What is Moonstone? What are the healing properties of Moonstone?

what is moonstone

 Wondering how to back into your groove? Use the Moonstone crystal. This dreamy and ethereal stone channels the moon that has a force to channel your emotions. You can feel moonlight glow infusing your chakras with bright white light if the crystal is kept close by. Suppose you are facing stability issues, whether mental or emotional. In that case, the moonstone crystal reminds you of the night sky and its reliable and steady cycle of darkness, giving the path to light.

Moonstone Meaning

Moonstone crystal is linked with the moon, the glowing Akash Mandal. Moonstone Crystal is called to unlock the inner goddess deep within your soul and channel the brilliant white moonbeams illuminating your pathway to harmony and balance.

Moonstone opens the heart chakras and allows us to be better receptive to our inner feelings. Like the waves crash on the shore in a study pull and push of tides, get back to our natural rhythm and discover the hidden treasures within the self.

Moonstone brings creativity out and allows us to see and do better than possible. 

Moonstone Properties

Moonstone properties
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Moonstone is linked closely to the moon; therefore, it is very beneficial for women during the periods time. Women will feel more balanced and stable wearing the crystal during this time, which is often a tumultuous time for women. Women who are experiencing menopause will also be benefitted from this Stone. You have to wear the moonstone jewelry everywhere you go to carry around the Stone’s power truly, and you will feel it all day. Moonstone also adds passion to the love life and provides extra comfort every day. You will feel more relaxed, be in Nature’s flow, and experience joy in the current moment. You will feel more blessed and less stressed living life this way. You will feel the love fully and will focus on yourself. Moonstone will help you think properly and use your wisdom optimally. It is a great stone for travelers to ensure a safe journey and perfect for lovers and people interested in prophecy.

Types of Moonstone

Moonstone comes in different colors, and every color carries additional focus and properties.

Black Moonstone

black moonstone
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Black moonstone increases creativity and helps the individual connect to the feminine side. When moonstone is used on the solar plexus chakra, it helps the person to be inspired with new ideas and directions to go in life. Black moonstone is not very well known but is becoming very popular slowly.

Blue Moonstone

Ble moonstone is also known as Cat’s Eye and helps the person clear their mind. When you use this moonstone, you will have an inner vision that will help you to stay focused. This Stone is perfect for meditation and other states of consciousness. A person wearing this Stone will also notice an emotional pattern they might be experiencing and see life lessons. It also balances the energy of yin and yang.

Gray Moonstone

Grey moonstone helps to see the future. This helps to see beyond the veil, invisible to most people. Shamans and Clairvoyants use grey moonstone to help them reach unseen realms. These are also called New Moonstones because of having similar powers to the new moon. Everything is possible with grey moonstone, and everything exists like a potential.

White Moonstone

white moonstone
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When it is at full strength, the white moonstone has a similar energy to the grey moonstone. White moonstone is good for dreamwork, prophecy, intuitions, and psychic work. This moonstone increases emotions and also activates Kundalini’s energy in women. Men using this Stone feel more emotionally balanced. It keeps the nightmares away and can help you to sleep better.

Peach Moonstone

Peach moonstone is associated with supporting heart health. This metaphysical moonstone help to stimulate the mind and also helps to relax while easing any strong and negative emotions that may be causing stress. It helps to feel love in all situations and helps connect better with others. Peach moonstone works great for children and writers as it stimulates the mind for great thinking and supports the sensitive. Peach moonstone is a good use of the Zodiac sign Pisces. Metapmorphical properties of Peach moonstone include raising vibrations, improving self-image, and positive emotions. The person feels safe when opening up about themselves. 

Rainbow Moonstone

rainbow moonstone
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The Rainbow Moonstone acts like a prism and diffuses energy everywhere, like an aura.

The color of the rainbow moonstone can range from peach, white, grey, pink, or blue to black. This Stone gives psychic protection and is great for intuitive people. This Stone helps to clear the mind and allow more to come. Rainbow moonstone also helps in dreaming by promoting lucid dreams and helps you to focus on remembering the dream. You will sleep more soundly. This Stone deflects negative energy away from the person, allow to avoid any bad energy from outside directed towards you. It keeps you stable when experiencing emotional trauma and helps you relax. The Stone can help you connect with Nature’s energy and natural spirits and connect you deeper with everything. Rainbow moonstone balances masculine and feminine energy in every individual and makes them feel more balanced.

Healing Properties Of Moonstone

Lit of healing properties of the moonstone is given below:

  • Healer of Diseases: The moonstone helps deal with disorders and problems related to the pancreas, liver, spleen, and stomach. This Stone is also known to assist the lymphatic system and enable blood cleansing and improving digestion.


  • Women’s Stone: moonstone’s power is often known to enhance emotional balance and enable women to control negative energy and anger. The Stone is also believed to regulate menstrual disorders and childbirth pain relief.

    moonstone healing properties
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  • Bringer of Daily Wellbeing: moonstone is a soothing gemstone that helps keep the pituitary glands balanced and enhances the circadian cycle, normalizes the sleep cycle, and cures insomnia. Moon brings the calmness and serenity required for meditation and emotional wellness.
  • Companion in Hard Times: Moonstone carries new beginnings and more important messages for a person during difficult situations. Infusing the moon’s powerful energy into the human soul will improve your intuition and helps you let go of the grievance and melancholy. 


  • Vehicle to Growth: a person wearing this moonstone crystal enjoys improved intuition, Growth in creativity, and psychic talents contributing to the development of personality, productivity, and professional skills. The healing powers of moonstone contribute to a prosperous life with success in relationships and livelihood.


Spirit Healing Properties

Different colored moonstone offers different spiritual healing, such as:

  • blue moonstone offers developed communication and improves telepathic connection;
  • grey moonstone helps in removing confusion, and it improves second sight;
  • peach moonstone is great for emotional healing;
  •  rainbow moonstone is good for protection from psychic attacks;
  • white moonstone is used for spiritual Growth

Mental Healing Properties

Do you still wonder if the moon is your healing Stone? Then have a seat and start the drive inside your mind to understand what defines you as a woman. Do you see yourself as a mother, a modern woman, a friend, a sister, or a citizen? You have mildness, compassion, kindness, sympathy, and other psychological traits.

Similarly, you could be clouded by other emotions; sometimes, such as anger, pride, and envy, these emotions will make you less friendly. Moonstone helps suppress these dark parts in you and makes you a more sympathetic, gregarious, and warm-hearted human.

Emotional Healing Properties 

Moonstone has metaphysical properties of all types that also include emotional healing. The main thing about Stone is that it promotes emotional stability and balances emotion. The preon wearing the Stone will handle the emotions much better and be in full control of them, which they have not been able to do in the past. Moonstone helps you see the subconscious mind better and figure out what is happening within you and why you feel a certain way. Moonstone also ignites passion which is a good thing for people in a relationship. This will also help the person to feel more composed and confident. When a moonstone is put on a person’s chin, it creates a balance of emotions.

emotional healing properties of moonstones
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This Stone will make you feel more emotions but be in control of the emotions simultaneously. You will feel more intuitive and full of happiness wearing this moonstone. Women will be in touch with their feminine sides and use it to their advantage. Men will be more in touch with their feminine side, too, which promotes the right side of the brain to be active, and responsible for controlling emotions. Moonstone is great for calming children when they are upset or scared and stressed out. Moonstone will also help the children sleep better and keep the nightmares away. People who sleepwalk will also be benefitted from this Stone.