Party dresses: color palette and prints


When choosing party dresses, stylists recommend that women avoid boring and faded outfits. Beige, pearl, gray, and black dresses are more suitable for formal business events.

The color pallet of dresses for party wear

A red dress is an outfit in which no woman will go unnoticed. Such a dress will allow you to create a catchy and expressive image that attracts the attention of others. For blondes with fair skin, stylists recommend choosing outfits in red shades of cold colors, and for brunettes with dark skin – dresses in red shades of warm colors.

A blue dress is an outfit that can decorate a woman of any age. Stylists say that outfits of this color are best suited for women with dark skin, as well as owners of blue and gray-blue eyes.

A green dress is an outfit that will suit both a young girl and a woman of mature years. Stylists recommend choosing dresses of such colors for parties, first of all, for owners of red hair and green eyes.

A white dress is a versatile party option that allows you to create a simple and elegant look. The neutrality of the white color allows you to combine such an outfit with bright accessories of various shades. It is also worth noting that white dresses look most impressive under club ultraviolet lighting.

No less impressive in the light of club lights look party dresses for ladies of rich orange and salad colors. However, stylists remind that such bright party dresses are only for young girls. For a broader range of party dress options and styling tips, you can explore additional fashion insights at Streetstylis.

Designer’s party wear dresses with prints

Any print is possible on the party dress:

  • Leopard,
  • Polka dots,
  • Stripes,
  • Kilts.

Dresses with leopard prints allow you to create very spectacular and bold looks. They are suitable for both young women and mature women. It should be borne in mind that such outfits require an extremely careful and thoughtful selection of accessories and jewelry.

Polka dots are the most popular type of print for women’s clothing. An outfit with this print can adequately decorate both a very young girl and a woman of mature age. A universal version of a party outfit that will suit a woman of any age is a light summer dress with polka dots with a sun skirt or a knee-length pleated skirt.

The stripe is another fashion trend that has not lost its relevance over the past few years. Striped dresses allow you to visually adjust the figure, visually masking its minor flaws. So, outfits in a longitudinal strip will visually make a massive figure more slender.

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