Best Organic Tequila Brands In The Market

Organic Tequila Brands

Organic tequila brands – Tequila is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world, whether as shots, in cocktails, or as a beverage to be sipped. The spirit, indisputably linked to enjoying the moment, is unquestionably a driver for interesting conversations and enjoying life. Tequila use in the United States has increased dramatically over the past twenty years; the U.S. 

The report confirmed that shipments of the spirit have increased by 93% since 2003, on the median, at a growth rate of 6 percent over the period. And although many of us consume a lot of tequila, very few of us truly understand this legendary spirit. Continue reading this article on organic tequila brands to discover fun trivia about the popular drink, how it should be manufactured, and the top organic tequila options to test.

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Tequila origins

A distilled liquor called tequila is created from blue agave leaves. The Aztec culture was created in what is today northwestern Mexico in approximately 1000 B.C. The locals distilled the agave plant’s juice into pulque, an alcoholic drink with a milky appearance and sour flavor that was highly prized in the Aztec empire. The advent of the Spanish in the 15th century signaled the start of a pulque distilling technique that paved the way for creating what is currently known as tequila. 

Interesting Fact: The Spanish aristocrat and Marquis de Altamira constructed the first significant distillery in Tequila, Mexico.

Tequila production methods

Genuine tequila can only be made in one of the 5 states that have been given permission to do so: Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, Tijuana, and The state with the highest production, Jalisco, is also renowned as the “tequila state.” This is similar to how Prosecco, Armagnac, and some good wines are generated in particular French areas.

Whether produced in small or big volumes, a spirit should contain at least 52 percent blue weber agave extract referred to be tequila. Superior tequila is prepared entirely from blue agave, as opposed to tequilas with lower amounts or “mixes,” which may use sugar, cane sugar, or other sweeteners for agave nectar. A good tequila will have a complex depth of unique and appealing flavor.


Akin to consuming organic food, buying organic tequila has some advantages over regular tequila.

Ecologically sustainable: Because organic tequila manufacturing eliminates procedures and substances that can harm the natural environment, it is safer for the environment. Increased soil fertility and lower energy use are two benefits of using organic farming techniques. Additionally, it is healthier for local wildlife and people close to fields.

Reduces Health Consequences: The use of pesticides, even at low concentrations, has been found to raise the chance of developing cancers such as breast, prostate, myeloma, lymphoid, and neurological disorders. Since organic blue agave farms prevent artificial chemicals, drinking natural tequila will likely lower the dangers.

It is crucial to consider whether certain lesser tequila companies lack the resources and manpower necessary to obtain USDA organic labels. Tequila labeled “crafted from organically produced agave plants” or anything similar may indicate that the producer is utilizing organic agricultural methods but hasn’t purchased for third-party certification. 

B organic tequila

Here are some of the greatest tequila brands that will greatly enhance your fun activities, whether you prefer to drink something sweet or simply want to improve your favorite tequila drinks. These well-known companies sell delicious natural items along with the highest quality tequila.


Tequila Alquimia has been in business since 2008 and is a family-run business. The family produced six premium tequilas using their natural methodology and passionately grows their blue agave plants in Jalisco, México. A generation of glass blowers meticulously crafts each of their alquimia tequila variants using reused materials, and their products are all 100 percent USDA-certified organically. The Alquimia Organic Reposado has flavors of butterscotch, caramel, and baked agave. determined the rating to be 93 out of 100. The cost of their tequilas ranges from $39 to $301.


The Casa Noble Tequila Factory makes luxury 100 percent organic agave tequila under the Casa Noble branded product. The company is considered one of the initial tequila manufacturers to receive a USDA organic label. Their present acres were uncultivated when the agave was planted there more than a decade ago, so no fertilizers or pesticides have ever been used there. The aero blend from Casa Noble won the Best Aejo Tequila honor at the 2018 World Tequila Awards and is a cult classic.

Three amigos tequila

The history of 3 Amigos Tequila is based on the Mexican Mountains, headed by The González Sons Francisco, Eleno, and Atanacio. Businesses have prioritized using only effective agriculture, gathering, and manufacturing techniques because they are dedicated to offering their consumers nothing short of the finest. All tequilas are proven to be completely natural and additive-free and are produced using only blue agave. If you’re organizing a party, they’re ideal for creating cocktails and other blended cocktails. Their bottles of organic tequila cost forty to ninety dollars each.

 Puro Verde tequila

Puro Verde is dedicated to contributing to environmental preservation. The business maintains more than 3,000 acres of responsibly produced land to cultivate its agave. The USDA and BioAgriCert have authorized and verified Puro Verde’s tequilas, two highly regarded worldwide bodies that attest to their commitment to rigorous quality. A beautiful floral scent with hints of toffee, lemon, and black pepper can be found in the Puro Verde Silver, which is as pure as a natural alpine spring. Their organic tequilas cost $27 to $120.

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If you currently eat organically, do you also drink organically? Tequila sold in stores is not all created equally. Agave grown using standard techniques for at least ten years may have been treated with herbicides and chemical fertilizers. 

Conservation agriculture techniques are used to grow organic tequila. It is USDA-certified as devoid of dangerous chemicals and departs the earth better. I hope this article on organic tequila brands was helpful. Thanks for reading!