.

A Kangal shepherd dog that looks good is longer than it is tall. Its fur is short and thick, with a tail that curls. Its ears have black parts, and its body can be a tan or fawn colour. Sometimes, it might have white fur on its paws, belly, and chin.

The thick fur on its body helps it when it’s cold or hot outside, like in Africa and Turkey, where it often lives. The fur even protects its skin from getting hurt if wild animals bite it.

How They Act and Behave

The Kurdish Kangal dog has a special way of acting and feeling. This is what makes them different and why people choose them, even though they are really big.

Kangal dogs are known for being nice and loyal. They can easily get used to different places. These Turkish Kangal dogs are great at caring for sheep and helping keep places safe because they like protecting things a lot.

If you teach your Kangal dog the right way and let them meet others, they usually stay patient and calm with kids and other animals. They don’t try to start fights but would protect if needed.

But, if your Kangal dog thinks you’re not in charge, they might try to be the boss. So, it’s important for you to be a strong leader for them.

They are always watching and ready to care for the people they like. They are fast and brave, so they stop problems and keep their humans and animals safe.

If you’re good with dogs, these dogs are good for people who know a lot about dogs. They think independently, which means they can sometimes be smarter than people.

How Big They Are

The Kangal dog is big. It’s kind of like a cousin to the mastiff dog. The boy Kangal dogs are about 28 to 33 inches tall and weigh around 110-145 pounds. The girl Kangal dogs are a bit smaller and lighter.

Because Kangal dogs are so big, they can’t live in small apartments. They need a lot of space to be happy and healthy.

How Much is Kangal dog price

Do you want to know what is the maximum Kangal dog price can be? Well, the price of a Kangal dog is between 1200 to 2500 dollars. The price can change based on where the dog was born and taken care of. Kangal dogs from Turkey cost more because they’re not easy to find. It’s important to buy from a good and fair breeder to keep your Kurdish Kangal dog healthy.

Sometimes, if the Kangal dog comes from really good parents or if they have won awards, the price can be even more than 2500 dollars. There are other things that can make the kangal dog price higher or lower too, like where you live, how they were bred, if the breeder is well-known, and how many people want that kind of dog.

Raising Kangal Puppies

When you have Kangal dog puppies, it’s important to help them get used to people and other animals while they’re young. Start teaching them things when they are still little because they learn fast.

Train Kangal puppies consistently and show that you’re the leader. They like chewing on things, so watch out for that and correct them when they do things you don’t want.

If you teach your Kangal puppies well, they will become great dogs you can always rely on. Kangal puppies like to copy what other dogs do, so it’s important they have good friends.

Kangal dog puppies learn things quickly, so teaching them fun tricks or how to go potty is not hard. If you teach them well, they won’t start doing things you don’t like or act mean.

Health Problems

No dogs are completely free from health problems, and like many other dogs, Kangals can also have some health issues that are passed down through their genes. Here are some of them:

  • Benign tumors
  • Lipoma
  • Entropion
  • Hip dysplasia

Make sure to keep an eye on these problems and talk to your vet if your dog seems unwell. Taking good care of your puppy and getting help from the vet can help prevent some of these issues.

Final Words

In this article we have discussed all about kangal dog price and much more. We understood that loving dogs is more important than their size. This big and kind dog will care for you and keep you safe. If you can provide the space and care they need, don’t hesitate to bring this wonderful breed into your life.


What is a Kangal Dog?

The Kangal Dog is a large, livestock guardian dog breed originating in Turkey. They are known for their strength, courage, and protective instincts.

Are Kangal Dogs good family dogs?

Kangal Dogs can be good family dogs if they are properly trained and socialized from a young age. They are good with children, but they need to be taught to be gentle. They also need plenty of exercise and space to roam.

How much is Kangal Dog price?

The cost of a Kangal Dog varies depending on the breeder, the dog’s age and lineage. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 for a Kangal Dog.