Weight Loss: 25 Low-Calorie Foods To Keep You Full For Longer


With so many diet trends doing the rounds online, it can be confusing for the average person. The easiest way to lose some weight quickly might seem to be to skip meals entirely. Though this may show results initially, you are bound to give in to your cravings and end up gaining more weight than you started with.

That is why we have compiled some low-calorie but high-satiety food that are not only nutritious but also tasty. 

For Mealtimes

The best way to maintain a healthy weight without having to skip meals is to have multiple small meals throughout the day. 

Whether you follow strict dietary habits for religious reasons or otherwise, there are plenty of options for everyone. 

Let’s look at some common items that you can have for meals throughout the day.

  1. Vegetarian

Weight loss options may seem few and far between when starting on your fitness journey especially if you are a vegetarian or vegan. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a picky eater given the wide array of healthy foods available for vegetarians to enjoy while losing weight.

  1. Hummus

A multipurpose savory condiment that can be enjoyed with whole-grain crackers or as part of your favorite tortilla wrap. This versatile item can also act as a delicious drip for your veggie cuts. 

Hummus comes from chickpeas which are rich in protein and will keep you full for a long time. It also serves as a healthier substitute as a condiment compared to mayonnaise or ketchup.

  1. Oat Bran

The perfect breakfast meal that can be quickly made and easily eaten. Whip up a bowl of oat bran with low-fat milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and your favorite berries, or enjoy an afternoon snack of blueberry oat bran muffins while you read your favorite book. 

They are rich in complex carbohydrates which take time to digest making them a filling meal that does not boost your blood sugar levels. It is also rich in fiber making it excellent for your gut health.

  1. Clear Soup

Soups are a great way to enjoy a filling and healthy meal. Depending on the ingredients, soup can be a low-calorie yet satisfying meal. For instance, a half-cup of chicken noodle soup is about 60 calories with 3g of protein. 

According to multiple studies, soups, especially blended ones, take a longer time to digest in the stomach compared to solid food. Hence, rating soup before a meal tends to reduce calorie intake. 

It is best to steer clear of high-calorie creamy soups and chowder and opt for broth-based which is just as filling without stretching the waist.

  1. Chickpeas 

Rich in protein and fiber, this power food can be turned into stews, soups, dips, or even as a light snack. 

Instead of munching on high-calorie and unhealthy chips from the store, lightly roast a handful of chickpeas with some olive oil and cumin in an oven. 

You will enjoy the same crunchiness of chips with an additional nutty flavor.

  1. Oatmeal

Unlike oat bran, which is the outer layer of the oat groat and has a smoother texture, oatmeal has a more chewy texture. Other than texture, both have the same nutritional value. 

In fact, 40g of dry oats serves 5g of protein and 4g of fibre and a total of 154 calories making it a high-energy meal. 

Studies have concluded that oats not only increase fullness but also improve appetite control as opposed to other common breakfast staples like cereals.

  1. Legumes

The protein and fiber content has made legumes a staple of many cuisines around the world. In fact, a high-protein meal consisting of pulses, a type of legumes, peas, and lentils is more filling than an equal amount of bread or pasta.

As a result of this, you are less likely to overeat during your next meal and subsequently lower your overall calorie intake. 

Legumes make for a healthy vegan/vegetarian source of protein. So there’s no need to worry about starving yourself in order to lose some pounds.

  1. Vegetables

Vegetables are your best weapons against weight loss while eating your fill. There are a wide variety of vegetables and a myriad of dishes that can be made from them on their own or in combination. 

Try out stir fry, salads, soups, stews, and baked vegetables from around the world to bring variety to your palate. 

Not only do they keep you full for longer but are also packed with a lot of nutrients that will boost your immunity and fiber for better gut motility. 

  1. Potatoes

This wonder vegetable deserves a special mention of its own. Despite the ill reputation gathered due to the media frenzy around potato chips and french fries, potatoes have an incredible role to play in a nutrient-rich diet.

Protease inhibitors, a compound present in potatoes, are responsible for boosting fullness and reducing appetite. Consequently, their effect on satiety has made them one of the most filling foods in the world. 

To give you an estimate, a medium baked potato serves 161 calories and 4g of both protein and fiber.

  1. Non-Veg

If you don’t have any restrictions on meat or animal products, there are plenty of superfoods available to start your day with.

  1. Whole Eggs

Perhaps the oldest superfood in the world, eggs top every list of must-have foods for breakfast. 

With nine essential amino acids constituting 6g of protein, a single large egg packs only 72 calories. This is what makes eggs nutrient-dense but low-calorie. 

  1. Fish

For seafood lovers, this delicacy is a factory of healthy omega-fatty acids. 

Compared to other animal proteins, fish protein has been proven to cause higher satiety which deters hunger pangs and maintains your weight. 

The fatty acids are also beneficial for better heart and brain health. 

  1. Lean Meats

A healthy diet doesn’t mean you have to cut off meat completely. Lean meats are the perfect option for your meat cravings minus the calories.

Contrary to popular belief, a meatless diet devoid of protein will increase your hunger and appetite and lead to overeating. So instead of swearing off meat completely, have a healthy amount of lean meat cuts of chicken, and turkey for a balanced meal.

  1. Homemade Paneer

This low-calorie snack is packed with useful nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin B. It is also rich in protein similar to eggs. As a result, it is great to maintain satiety and reduce hunger.

For Snacks

It is easy to wander to the nearest convenience store to buy a cup of instant noodles or some chocolate for those sudden afternoon cravings. 

However, there are many healthier options in your kitchen that you can put to good use.

  1. Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a great source of protein and is low in fat. Its high protein content makes it filling as well as subdues hunger so you eat less for dinner. This universal snack can be enjoyed on its own or with fresh fruit, granola, or flaxseed for more nutrition and flavor.

  1. Avocado

From sandwiches to salads and dips, there is nothing that can’t be done with a versatile fruit like avocado. This fruit is rich in heart-friendly mono-unsaturated fatty acids and can be enjoyed as a snack with some salsa or enjoyed with crackers as a dip.

  1. Nuts

Loaded with multivitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, nuts have been long considered nature’s best superfood. They are also packed with protein and healthy fats. Make it a habit to enjoy a handful of walnuts, cashews, pistachios, and peanuts instead of candies. 

It is even better to choose nuts that you have to unshell one at a time to make your snack last longer. Alternatively, you can enjoy them with yogurt or unsweetened applesauce.

  1. Trail Mix

You need not compromise on health when on the run. Whether you are traveling or in the office and looking for a quick fix for an afternoon snack, whip up a trail mix with sugar-free dried fruit, nuts, and high-fiber cereal. 

  1. Apple

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but it also keeps the weight away. This fiber-rich nutritious snack is low in calories but the water content will keep your hunger at bay for a long time.

  1. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges have high water content which contributes to weight maintenance. It is also rich in pectin, an enzyme that slows down digestion and boosts satiety making it waist-friendly.

  1. Grapes

Grapes are rich in vitamin C which is good for weight loss but it is also a great substitute for chocolate when you are craving something sweet.  

So next time you are looking for a frozen treat, reach for a cup of frozen grapes over ice cream.

  1. Popcorn

The high fiber content makes popcorn a filling snack. In fact, 1 cup of air-popped popcorn offers a mere 31 calories but a whopping 5% of your daily fiber intake. 

The high fiber content promotes a feeling of fullness and also stabilizes blood sugar. However, keep in mind that the benefits become outweighed if you opt for unhealthy options like buttered popcorn which have extra calories.

  1. Watermelon

The high water content keeps you full and hydrated making it a low-calorie density fruit to snack on. And that means watermelon is an ideal fruit for your afternoon snack. 

  1. Berries

Like citrus fruits, berries are high in fiber and low in pectin. Hence, their effect on satiety and stomach emptying is similar. 

Enjoy a bowl of berries with some melted chocolate chips to satisfy your midday sugar cravings.

  1. Chia Seeds

These breakfast staples are rich in soluble fiber, one that absorbs liquid and swells. 

As a result, it moves through your digestive tract slowly, keeping it full for longer. You need to add about two servings of chia seeds to your daily diet to curb your cravings.


The trick to feeling full while maintaining a healthy weight is to consume food high in fiber and protein. They will empty your stomach slowly and reduce your appetite, keeping you full for longer. 

While it may take time to get used to your new eating habits, you will eventually incorporate them into your daily routine. Remember to treat yourself once in a while with your favorite cheat food or you risk failing on your fitness journey.

With a combination of low-calorie food, a balanced diet, and adequate exercise, you will be losing weight in no time.