What to Expect on Your Practical Driving Test


Learning to drive? This is a major life skill to have, but before you can join the roads as a motorist, you will need to pass your driving test. This is a major life moment, and it is understandable to feel stressed and anxious beforehand but knowing what to expect beforehand can make it easier and help you to feel prepared. Read these tips and you’ll be choosing a car to drive when you’ve passed in no time.

Eyesight Check

The test begins with an eyesight check where you will have to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres (or 20.5 metres for old-style number plates). There is no room for errors here as you will fail the entire test at this stage if you are unable to read the number plate accurately.

Show Me, Tell Me

You will get 2 safety questions during the test called the “show me, tell me” questions. The “tell me” question will occur before you start driving and the “show me” question will come whilst you are driving. You can find a list of these online so that you are well prepared.

General Driving

You will then spend some time driving and following the examiner’s directions and instructions. This will involve driving in various different situations, but never on the motorway. You will also be asked to pull over and away, including stopping at the side of the road, pulling out from behind a parked car and hill starts. You will also need to demonstrate reversing ability by either parallel parking, parking in a parking bay or pulling up on the right-hand side of the road, reversing and then rejoin traffic.

Independent Driving

After this, you will then complete around 20 minutes of independent driving by either following directions from Sat Nav or traffic signs. Keep in mind that you can make a mistake on your test which may or may not impact your result – if you have made a mistake that means that you have failed, the examiner will direct you back to the centre early. You will get your results then and there and they will give you a breakdown of faults/areas that need improving.

Get Prepared

These are the main stages involved in your practical driving test. In order to get prepared, you simply need to practice as much as possible both with lessons and driving in your free time with someone supervising, which will help you to develop your abilities.

Before you get on with your physical driving test it is important that ace your theory driving exam. If you are residing in the UK, this guide by Zutobi UK will ensure that you pass the test without any hassle.