Tiger Woods Ex-Girlfriend, Erica Herman Net Worth

Erica Herman Net Worth
FILE - Tiger Woods, right, with his daughter Sam Alexis Woods, left, and his girlfriend Erica Herman, center, walk along the Colonnade following a ceremony where President Donald Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Tiger Woods at the White House in Washington, on May 6, 2019. A $30-million legal battle between Tiger Woods and his ex-girlfriend has escalated with Erica Herman accusing the golf superstar of beginning their sexual relationship when she was his employee and threatening to fire her if she didn't sign a nondisclosure agreement she now wants voided. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

ERICA HERMAN NET WORTH  – After suing her ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods, girlfriend Erica Herman suddenly appeared in the spotlight. This sparked intense interest in Erica Herman’s net worth, way of life, Erica Herman, age 38 years and other topics among the media and viewers.

In general, Erica Herman prefers to keep to herself. The details of her personal life are hence obscure. She is best known as Tiger Woods’ girlfriend, a professional golfer. In 2017 the pair began dating, and things have been going well ever since. Sadly, things started to go south, and the couple split dramatically, resulting in Erica getting kicked out of their house.

The breakup received national traction after Erica Herman sued Tiger Woods over wrongful eviction. Let’s look at Erica Herman’s net worth, profession, and personal life while considering this case.

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Erica Herman’s earnings

Erica Herman was little recognised until she met Tiger Woods & began to become famous. What is known is that she worked at a lounge where the two supposedly met when Herman continued to be in college.

Tiger Woods reportedly frequented the establishment, although their romance isn’t alleged to have started until after Herman had his diploma.

As for the reason Herman ended up doing it for a living after meeting Tiger, she had political science as her major in college but never pursued a career in law. She ended up working as the manager of a restaurant that Tiger Woods himself owned.

Erica Herman is employed by one of Tiger Woods’ firms, so as awful as it might seem, Tiger Woods’s net worth is probably a result of his wealth. Given Herman’s estimated $3 million value, her salary is probably nothing to laugh about.

Since Erica started working at Tiger’s restaurant, The Woods Jupiter, in 2015, and the two are rumoured to have begun dating in 2017, it has even been suggested that Tiger and Erica didn’t truly meet until she started there (according to some accounts; their initial public appearance was somewhere in 2018).

It’s also important to note that many newspapers dispute Erica Herman’s claimed net worth, which ranges from $335,000 to between one and three dollars million. The most significant reported amount is $3 million, although it’s unknown what her pay from The Woods on Jupiter (or anywhere) is.

By all accounts, Herman is still employed by The Woods Jupiter and its operations manager despite her breakup with Tiger. Of course, if she were fired following the split, it may trigger its lawsuit, depending on the specifics.

The denial of Erica Herman’s plea for the court to nullify her NDA may put Herman further away from the thirty million dollars than she might otherwise be. The judge deemed her claim that Tiger was pestering her while employed at The Woods Jupiter to be “vague and threadbare,” and the NDA was upheld.

Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, is rumoured to have obtained $100 million after their divorce. Still, this figure was likely determined by extenuating circumstances, such as the couple’s two children and numerous alleged extramarital affairs, rather than by verbal agreements and promises.

A former lawsuit filed against Erica Herman

Although this may be Erica Herman’s first time publicly filing a lawsuit, she has undoubtedly encountered legal troubles before. Following a lawsuit against The Woods restaurant for the negligent death of one of its employees, Erica got into a fight. One of the workers was killed in a terrible car accident after receiving alcohol from the restaurant.

The relatives of the dead consequently sued the restaurant along with certain of its staff members, including Erica Herman & Tiger Woods, for negligence. In 2020, an out-of-court settlement was struck, but the financial terms were never disclosed.

Defending Tiger Woods in a lawsuit

Recently, Erica Herman sued her ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods for $30 million. Woods is a world-class golfer and incredibly wealthy businessman who has made a fortune on and off the golf field.

This legal action against Woods will benefit Herman much. If she prevails in the case, her wealth will instantly increase by 30 times. Keep watching this section for updates on Erica Herman’s net worth & her legal battle with Woods. We will update this post with all the most recent information about the case.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What profession does Erica Herman have?

Ans. Despite having a degree in legal studies, Herman spent the vast majority of her professional life working in the restaurant business.

Q2) Are Tiger and Erica still a couple?

Ans. From love to litigation. When the restaurant’s previous owner filed a lawsuit against the professional golfer, Tiger Woods’s breakup with fiancée Erica Herman was made public. Herman submitted a lawsuit in October 2022, claiming that Woods, whom she started seeing in 2017, used “trickery” to evict her from his house after they broke up in autumn 2022.