Should You Repair or Replace Your Car Windshield

repair or replace car windshield

If any rock hits your car glass, it may usually get chipped or cracked. Such broken glass snatches the beauty of your car and makes it unsightly. If your car only gets a chip, it can eventually spread on the entire length of the car windshield and completely ruin the car glass. So what should you do? Do you repair the broken windshield, or you need to replace the windshield?  

There are several factors that you must consider and help you in deciding whether it is time for car window repair or need to be replaced and what auto glass repair shops you should approach. 

What Could Be The Best Way To Fix Car Windshield?

If you are looking for the best tricks that help you in fixing the chipped or cracked windshield by yourself, that can be hard to find. Here below is the brief guide that helps you in determining the best steps to get fix the broken windshield. 

Some Signs That Show Windshield Should Be Repaired or Replaced

why to repair or replace car windshield

Signs Windshield Can Be Repair

  • If the crack is not more than 12 inches 
  • Chip is not more than one inch
  • If the damage causes to the windshield, do not hamper the safety
  • When only if the outer layer of car glass gets damaged
  • If the chip or crack away from the margin of the outer glass

Signs Windshield Need To Replace

  • Damages are that extent which impairs the visibility of the driver
  • If the crack is more than 14 inches
  • If the chip is more significant than 3 inches
  • Both the outer and inner layer of glass has been broken
  • If the damages reach to the corner of the windshield

Some Major Factors Associated With Windshield Repair & Replacement

Broken Car Windscreen. — Stock Photo © daseaford #5411734

Here below are some factors that you should consider when deciding to repair or replace the car windshield.

  • Safety: One of the most important factors that one should take care of is safety. A broken windshield can be very dangerous for the driver. One intense or small hit can break the entire glass and can get into the driver’s eyes or make the cut on the driver’s body. If you have a broken windshield, then you must repair or replace it as soon as possible so that your safety may not be hampered.
  • Dimension: There are very few tools and techniques that can help in fixing the different types and sizes of windshield damages. One guide of Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass published by NWRA, National Windshield Repair Association, stated that cracks about 12-14 inches and chips about 1 inch could easily be repaired.  
  • Visibility: If the damaged windshield is hampering the visibility of the driver and make it unclear to see anything, then it can be a major concern of safety. It is not recommended to repair the damages if the crack or chip is on the driver’s side. 
  • The intensity of Windshield Damage: Car glass is made from two layers inner and outer. If the damage penetrates the inner layer, then you have to replace the windshield, repairs won’t work here.

Advantages of Repairing Or Replacing Damaged Windshield

Getting repair cracks and chips from the damaged windshield timely can help in preventing it from spreading on the entire glass and also keep the driver safe. Getting the car window repair is also important for both drivers and passengers. Mobile windshield repair ensures the integrity of the car if the damages are extensive. Thus, installing a new windshield can help with a high level of visibility, whereas the little chipped or cracked glass looks unclear. If you want to find the best and cheap auto glass replacement services, simply type on the google search bar and get the nearest windshield repair and replacement service provider who provides you services at lower charges. Check their reviews and ask from your friends and family if they have ever used a car window or windshield repair or replacement services.