List Of White Iron Chunks Location

List Of White Iron Chunks Location

White iron chunks location – Although white iron chunk is an abundant mineral in Genshin Impact, there is a fair amount of demand for it when making basic products. White iron chunks location is not very hard to find.

A casting material called white iron chunk is employed to forge various items. The blacksmith needs it to manufacture things and fine augmentation ore. White iron chunk is also needed in significant amounts for several teapot accessories. White iron chunk has a grayish hue, which is ironic given its namesake. Throughout Teyvat, White Iron Chunk is common, particularly close to manufacturing locations.

  • Research locations

In Teyvat, you can search for crafting resources, such as white iron chunks location and crystal chunks. Areas under examination are easy to identify since they will be subtly shining. Several breaking material research locations are close to mines, such as in Lingju Pass or Mingyun Village.

  • Brightcrown Canyon is the first place.

Brightcorwn Canyon is among the most important sites for White Iron Chunks. Sometimes, there are already over 15 white iron bits.

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White iron chunk genshin impact

Getting particular individuals on the squad might be beneficial before harvesting ores. Putting a Claymore hero on the squad makes sense because they can crush more with 3–4 strikes and deal the greatest damage to opponents. The work of harvesting ores can be greatly facilitated by having Ninguang on the squad. Ninguang’s ability to determine the whereabouts of mineral deposits nearby makes it simple to locate their precise positions.

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Where can I farm white iron chunks (genshin)?

  • Second position: Wolvendom

Large white iron chunks are dispersed throughout Wolvendom. Approximately seven White Iron Chunks can be found along the route leading to Lupus Boreas from the Cecilia Garden area.

  • Third position: Musk Reef

Elon Reef is among the finest places to harvest White Iron chunks in Genshin Impact. Just ahead of the spiral abyss, you can find all nine of the white iron clumps.

  • 4th position: Beach near Dawn Winery

On the peninsula, southeast of the Dawn Vineyard and southeast of Wuwang Hill, there are more than eleven white iron chunks. Before the introduction of the brand-new “Ridge Watch” subdomain in the 1.5 upgrades, getting there was rather difficult, but now gamers may reach it easily.

  • Mount Aocang is Site No. 5.

Above Mt. Aocang, players may locate 23 white iron chunks. Given that they are all scattered everywhere farming them could be a little challenging.

  • Lingju Pass in place six.

There are many white iron chunks near Lignju Pass, to the northwest. Gamers can locate ten white iron chunks through sustainable materials and research locations.

  • Shitou, in Liyue, is the ninth place.

A “Shitou” NPC can be found in Liyue directly across from the manufacturing table. White iron chunk is just one of the ores Shitou offers for sale. Shitou will sell a player a maximum of ten white iron chunks for 300 more apiece.


Genshin Impact presently has a maximum capacity of 118 white iron portions. Following a few days of harvesting, most naturally existing NPCs will revive, but NPCs like Shitou replenish their supply after three days. A much more expensive variation of iron chunks is white iron.

In quarries and hilly places, they are discovered roaming around. If you’re having trouble finding them, consider employing your Elements Vision to scour the mountainous regions.

Most uranium ore will be highlighted in yellow if the center pointer button is pressed and held. Strike creatures with a firearm to harvest them. However, charms are useless; use a claymore for the quickest excavation. I hope this article helps you find the white iron chunks’ location.

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