PATSY RAMSEY LAST WORDS – Ramsey was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia, the daughter of Union Carbide engineer Donald Ray Paugh and Nedra Ellen Ann (née Rymer).[1][2] In 1975, she obtained her high school diploma in Parkersburg. She studied at West Virginia University and was a sorority Alpha Xi Delta member. In 1978, she received a B.A. in journalism from the school.

In 1977, she took home the Miss West Virginia Beauty crown. Pamela Ellen Paugh, her sister, was 24 when she was awarded the Miss West Virginia crown in 1980.

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When Patsy Ramsey wed businessman John Andrew Ramsey on November 5, 1980, she was 23. From 1966 through 1978, he had three children during his initial marriage to Lucinda Pasch, which ended in divorce.[3] Burke Ramsey, the son of Patsy and John Andrew Ramsey, was born on the 27th of January 1987.

On the sixth of August in 1990 in Atlanta, she gave birth to their daughter JonBenét, the couple’s second child. She and her husband’s family relocated to Boulder, Colorado, in 1991 due to his work. Patsy started entering her daughter into children’s beauty competitions while she was a little child, and she won a few titles before she reached the age of six.

How Patsy Ramsey’s Daughter Died?

JonBenét Patricia Ramsey, an American child beauty queen, arrived on the scene on August 6, 1990. She passed away at six on December 25 or 26 at her family in Boulder, Colorado home[1]. A lengthy written ransom message was found inside the house. Her body was found in the unfinished basements of the home they shared about seven hours after the child was reported missing by her biological father, John Andrew Ramsey.

A garrote was found coiled around her neck; she was strangled and suffered from a head injury that caused her skull to break. The autopsy report states cv JonBenét died of “asphyxia by strangulation associated with craniocerebral trauma.” Her death was classified as a homicide.

The case gained worldwide interest from the general population & the media because JonBenét’s mom Patsy Ramsey, a former beauty queen, enrolled her daughter in multiple child beauty pageants. The incident is still under investigation by the Boulder Police Department, and the crime is still classed as a cold case.

Initially, the Boulder police believed Patsy had written the ransom letter and JonBenét’s parents had fabricated the body’s appearance and the note to hide the murder. Burke, who was just nine years old at the moment of JonBenét’s death, was not considered a suspect, according to the district attorney (DA) and the police in 1998.[4][5] The parents of JonBenét gave multiple TV interviews but refused to be questioned by the authorities unless it was on their terms.

In October 2013, released court documents showed that the Ramseys should have been charged in 1999 for allowing the youngster to be in a dangerous condition. In addition, John and Patsy were charged with impeding the prosecution of a suspect who had “committed… the crime of murder in the very first degree and child abuse resulting in death.”[6] The DA concluded that there was not enough evidence to proceed with a compelling indictment, nevertheless.[6]

The police’s examination of the case was taken over by the DA’s successor in 2002, and they mainly focused on the hypothesis that someone else had killed the victim. Each member of the family’s DNA was eliminated from this match when a sample of trace DNA from the victim’s clothing was obtained in 2003.

The Ramsey family received an apology letter from the district attorney in 2008, stating that the DNA results had “completely cleared” the family.[7] Others, such as the former police chief of Boulder, Mark Beckner, disagree with Ramsey’s exoneration, referring to the DNA as a meagre proof that had no demonstrated relation to the crime.[8]: 11  The case was returned to the Boulder Police in February 2009 by the DA, and the probe was renewed.[9]

The case received extensive national and worldwide media attention due to JonBenét’s brief career in beauty pageants, her parents’ riches, and the uncovered odd evidence. The way the police conducted the inquiry was questioned in media reports. Several media outlets have been sued for defamation by members of the Ramsey family and their acquaintances.

Patsy Ramsey children 

At 20, Patricia Ann Ramsey (née Paugh; the 29th of December 1956 – the 24th of June 2006) received the Miss West Virginia Pageant in the United States. She was most well-known as the mom of JonBenét Ramsey, the six-year-old beauty pageant winner found murdered in her family’s Boulder, Colorado, home on the 26th of December 1996.

What were Patsy Ramsey last words 

Patsy Ramsey, a well-known American beauty queen & philanthropist, made no formal closing remarks. Patsy lost her heroic fight against ovarian cancer on June 24th, 2006.

May her soul rest in peace.


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