All About product tester jobs: How to join and how much you get?

product tester jobs

Have you ever bought something that was not what you expected and wanted to tell the company how to improve it? If that sounds like you, then trying out products and giving feedback could be a fun extra job for you.

We will show you how to get started product tester jobs and tell you about 16 places where you can sign up today.

How does product testing work?

Product testing is a way to check if a product meets certain standards and fulfils its intended purpose. Here is a basic rundown of how it generally works:

  • A product, whether it is already on the market or still a prototype, is examined to assess aspects like performance, quality, and functionality.
  •  Depending on the product’s development stage, testing can aim to refine prototypes, ensure quality, or compare against competitors.

There are two main methods:

  • Quantitative Testing: This uses measurable data like speed, durability, and error rates.
  •  Qualitative Testing: This focuses on user experience, ease of use, and design, often used for prototypes.

Feedback: Testers provide feedback, which can lead to product improvements before a wider release.

Types of products you can test

When starting out in professional product tester jobs, the initial move is to select the products you want to evaluate. While certain products may need specific abilities or credentials for testing, many are available for review by the general public.

  • Apparel and footwear
  •  Automobiles
  •  Baby products and toys
  •  Cosmetics and beauty products
  •  Electronics
  •  Foods and beverages
  •  Household products
  •  Pet products
  •  Video games

When picking a product testing area, think about what you enjoy, know, and have done before. You will have a better time reviewing products that you really like and use a lot. The companies you test for will also benefit from your genuine feedback, which could lead to more testing opportunities for you down the line.

Where can you test products?

You can test products in various ways, including:

  • Product Testing Companies: These companies send products to people who fit their target audience. You might need to share some personal details to match their criteria.
  •  Market Research Companies: These firms often conduct surveys and sometimes offer product testing opportunities.
  •  Brand Testing Programs: Some brands have their own programs where you can test new products.
  •  Mystery Shopping: This involves visiting stores and evaluating the shopping experience and products.
  •  Online Platforms: Websites like Amazon Vine Voice or invitation-only programs offer product testing opportunities.
  •  Blogging: If you have a blog, companies might send you products to review.

Types of Product Tester Jobs

Here are different types of product tester jobs

  • Makeup Tester: You try out makeup and share what you think about it.
  •  Medical Product Tester: You check medical items to see if they are good and safe.
  •  Clothing Tester: You wear clothes to test their comfort and style.
  •  Technology Tester: You use gadgets and tech to see how well they work.
  •  Food Taste Tester: You taste foods and tell whether they are yummy.
  •  Drinks Taste Tester: You sip on beverages to judge their flavours.
  •  Video Game Tester: You play video games to find bugs and give feedback on fun.
  •  Car Test Driver: You drive cars to see how they handle and perform.

Paid Product Tester Jobs

This is when you test products and get paid for them. Companies send you products or let you use their services, and you give them your honest thoughts. Sometimes, you might have to write a review or fill out a survey. In return, you can get money, free products, or gift cards. It is a cool way to try new things and make some extra cash simultaneously.

Free product samples in exchange for reviews

You can get free product samples in exchange for reviews from various companies. Here is how it works:

  1. Sign Up: Join a company’s product testing program or a platform that offers these opportunities.
  2.  Match: The company matches you with products that fit your interests and demographics.
  3.  Receive: They send you the product to try out at home.
  4.  Review: After using the product, you write a review about your experience.
  5.  Keep: Often, you get to keep the product after reviewing it.

Paid reviews

Paid reviews are when you write about your experience with a product and get compensated for it. Here is how you can get involved:

  1. Writing Platforms: Websites like Writers Work connect writers with companies that need reviews. You could earn a decent hourly rate for your writing.
  2.  Affiliate Marketing: You can earn commissions through Amazon’s affiliate program by reviewing products and referring new customers
  3.  Review Websites: Some sites, like Get Reviewed, pay for sponsored reviews and blog posts, but you will need a website with strong domain authority.

These are just a few ways to get paid for writing reviews. The key is providing honest, helpful feedback to guide other consumers.

How do I get started product tester jobs?

Getting started with product testing is quite simple. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you begin:

  • Research: Read articles and guides about product testing to learn about its purpose and methods.
  •  Set Objectives: Decide what you want to achieve with product testing. Are you looking to make extra money, get free products, or both? Setting clear goals will help guide your efforts.
  •  Find Companies: Look for companies that offer product testing opportunities. You can start with product testing companies, market research firms, or brand testing programs.
  •  Sign Up: Register with these companies. You may need to provide some personal information so they can match you with suitable products.
  •  Qualify: Some products may require specific qualifications or interests. Make sure to apply for products that align with your skills and preferences.
  •  Test Products: Once you have selected the products, the company will send them to you to test. Use them as instructed, and note your observations and feedback.
  •  Provide Feedback: After testing the product, you must provide honest feedback. This could be through a written review, survey, or another method specified by the company.
  •  Stay Active: Keep your profile updated and stay active on the platforms to increase your chances of getting more product testing opportunities.

Does product testing have any downsides?

Yes, product testing can have some downsides, such as:

  1. Costs: There are always expenses involved, from acquiring the products to compensating testers
  2.  No Usage Guarantee: Sometimes, there is no certainty that the product will actually be used by testers
  3.  System Abuse: There might be individuals who try to exploit the system for their own benefit
  4.  Competitive Espionage: Competitors may use product trials to gain insights into your strategies
  5.  Labor Intensity: The process can require a lot of work and resources
  6.  Extended Sales Cycles: Product trials can lengthen the time it takes to get a product to market

How much do product testers earn?

Product testers’ earnings can vary widely based on their location, experience, and the type of products they test. In the United States, the average annual salary for product testers is around $45,972, but this can range from $30,000 for entry-level positions to over $70,000 for more experienced testers.

Top 11 companies offering paid product tester jobs

Here is a list of some top companies that offer paid product tester jobs:

  1. A platform that pays for feedback on websites and apps.
  2.  Influenster: Sends out boxes of free products for users to test and review.
  3.  BzzAgent: Provides free products in exchange for public reviews.
  4.  Social Nature: Offers natural and organic products for testing.
  5.  Brooks: Known for running shoes, they sometimes seek testers for new designs.
  6.  Smiley 360: Sends out products for feedback and sharing experiences on social media.
  7.  Vocal Point: Offers samples and seeks insights on various products.
  8.  PINCHme: Users receive free samples to test, review, and keep.
  9.  JJ Friends & Neighbors: Johnson & Johnson’s program for testing healthcare products.
  10.  Toluna Influencers: A community where opinions on products are exchanged for rewards.
  11.  Pinecone Research: Pays for opinions on new products before they hit the market.

Some QUestions

What is a product tester? 

A product tester evaluates products based on criteria that companies find valuable. They provide detailed feedback to help companies make improvements before launching products on the market.

What do product testers test? 

Product testers can work across various industries, testing items like video games, cosmetics, athletic footwear, electronics, and more. The feedback gathered is often used in marketing to highlight product quality.

How much do product tester jobs make? 

In the US, the average total compensation for product testers is around $50,821, with experienced testers earning up to $69,942 annually.

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