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ANIMATED MOVIES 2023 – DC’s live-action filmography is uneven, and Batman and Superman aren’t present in an Ultimate Universe. Individuals cannot leave out precisely since a comedy could write off an actor following a publicly publicized blunder or a run-in with the authorities. With The Flash, Aquaman, the Lost Kingdom, and perhaps a Wonder Woman third installment on the horizon, the future of the DC Extended Universe is still very much in doubt.

Notwithstanding a few new animated movies, the Justice League has almost disbanded. However, not all DC-related media is chaotic.

Further than the comics, DC animated films have served as the savior. DC’s direct-to-streaming/DVD repertoire nearly compensates for the deficiencies of its live-action counterpart, ranging from classic super pair Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly fare to The Dark Knight Returns up through the latest Justice League series finishing with Apokolips War.

The launches in this stage, dubbed the “Tomorrow Verse,” aren’t decelerating. An entire slate of brand-new animated DC flicks soon be available to view. 

Here is a list of upcoming animated movies available on your television in 2022 & 2023.

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Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham

The Doom That Came to Gotham, adapted from a three-part series by DC Comics released in 2000, explores medieval and Lovecraftian horror concepts. Characters are positioned in different universes and timeframes in this popular DC Elseworlds series installment. Classics like Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, Superman: Red Son, and Batman/Marvel crossover team-ups featuring Daredevil and Spider-Man were all products of Elseworlds.

A Batman scouring the roads of 1928 Gotham is challenged by a supernatural and mystical foe in addition to some classic criminals in this particular movie. Two-Face, Mr Freeze, Ra’s al Ghul, & Green Arrow are more characters who can be found in the comic. DC provides a frightening summary of the comic: Primarily, we’re witnessing a Batman horror movie. Count us in! Although the movie’s specifics have not yet been revealed, the atmosphere and concepts are ideal for an animated Batman story that is moody and dark. The movie is scheduled to be  in 2023, along with other new animated movies of 2023.

Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons

Many Robins have already been consumed by Batman and most individuals have automobiles. Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s son and a hothead educated by the League of Assassins with someone with whom Batman frequently sparks, is the most recent mainstream Boy Wonder. Thanks to Stuart Allan’s amazing voice work within Batman animated flicks during the Jason O’Mara period, we have witnessed a lot of Damian. During Batman and Superman: Clash of the Super Sons, Jonathan Kent, the son of Superman, will be joined on screen by Jack Griffo as Damian. Troy Baker plays Batman, Darin De Paul, as Starro, and Travis Willingham as Superman,  add to the cast. Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and others are expected to appear.

Sam Register & Jeremy Adams wrote the script, while Matt Peters is perhaps the film’s director. On October 18, 2022, Battle of the Super Sons was scheduled to be released.

The Legion of Super-Heroes

The Legion of Superheroes is an animated television series that aired in two seasons between 2006 and 2008 and centered on a collection of young heroes transported from the 31st century. Notwithstanding its brief run, the show earned positive reviews, leading DC to revive the idea for The Legion of Super-Heroes, a brand-new animated movie among animation movies in 2023.

Currently, not much is heard about movies. Gary Miereanu from Warner Bros. stated at San Diego Comic-Con, “We anticipate that it’s going to be launched in 2023 among some of the waves of DC new Animated movies of 2023.” The series’ focus will probably be on Superman based on the symbol displayed at SDCC, as it incorporates the actor’s distinctive “S” mark.

Justice League: Warworld

A new iteration of the renowned team will follow the Justice League animated run, which began with The Flashpoint Paradox and concluded with the Apokolips mentioned above. In Justice League: Warworld, the upcoming animated movie in 2023, the league would face off against their first common foe. The lead cast has already made their debut in animation solo films starting with Batman and ending with Martian Manhunter. The comic’s moniker is the sole clue to a probable plot. The Justice League and the villainous Mogul squared off in the game titled War World over his seizure of the enormous satellite known as Warworld. The battle between both factions was brought on by the fact that this craft was armed enough to catch the League’s attention.

RWBY/Justice League

Artistic collaborations and crosses are nothing new for DC. To offer us anything from Batman Vs. Predator 1-3, Marvel Vs. DC. they have teamed up alongside Marvel, Dark Horse, and other publishers. In Batman Vs. Alien, the Batman, even faced off against the Xenomorphs. To not mention the occasion when The Dark Knight on the pages collapsed in Judge Dredd’s face.

We’re about to see an animated film starring the RWBY and Justice League in the vein of parallel universes. The RWBY teenage huntress recruits have previously encountered the League via comic form, and in animated movies 2023, the league will be made available via streaming. The writing staff for the movie will include Eddy Rivas, Miles Luna, and Kerry Shawcross, who directed the popular online series RWBY.

In 2023, there will be four DC animated films released.

As SDCC 2022 closed, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment returned the custom of presenting the forthcoming animated film lineup. Four DC animated films would be released in animation movies in 2023, which must have been confirmed this year.

As SDCC 2022 closed, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment returned the custom of presenting the forthcoming animated film lineup. Four DC animated films would’ve been upcoming animated movies 2023; it must have been confirmed this year.

As follows:

  • Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham.
  • Justice League x RWBY: Superheroes and Huntsman Part One.
  • Justice League: Warworld

No additional information was provided regarding the films other than that they will all be released in 2023, though the Justice League & RWBY crossover is a “Part One” which suggests that there will be at least one sequel.

Between now through 2024, every new Disney film will be released.

Over the following few years, there will be an abundance of new Disney films. Since there are several, it might be difficult to maintain track of everything. The much more recent film to hit theatres was the live-action adaptation of Pinocchio, which was helmed by Robert Zemeckis & starred Tom Hanks as Geppetto. Hocus Pocus 2 will be the following release.

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Disney film releases in 2022

Hocus Pocus 2

Released on: September 30, 2022

In the Hocus Pocus sequel, which will air on Disney Plus in Sept, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy return as the witches from the 1993 original. 3 high school friends unintentionally call up the Sanderson sisters from the seventeenth century within the movie, which takes place in modern-day Salem, Massachusetts, 29 years after the first movie’s events.

Strange World

Release date: November 23, 2022

The Big Hero 6 & Raya and the Last Dragon and Strange World director Don Hall’s animated movie, respectively, follows the Clades family of explorers as it “journeys deep into such an undiscovered and hazardous realm wherein wondrous monsters await,” however according to Disney(opens in new tab).


Release date: November 24, 2022

Adam Shankman’s musical Disenchanted would be set 15 years after the debut film, with Giselle, Robert, and Morgan residing in the suburbs. Giselle “must balance the difficulties that accompany a new home and find out what happiness together after entails for her and her new family,” according to Disney.

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again

Release date: 2022

Eventually, this year, Night at the Museum will return as an animated movie on Disney Plus. Shawn Levy, the director, is a contributing producer.

Upcoming Disney films: 2023

Next Goal Wins

Release date: April 21, 2023

The 2014 documentary with the same name, which follows the American Samoan football national team as they improved from being among the weakest teams to earning a spot in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, served as the inspiration for Taika Waititi’s next sports comedy-drama.

The Little Mermaid

Release date: May 26, 2023

In the live-action trailer At D23, the Little Mermaid replica was at last revealed. American singer Halle Bailey would portray Ariel, and the classic Game of Thrones prequel author Jane Goldman would write the screenplay.

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These new animated movies are simply the start of the DC animation series’ next phase. The publisher, Warner Bros., and the fans have benefited from this format. I Hope the article successfully gave a clear idea about the 2023 animated movies. 


Q1) What animated film will be released soon?

Ans: In 2021, from all the animated movies 2023, Disney will release the animated films Ron’s Gone Wrong, Encanto, Turning Red, and Lightyear. The DC League of Super-Pets, Catwoman: Hunted, and Injustice are some of the upcoming animated movies from DC.

Q2) Will Disney ever again produce animated films?

Ans: A Disney animator claims the company would revive 2D hand-drawn animation. Disney animator Eric Goldberg stated that the studio would shortly revert to 2D animation movies in 2023 in an interview with IndieWire.