Navy Joan Roberts: Joe Biden’s Seventh Grandchild

navy joan roberts

Do you remember the incident where the President-elect invited only six of his seven grandchildren on the stage when he announced his victory in the 2022 election? While six children were on the stage, one of the seven grandchildren was hiding under the veil of secrecy: Navy Joan Roberts is the two-year-old daughter of Hunter with Stripper Lunden Roberts that he shamelessly denied later that it was his.

While the Child’s name, location, sex, etc. have been kept a secret for a long time, we can exclusively tell you that the kid is happily growing up in the rural areas of Arkansas, with a large and loving family who is unaware of her relations with the caustic world of US politics.

In a scandal where Hunter denied that Navy Joan Roberts was his daughter, and after a successful DNA test, it was proved that he was the kid’s legal and biological father. The drug addict Hunter is currently going through his recovery and had never seen the Child’s photo and could not even identify the Child out of a photo lineup.

After Joe Biden announced that he had won the 2022 presidential elections, he welcomed six of his grandchildren to the stage while the seventh, Navy Joan Roberts, was missing. 

According to sources, Hunter fathered the Navy with a stripper named Lunden Roberts and afterward denied that the Child was his.

Lunden had never openly discussed Navy Joan Roberts before until Roberts’s sister Randi posted a picture of the Navy on social media when she turned two. In the photo, the Navy’s face was turned away from the camera to protect her anonymity.

Hunter, too, has been absent from the limelight for some time until he appeared to celebrate his 77-year-old father’s victory. 

As he took to the stage, he was accompanied by his wife Colen and their seven-month-old Child, the hunter’s fifth Child, and a little boy named Beau in honor of his brother, who died of brain cancer in 2015.

The other people of the Biden family that got together to celebrate the President’s victory were Naomi and her siblings  Finnegan, 20, and Maisy, 18, who are all Hunters kids with his first wife, Kathleen, whom he divorced after 22 years of marriage. Hunter also had a controversial affair with his late brother Beau’s wife, Hallie. Beau’s children Natalie 16, and Robert Hunter Biden Ii, 14, were also present during the evening, along with Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, daughter Ashley and her husband, Howard Krein.

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Roberts and her family?

Lunden Roberts and her daughter Navy Joan Roberts live in a four-bed cabin-style home spread across 5 acres of land with her parents, Rob and Kimberly Roberts. 

Grandfather Rob is the owner of a successful gun customization business where Kimberley works. The family is a popular local figure.

The pair had a brief fling in 2017 as they met up at the Mpire club, a strip joint in Washington DC where Lunden worked under her stage name Dallas.

Navy Joan Roberts was born the following August.

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The Scandal

Navy Joan Roberts identity remained under the curtain till May 2019, when Roberts filed for paternity and child support. This was just a few days after Hunter’s wedding with his second wife, Melissa Cohen, after dating her for six days.

After Hunter denied that Navy Joan Roberts was not his daughter, he was forced to take a DNA test in November 2019. The test proved that Hunter was Navy’s biological and legal father.

But Lunden, who had previously enrolled in George Washington University to become a Forensic Investigator but never graduated, fought for months to force President Biden’s son Hunter to disclose his financial affairs.

But despite all the mistakes Hunter has committed, and the bad name he has bought to the family, this black sheep of the family has always had his father leaping to his defense, calling him the “Finest man I know.”

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