Men’s Fashion: How to Deck Up for a Black Tie Event?


The tie fashion is an evergreen one! 

Ties were there in the past. Ties are there now. Ties will be there in the future too. 

Among all tie types, black ties have always been among the most sophisticated and preferred ones. They are so popular that people often name the formal events they organize as black tie events. 

What is a Black Tie Event?

A black-tie event is any formal or semi-formal event in which people who are attending it are expected to go for a western dress code. In a black-tie event, men are expected to wear tuxedos with preferably a pure black tie and women are anticipated to wear floor-length gowns. 

Black Tie Event for Men 

‘You are cordially invited for XYZ occasion, and it’s a Black Tie Event’. 

This sentence often gets most men flustered as soon as they read it on any invitation card. Getting decked up is nothing but anathema for most men out there. At least, for those who don’t have a good repo with their feminine! 

Well, not anymore! This blog will demystify the perfect men’s attire for a black-tie event. 

Let’s dive in…

What should be the Perfect Look for Men on a Black Tie Event?

For a Formal Look 

Your formal ensemble on a black-tie event should primarily comprise four crucial elements.

They are:

  1. A pure black jacket which is also known as a tux 
  2. Matching black trousers or pants. 
  3. A plain white shirt with, preferably with a wing-tipped collar 
  4. A black bow tie 

For a Not-So-Formal Look 

If you don’t want to look too formal, you can wear a black suit with a black shirt and a bright-coloured bow tie. If you dress up like this, you will have all the basic elements of a formal look but, of course, with a glam touch! Haven’t you seen a lot of gentlemen slaying this look at film awards?

For a Traditional Look 

For gentlemen who want to have a traditional touch, nothing can be better than a single-breasted black jacket without any slits in it. It looks most formal. If you don’t want to stick to the conventional black and go a little different, the same jacket in midnight blue colour can also be perfect! All that it will need is the right élan to carry it. So, if you think you have it, go for it, and you will stand out in the crowd! 

Moreover, don’t forget to add a cherry to the cake. What is that? Well, while you pick the jacket for a black-tie event, go for the one with a shawl lapel, where the lapel is present around the back of your neck in the form of an undecorated plain ribbon. You might like a peaked lapel; some men do so but believe it or not, the shawl one is the best option for a black-tie event. They look super elegant!

How should be Each Component of Your Attire on a Black Tie Event? 

Here, we will elaborate on the specifications of the above four components of your outfit on a Black Tie Event. 

Read on 

  • Trouser or Pant

Your trousers on a black-tie event should be made of the same material as your jacket. There should be no cuffs present in it, but a braid or fabric band as a seam decoration is a must! Moreover, as you will be wearing a tux, you can’t wear a belt with that, and that’s why your trousers should not have any belt loop. Relax! You will have suspenders as a replacement for the belt. 

  • Tux 

A perfect tux for any black tie day should have a waist covering, which can be worn as a waistcoat with buttons on the lower side across your torso, allowing your shirt to be visible. However, if you have a slim physique, you should wear a waistband to carry your tux perfectly. 

  • Shirt

As mentioned, your shirt must have a wing-tipped collar. But this is not the end. Along with that, look for a doubled-over bib of fabric on the front side of your shirt. What’s more, put studs instead of buttons matching your cufflinks. 

  • Tie 

When it comes to your tie at a black-tie event, there are not many options; only one, and that is a black bow tie. Just keep in mind that its ends are stretching up to the outer corner of your eyes. If you are thinking of wearing a clip-on tie at a black-tie event, it is a big NO-NO! 

  • Shoes

Patent-leather shoes dress shoes are best for a black-tie event. But simple oxfords are also fine.

The Bottom Line

You must not be perplexed anymore about what to wear on a black-tie day. Right? Well, we have got you covered very comprehensively.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Rock your next black-tie event look like never before!