Must-Have Foods To Strengthen Your Teeth


Keeping your teeth healthy, particularly around the holiday period can be challenging, especially when surrounded by sweet treats. But with a number of foods that you can also eat helping to strengthen the teeth you can begin to maintain a healthy picture-perfect smile in the long term and we have compiled a list of a few of these below.

Protein Enriched Foods

Protein is crucial for the health of your teeth as this can help to build and repair worn-out tissue. It also provides the teeth with a high level of Phosphorous which is vital to improving the strength of the teeth as well as the jaw. In addition to this, a number of the foods that all into this category also help to level out the PH of the mouth, removing harmful bacteria, making it much easier to maintain an all-round healthy mouth.

Vitamin D Enriched Foods

Another vitamin that is needed to strengthen the teeth is vitamin D and is one that id strongly recommended by a number of orthodontist dentist London clinics as well as others up and down the UK. Not only does it help the body to utilise calcium, but it also helps to prolong the strength of the enamel. In order to naturally up the amount of vitamin D in the body foods such as fish can help to provide the nutrients needed for normal body function without using any supplements from the supermarket.

Dairy Foods For A Boost Of Calcium

Alongside a healthy amount of vitamin D it is crucial to ensure that you have the calcium needed to strengthen the Enamel. With cheese, milk and other dairy products providing you with a high level of calcium, you can strengthen the teeth with ease. Cheese and other items such as this are great during the holiday period as it can strengthen the enamel and maintain a healthy mouth as it removes the harmful bacteria as you chew, helping to leave the mouth completely protected from sugary treats and drink such as fruit juice and wine that can further damage enamel.

Don’t Forget About Crunchy Veg

Crunchy veg is yet another benefit to healthy teeth as they are jam-packed with iron and other nutrients to strengthen the enamel and keep gums healthy for a significantly longer amount of time. Though this doesn’t replace brushing your teeth in any way, crunchy veg can help to scrap the mouth and remove harmful bacteria whilst boosting the amount of iron in the system. This will not only benefit the hair in the long term, but it will also help keep the skin healthy and maintain the healthy growth of hair over time, making this a key nutrient needed to boost daily body functions.

Whether you are looking to make a few changes to your daily routine in order to care for your teeth or you are using supplements to help boost the number of vitamins and minerals in your system, you are sure to maintain a picture-perfect smile in no time