Netflix secret codes


The most well-known internet streaming platform is unquestionably Netflix, which has millions of users worldwide. The service is accessible in most nations, and Netflix’s platform gradually extends to other areas. Locating a Netflix show to watch. Also, Netflix secret codes are a well-known thing among Netflix streamers.  

Here is a comprehensive collection of Netflix’s secret codes, broken down into categories;

Codes for Adventure-Themed Entertainment

Enter code 1365 to access the whole of Netflix’s action-adventure movies:-

Military Action and Adventure: 2125

Action Thrillers: 43048

TV Action and Adventure: 10673

Classic Action and Adventure: 46576

Action comedies: 43040

Adventures: 7442

Comic Book and Superhero Movies: 10118

Spy Action and Adventure: 10702

Action Sci-Fi and Fantasy: 1568

Crime Action and Adventure: 9584

Westerns: 7700

Asian Action Movies: 77232

The Comedy Codes

The comedy-related code is 6548.

Comedy specialized fields and subfields in Netflix secret codes.

Classic comedies: 31694

Action Comedies: 43040

Dark Comedies: 869

Absurd Comedies: 772143

Anime Comedies: 9302

Goofy Movies: 2351

Late Night Comedies: 1402

Cult Comedies: 9434

Independent Comedies: 4195

Satires: 4922

Sports Comedies: 5286

Mockumentaries: 26

Stand-Up Comedy: 11559

Political Comedies: 2700

Slapstick Comedies: 10256

LGBTQ Comedies: 7120

Romantic Comedies: 5475

Screwball Comedies: 9702

Teen Comedies: 3519

Movie Codes for LGBTQ Films

Diverse gender and sexuality-themed entertainment. 

Enter code 5977 to explore the section.

LGBTQ TV Shows: 65263

LGBTQ Dramas: 500

LGBTQ Comedies: 7120

Romantic LGBTQ Movies: 3329

LGBTQ Documentaries: 4720

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Movies with Codes for Justice & Retribution

Use these codes to look for political and judicial dramas on Netflix:

Cerebral Courtroom Dramas: 15971

Crime Documentaries: 9875

Best Actor Oscar-Winning Political Dramas: 84343

Crime Dramas: 6889

Courtroom Dramas Based on Real Life: 11660

Underdog Entertainment Codes

Feel-Good Underdog Dramas: 28089

Inspiring Underdog Dramas: 28092

Underdog Family Dramas: 29584

Inspiring Underdog Dramas Based on Real Life: 26920

Underdog Dramas Based on Books: 53238

Friendly Entertainment for kids

Family Features: 51056

Children and Family Movies: 783

Critically Acclaimed Talking Animal Animation: 33254

Movies Based on Children’s Books: 10056

Animal Tales: 5507

Disney: 67673

Education for Kids: 10659

Kids’ TV: 27346

Kids Music: 52843

TV Cartoons: 11177

The Musical codes

Classic Romantic Musicals: 32152

Critically Acclaimed Emotional Musicals: 79745

Music: 170

Coming-of-Age Musicals: 17838

Classic Musicals: 32392

Girl Power Musicals: 67678

Codes for Religion and Spirituality

Kids Faith and Spirituality: 751423

Faith and Spirituality: 26835

Faith and Spirituality Movies: 52804

Spiritual Documentaries: 2760

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Sports films (4370)

Baseball Movies (12339)

Sports Comedies (5286)

Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling (6695)

Boxing Movies (12443)

Sports Documentaries (180)

Basketball Movies (12762)

Sports Dramas (7243)

Sports & Fitness (9327)

Football Movies (12803)

Soccer Movies (12549)


You spend less time looking for content & classifications on the site when you use these codes. You must not spend the money you spend on your Netflix subscription. Therefore, Netflix secret codes must be used. 

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Q1) What are the Netflix codes for?

Ans: 1. Sign up to Netflix first and foremost.

2. Select a profile.

3. Enter the Netflix passwords into the search bar.

4. You’ll be given a list of films or web series.