One Piece Ace Tattoo comprises various characters that contribute to its beauty, but Portgas D. Ace is at the top of the list for many fans. Ace is a humorous guy with a strange family history and a well-written backstory.

Ace had significantly less time on screen, yet he still had an impact. Ace, who reared Luffy and assisted in his development into the guy he is now, was a crucial figure in the story.

 One Piece Ace Tattoo was a problematic personality to forget, even though his journey had a horrible conclusion. In the One Piece fanbase group, he constitutes one of the most adored characters.

Apart from that, Ace was a straightforward character with a hilarious side, but a few aspects have puzzled many admirers. Today, we’ll talk about some of those “mysteries.”

Why Is “ASCE” Written On Ace’s Right Arm?

One of the numerous mysteries around the single One Piece anime that caught our attention was Ace’s tattoos.

The tattoo that read “ASCE” on the upper left bicep was one of the ink designs that caught the attention of the fandom the most. And this specific tattoo caused a lot of discussion within the community, with many coming up with hypotheses about what it represented.

The most popular theory around the one piece Ace tattoo neighbourhood was that each letter in the tattoo’s shorthand represents something.

● Ace is represented by the first letter.

● The second represents Sabo, Ace’s sworn brother.

● The third is Cry Baby, a reference to Luffy because he tends to cry over the minor things.

● Edward Newgate, to whomever he owed anything and which he regarded as his father figure, is represented by the fourth letter.

This theory, however, was refuted and proved to be unfounded. Although Eiichiro Oda, the creator, certainly would prefer Japanese, the word “crybaby,” which is claimed to stand for the letter “C” in the tattoo, originates from the English language. Additionally, Ace had the tattoo before his encounter with the Whitebeard Pirates.

However, the “real” meaning of the one-piece Ace tattoo was made clear in the television show One Piece Green: Secrets Pieces. Only Ace’s name and an “S” for Sabo were inked on the body. The capital “S” served as both the focal point of his cheerful roger, composed of the fund’s letter above-crossed bones, and Sabo’s first letter.

Why Does Ace Have Four Tattoos?

Ace from One Piece Ace Tattoo was a unique character; one of his tattoos was one of the most recognisable and defining features. On his left upper arm and back, he had tattoos.

His back bears a tattoo of the Whitebeard Pirates’ emblem, which features a cross made of bones behind a purple skull and a white moustache to signify the crew’s leader, Edward Newgate. Ace got a second tattoo with the letters ACES, which stood for both his name & his pledged brother Sabo.

What Does ‘ASCE’ Stand For?

On his left bicep, Ace has a tattoo of his name. Now, one would wonder, “Why the S?” You and others have wondered about that. A letter “S” with two bones creating the shape of a cross above it stands in for Sabo and his cheery roger. Ace and Sabo were each other’s adopted brothers, and they knew one another before Luffy. Ace having Sabo’s tattoo on him made sense, therefore.

Why Has The S On Ace’s Arm Been Crossed Out?

One common goal for Ace, Luffy, & Sabo was to become pirates. The same dream that drove Sabo to leave Goa and abandon Ace and Luffy also drove him to pursue his desire to become a pirate. He encounters a Celestial Dragon’s ship as he sets sail aboard a stolen vessel.

He shoots over the boat that Sabo is travelling in, leading everyone to believe that Sabo has perished. He was enraged at Sabo’s boldness to sail beside a Celestial’s vessel. Ace strikes away the letter “S” in his tattoo as a respect to Sabo & his cheery Roger.

However, Oda provides a glimpse of a different life in Chapter 596, in which Sabo, Ace, & Luffy are all still alive and present. Additionally, instead of Ace’s original tattoo’s initials, ACSE, they are now written as “ACE” in this chapter.

Why don’t Ace ever dress in shirts?

How One Piece Ace Tattoo dresses indicates some rather interesting things about him. Throughout the series, he wore some of the most fascinating clothing, including the red bead necklaces and his signature hat. His shirtless appearance is his most recognisable appearance.

Ace used to have an open shirt until he had a Whitebeard tattoo placed on his back. After receiving the tattoo, it is safe to infer that he ceased wearing shirts altogether to honour Whitebeard’s merry roger & to let others understand that he was a member of the legendary Whitebeard pirates. And if you had to choose, would you want to see him without a shirt?

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Final Reflections

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1 What message does Ace’s tattoo convey?

Ans. His back bears a tattoo of the Whitebeard Pirates’ emblem, which features a cross made of bones behind a purple skull and a white moustache to signify the crew’s leader, Edward Newgate. Ace got a second tattoo with the letters ACES, which stood for both his name & the sworn brother Sabo.

Q2) Why is Ace’s tattoo highlighted in red?

Ans. It’s the Jolly Roger of Sabo. Around his upper left bicep, Ace also has a tattoo that reads “ASCE” vertically. Sabo is honoured by having the letter “S” crossed out because that is his cheery Roger.

Q3) Who was One Piece, Ace’s girlfriend?

Ans. Ace & Isuka’s relationship was comparable to Luffy and Smoker’s, except it was more cordial.

Q4) Why was the ace tattoo modified?

Ans. When advised that people from the West might be disturbed by the resemblance to the swastika, Oda changed the design to the present-day cross motif from Whitebeard’s original plan for his head to be the Jolly Roger and that Manji had a symbol as a backdrop.

Q5) Is getting a tattoo of an ace of spades bad?

Ans. The most typical interpretation is that it denotes luck. In a deck of cards, for instance, the spade represents the ace of clubs, and the ace is regarded as the highest-ranking card. As a result, many individuals think that getting a black spade tattoo will be lucky for them in all facets of their lives.