Qordle Game: Know About The Game{August 2022}


Qordle Wordle Game: Have you heard about the Wordle and Letterle game? Qordle is also the same type of game, but it is somewhat tougher than the Wordle game. Do you want to know how to play this game? If yes, stay tuned with us until the end of the article.

You might have heard about the Wordle game. Qordle is also the same type of game. Yes, it is true. There are some differences in both games. However, both games are based on solving puzzles. Therefore, to know the difference between the games or how to play the Qordle game, read the article until the end and learn more interesting facts.

People from several countries in the world play the Qordle Game. At the same time, some people want to know more about this game. So have a look at the facts of Qordle Game.

Facts about Qordle

Qordle is easy to understand if you have ever played a Wordle game. In Qordle, you have to guess 4 hidden words in only chances. You are given 6 chances to guess words. However, in the Wordle game, you are given 9 chances to guess a word. Therefore, the difference between both games is: that in Wordle, you need to guess 1 hidden word in 9 attempts, whereas in Qordle Game, you need to guess 4 words at a time in 6 attempts. 

On the internet, the free version of the Qordle game is available where you can guess 4 words in several attempts means there is no fixed limit of chances.

Some other versions of the Wordle game are available, like Nerdle, Lewdle, and Sweardle.

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How to play Qordle Game

Before reading the steps to play this game, note that you can play it only once daily on their official websites. Now, have a look at the steps of playing the game: 

  • Players in the game are asked to guess 4 hidden words where one letter is of 5 letters, respectively. 
  • Only six chances are given to guess the words, and you can see a word only four times.
  • Once you guess the word, put the words into the given box, and the boxes turn into 3 colors grey, yellow, and green.

What is the role of colors in the Qordle Game?

  • Once you guess the words, after putting the words into the boxes, the color of the box gets changed. The color of the box decides whether the hidden words are wrong or right.
  • The Grey color indicates that the letter of the word you have guessed is wrong.
  • The yellow color indicates that the letter in the word is not arranged in the wrong order.
  • The green color of the box indicates the word has the correct order of letters.
  • Once all the boxes in-game turns red, you have won the game. Though you are given 6 chances to guess the correct word, try to guess fewer attempts so that you can get good scores.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is the game available free of cost?

Yes, it is available free of cost and easy to play.

Where can we play the Qordle game?

 Yes, you play the game on Google. Search the official website of the particular game and then start playing.

Is the Qordle game tougher than Wordle?

Yes, there is a bit of difference in both the games. It is about 4 times tougher than the Wordle game. To know the differences, read the article.

Final Verdict

If you are a puzzle lover, you will surely enjoy the game. Know the complete article to know every relevant detail regarding this topic. If you have played the Wordle game, then Qordle Game is 4 times tougher than it. Enjoy the game.

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