What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and How Much Does it Costs?

  What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

  What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

This is a process of getting dents removed from the automobile body. PDR helps in repairing damages, minor creases, door dings, bodyline damage, and body dents. A professional PDR technician knows how to use specialized tools and with precise tapping gets rid of the dents from the inside of a car body. The success of this technique depends on a technician’s experience and skills and also the dent location and size, manufacturers paint job, etc. PDR is a fast repair method than repainting. Repainting usually involves filing, sanding, and painting. A PDR technician can complete the job in 1-3 hours on average. Leaving the vehicle in the shop for 4-6 days for minor dents is not a practical thing to do. PDR is also cheaper by up to 60% method than traditional repair methods. You can look for Paintless Dent Repair Auto Body Shops in your area on the Internet. The technician may also drive down to your place to fix the dents.

 What is Paintless Dent Removal
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Paintless Dent Repair Tools:-

PDR technicians or professionals need a large variety of specialized tools to complete the job successfully. A pro kit includes different lengths and shapes of rods, tools, wire, window tools, door hooks, black beauties, flat bars, whale tails, and tweakers. Technicians also use light readers for reading dents accurately, Led lamps and glue pulling kits are also common.  Every kind of job requires the use of multiple tools. The most common tool is the metal rods which is used to gently push the metal back to the normal position. These tools are quite expensive and it is better to pay for the service rather than but the toolset for yourself.

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How much is Paintless Car Dent Repair Cost?

On average the cost for door dings is somewhere between $75-$125.Large dent and collision can cost up to $150-$350 on average, it depends on the size, depth, and location of the dent. A hail damage repair costs around $2500 on average. If you have Comprehensive coverage it will pay for the auto hail damage without raising the rates.

What is the procedure for PDR?

Some of the basic steps involved in Paintless Car Dent Repair are:-

  • Analyze the dent- The first step is to analyze and identify the dent to start the repair. After analyzing the area for the repair will be chosen. Technicians use LED mounted-suction to see the dent’s intricacies properly even in the day. To work properly technicians prefer to work away from natural sunlight.
  • Pushing the metal out- To work beneath the metal sheet technicians use long metal rods called PDR tools. These tools help in reaching into tiny spaces and gaps between the panel and other holes. These tools minimize the need for removing panels and lining. If the dent is in a difficult location disassembly might be required. The technician uses PDR tools to push the dent upwards, slowly stretching the metal back to the original form.
What is the procedure for PDR?
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  • Spreading the surface evenly- when working with the PDR tools the thickness of metal does not remain consistent. The metal creates a faint ring due to the constant pushing of metal in the working area. To undo this technician uses Rubber Mallet and Tap down tool to slowly tap the rings and flush out with the rest of the metal body.
  • Polishing the repair- the dent repaired area may have inconsistent clear coats due to PDR. To return the factory luster of paint technician uses wet sanding combined with a high-speed polisher. This method is repeated until the clear coat is smooth again.