Crucial Perks Offered by Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx.

Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx

Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx

FedEx Warehouse Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx is a warehouse that oversees the distribution of large, heavy, or valuable items. Manor Royal sits on land near the M6 motorway and has easy access to key destinations, including Birmingham International Airport and M42. The building was designed by architect Ian Simpson to be soundproofed with charcoal-colored exterior and metal windows that have an interior noise-reducing film applied to them. 

There was a long period when the building was used as an Afro-Caribbean supermarket, but now it houses just one tenant. The warehouse is set on two levels and has over 35,000 square feet of floor space. The space is divided into warehouses A and B, which are used for storing different groups of items. For example, warehouse A can hold up to 10,000 items, whereas warehouse B holds about 18,000 items without any problems.

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Where is unit 7 manor royal industrial estate located?

Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx is located at the Manor Royal Industrial Estate, Coventry, United Kingdom. It is situated in a bustling city area, close to major highways and essential destinations such as the M6 motorway, Birmingham International Airport, and M42. The estate covers an area of around 488 hectares, with slightly hilly terrain. In addition to building warehouses, the estate has provided space for various other uses, including sports centers and car parks for events hosted at nearby venues like Warwick University.

Ease of payment:

FedEx operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Belgium but not in mainland Europe. Payment is made via credit card or a charge card that has an electronic chip. HSBC can transfer money through a PIN, and it can take up to one hour for funds to reach their destination. The company is self-sufficient as far as payment methods are concerned as it does not have any branches or representatives within its host country of the United Kingdom.


FedEx offers a delivery service for varying price fees and delivery days. There is a minimum fee of £25, and the price can go up to £100. FedEx offers different services, including guaranteed next-day delivery and two-day, three-day, and four-hour options. Orders must be placed at least six hours in advance to guarantee that they will be delivered on time. The standard fee paid by customers is £25, which includes a next-day delivery service, tracking number, signature service, and door-to-door service.

Fast Service:

Services are provided by professional staff familiar with customers’ requirements and demands. The staff is trained to provide attentive and fast service without compromising customers’ needs. The size of the warehouse is capable of holding over 100 truckloads. FedEx uses this warehouse to store all its items requiring special care before they are distributed and shipped to their final destination.

The warehouse offers a climate-controlled storage facility that protects items from weather, light, moisture, and theft by keeping them in an enclosed area. As a result, there has not been a case of theft at this warehouse.

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Safety of goods:

Items placed in a warehouse are safe. The building has surveillance cameras to monitor the warehouse and deliver goods quickly. No alarms or doors can be broken into as security is very tight. FedEx assures customers that their items will be as safe as possible.

Quick delivery:

Orders are delivered within two days of being placed in a remote zone in the warehouse called FAS (Full Access Storage) to ensure that goods arrive on time and on budget, escorted by an attendant service to safely deliver them to their final destination, usually within 24-48 hours. FedEx Warehouse Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate is a modern building that can handle many goods. The warehouse staff is trained to provide fast and accurate service to customers who value the services.

Reliable Service:

The company has a 97% on-time delivery rate and is committed to satisfying customers. FedEx warehouse Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate guarantees the confidentiality of customers’ information and is accredited with ISO 9001, highlighting their quality control procedures.


There are storage facilities across eighteen states in the United States of America. The company maintains the security of its customers’ data by preventing intruders from accessing it or making any changes. FedEx is committed to maintaining its customers’ privacy policy and protecting them in every way possible. The company’s website has a simple interface that can be used to place orders and get delivery updates. 

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FedEx uses this warehouse to ensure that all its goods are delivered without issues. The building has ample space and can hold multiple truckloads without any problems. FedEx Warehouse Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate also offers easy payment methods, fast service, and safe shipment of goods.