Sleeper Dress in Navy and Other Game-Changing Outfits


“Something stylish or something comfortable?” Hostage to this dilemma are thousands of women who want to look their best at all times. That, at least, was the case until 2014. It was then, eight years ago, that Sleeper emerged, solving a seemingly mutually exclusive problem.

Inspired by the movie “The Curly Sue,” the founders of the fashion label Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva set themselves a challenge. The designers decided to create clothes that would meet the demands of elegance and style, but at the same time allow the women who wear them to feel confident and free in their movements.

One shining example of functional fashion excellence is the Sleeper dress in navy, which has become a favorite for thousands of fans of subtle sophistication.

Why the dress has earned impressive popularity and unconditional trust, as well as other Sleeper outfits, is explained in this article.

Navy linen dress: more on summer glory

Sleeper knows how to combine elegance, unique design, versatility, and wearability in one outfit. Just take a look at a linen dress named Atlanta to be convinced of that. This beautiful outfit can become a hallmark of your wardrobe, which will not allow others to doubt your sense of style.

The dress’s distinctive, one might say, signature feature is the close-fitting crinkled bodice and wide billowing sleeves. The cuffs are elasticated and the trims add a touch of flair.

The mid-calf length allows you to add a touch of mystery to the look. Half-open legs can be accentuated with a high heel, which creates an overall impression of feminine elegance and fragility.

Despite the shirred bodice, the Sleeper dress in navy will not be an obstacle to an active lifestyle. The stretchy bodice’s structure makes the dress a mirror of your movements. This will allow you to dance at a party, move around the gallery, when you wear it to an exhibition or a presentation of any works of art, or not lose productivity while running around the office and dealing with work tasks.

Speaking of the list of events to wear the Atlanta beauty to, you can also add romantic dates and even weddings. In Sleeper’s luxurious yet comfortable dress, you’ll be irresistible to your date, who will once again be convinced that their lady is truly gorgeous.

The brand offers a matching hair ribbon to complement the dress. Its color suits the tone of the outfit. In addition to the navy linen dress, the following colors are available in the selection:

  • White
  • Blue
  •  Blue Vichy
  • Pink
  • Lime
  • Coral
  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • Polka dots
  • Floral prints – rose, daisy, pansies.

It’s not just the color palette that’s varied. Sleeper sticks to body-positive ideas. Sleeper’s designers sincerely believe that beauty has no limits. This means that you can find Atlanta models in the XS-XL range, so the dress looks equally winning on a petite young high school girl and an older woman with a more prominent build.

The material of the dress cannot be overlooked. The linen will delight you with its hypoallergenic properties, ability to absorb moisture, and air permeability. In an Atlanta linen dress, you will not suffer from excessive sweat pouring down your back, or unpleasant skin irritations.

The dress’s perks include the density of the material as well. It won’t be too thick, to cause stuffiness, but it won’t be see-through either, as some spring-summer outfits tend to be guilty of.

The only thing to remember when buying a linen dress is how to care for it. To ensure the garment will grace your look for more than one season, wash it by hand or on a delicate cycle, do not use bleach, and dry it flat.

The Atlanta dress is the perfect versatile and flexible outfit that will make you feel comfortable no matter the conditions.

Other stylish spring-summer dresses from Sleeper

The internationally renowned brand stands for sustainability. The dresses, as well as linen lounge wear, offer an impressive variety of styles and colors, combined with the delicacy of the designs.

The Opera dress offers an ethereal yet majestic look. The white maxi-length garment will be a great option for your wedding reception. The slim laced sleeves and vertical lace inset along the entire dress length at the front will create a unique image of delicate splendor.

Those with an hourglass body type figure will definitely love the Michelin dress. The waist and chest lines, with their soft elastic bands, highlight the contrasting shape and accentuate the most advantageous areas. Meanwhile, the sleeves with intermittent silicone string inserts will help show off the gracefulness of your arms. Available colors include white, pink Vichy, and small polka dots.

Looking for a loose fit? In the linen loungewear category, you’ll easily find these options. One of them is Brigitte. This linen dress comes in two versions – midi and maxi. It has some small buttons along its length, lantern mid-shoulder sleeves, and a square neckline with ruffles. The accompanying belt will help accentuate your waist. The floral prints and soft color tones like lime will set the mood for summer.

Linen suits

Not every woman will choose to wear a dress, even the most gorgeous one. Some are more comfortable in pantsuits. In most cases, however, modern ladies want freedom of choice: today a luxurious yet practical dress, tomorrow a linen lounge set by Sleeper. For the latter, the assortment on the brand’s website is quite extensive.

The Dynasty suit, one of Sleeper’s latest innovations, can become a true reflection of your elegance and sophistication. The wavy lapel blazer comes with either trousers or shorts of your choice. Any of these elements can be bought separately.

The suit has an oversize cut. The sleeves of the Dynasty blazer and the pants both have 4/4 length. The pants are flared down from the thigh.

Choose from black, white, coral, and blue shades.

It’s also impossible to miss the Atlanta suit. Here the bottom – comfortable summer shorts – has no alternatives. Tailored in the best traditions of Atlanta dress, the top gently fits the figure, placing the right accents on the waist and gracefully supporting the breasts. A ruffled top with puffed sleeves gives your image a mood of flirty grace, which becomes even more evident when you pull the sleeves down. Suit colors range from navy to pink Vichy.

The unisex pajamas also offer a pleasing variety to the customer. Like many Sleeper outfits, their versatility encompasses more than just the gender aspect. It extends to the area of relevance.

Linen lounge set by Sleeper with pants or shorts in colors:

  •  Azure blue
  • Cream
  • Lemon
  • Mint
  • Navy
  • Lavender
  • White

Is perfect to blow a party in some club, have a productive busy day or a walk with friends and still feel at home in a cozy way.