Diwali Safety Tips – Precautions For A Safe And Sound ‘DIWALI’ For Your Child

diwali safety tips

This article is based on the Diwali safety tips for children and help them keep safe from any injury.

Diwali is an auspicious and the most celebrated festival of India. Every year people of all the age groups excitingly wait for this beautiful occasion in order to enjoy with their families and friends. Ladies look forward to shop beautiful clothes and decorative items so that they can look their best and make their houses look equally beautiful. Alongside, on one hand where the elders of the family are more inclined towards the worship of goddess Lakshmi and buying gold coins and ornaments made up of gold and similarly on the other hand, the main attractions for children are decorative lightenings and different crackers.

However, this mode of celebration can at times also turn to be hazardous. You must be thinking how. There are varieties of crackers and busters that are not even legally allowed in some parts of the country but still sold in the market. If not guided properly and taken care of, then bursting these crackers can cause serious burns and injuries which might turn your happy Diwali into a sad one. No one would ever wish so. Nevertheless, the best cure is to take safety measures and related precautions. Thereby, we would like to highlight a few mandatory diwali safety tips which should be considered as the top most priority. These will prevent your kid from any kind of mishap hence ensuring a safe, secured and a prosperous Diwali for your beloved family, children and one and all around you. Read these diwali safety tips for children, we hope these safety measures for diwali keep everyone from any mishap and injuries.


One major safety tips for diwali is do not any synthetic clothes. Synthetic clothes have the tendency to catch fire very easily. Therefore, it is advocated to be very careful with your clothes while burning the crackers. Hence, we suggest that both; elders and children both, should completely avoid wearing synthetic or nylon clothes on the day of Diwali, especially while bursting crackers. It is better to be safe than taking any sort of risks.


The excitement in children is at its height on the day of Diwali and they do not miss the chance to show off their daredevilry moves like: trying to burn the cracker on hand. This is nothing more than fun to them because they don’t even imagine the dangerous consequence that might occur. But the truth is that, this urge to be edgy and showing off in front of friends usually leads to some serious injuries and accidents. Therefore, an adult should always be in supervision to make sure that no such unfortunate event occurs. After all, nothing is more important than the safety of kids.

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Crackers like rockets and busters have always been kids’ favorite and this is because of the patterns they form and the effects they show in the sky. Undoubtedly, they are really attractive. But at the same time they can be very risky to handle too because if they do not land at any safe place, any person or animal present there might have to face the consequence. So, why to burst such crackers which might harm anyone and spoil their festival? Think about it.


It is not necessary that everyone around you would like to burst crackers. Thus, bursting crackers in crowded places can lead to their inconvenience. At times, this might lead to a few injuries as well. Hence, bursting crackers should be restricted in places where people are roaming around or gather frequently such as parking lots, main entrances, busy roads etc. Don’t do anything such that harms anyone knowingly or unknowingly. So, take care of everyone even while your heart is filled with fun and frolic.


Another important safety tips for children is to not allow them to go on terrace alone. Children love to go on terrace to watch the colorful city and after-effects of crackers but terrace can be a risky area to be at, on the day of Diwali. The reason behind this is because the crackers such as rockets often end up landing on roofs or terraces. Your child’s presence at wrong place in wrong time can lead to serious accidents. After all, we never know when unluckiness is following us. Thus, it is better to stay safe and secure and so restrict your little ones from going onto terrace.

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Most of the crackers are burned on ground. So, ignorance in such situations can leads to burns on your child’s feet because kids are so over whelmed with joy that they hardly care about anything. Thus, to prevent occurrence of such a situation it would be better to opt for a good quality foot wear for your child. Try to completely avoid foot wears that only partly cover their feet such a mojris or sandals instead opt for shoes that can fully cover their feet and protect them. A little care can save our beloved from major harm.


Though the proverb, ‘Precaution is better than cure’ fits the best on the occasion of Diwali but at times when precaution is overheard or not taken on time, then cure is needed. In order to overcome such situations be prepared with safety measures. Always keep ice, bandages and burn relief creams ready in the first aid box so that god forbids, if any kind of mishap occurs we can reduce its effect by applying them immediately on the affected area. Besides this, also keep a bucket of water or sand ready. So that if anything catches fire; it could be poured upon to restrain it from spreading more and leaving its devastating effect.

We hope these diwali safety tips for children keep your ward away from any mishap and injury. We cannot always control the consequences of certain situations. But for sure, we can take precautions to minimize their probability of occurring; just by taking a few preventive measures. However, we sincerely hope that your family and your children wouldn’t need to suffer any such mishap and so thought to share this. Wish you ‘A very Happy & Safe Diwali’. Enjoy the fullest but be safe and secure!

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