Rod Wave Kids

ROD WAVE KIDS – Two daughters, Kash & Mocha Green, who were delivered in 2020 by Kelsey Dee Coleman Rod Wave’s ex-girlfriend, are his offspring.

The three-year-old kids of Rod Wave largely avoid the spotlight and make few appearances on social media. The fact that their father closely guards his private life, regardless of the level of celebrity that his musical profession has brought him, is not surprising.

2020 saw the birth of twin daughters for Rod Wave Kids and his previous love Kelsey.

As a result of his connection with Kelsey Dee Coleman, Rod Wave is the father of two kids. Coleman shares the rapper’s African-American ethnicity. She shares his Florida heritage and is likely a similar age to him. Despite spending much time together, Rod Wave & Kelsey kept their relationship private.

Kelsey lived solitary until Rod Wave became famous in 2019 with popular songs like “Heart On Ice.” She never accompanied her partner at the red carpet during press events. Additionally, she avoided being identified on social media because she and her partner loved this way of living.

However, several images of both of them together were discovered by social media sleuths. In certain of his songs, Rod Wave also made mention of his lover. He mentioned his girlfriend’s twin pregnancy during the 2020 song Thug Motivation. After so many defeats, he said it was an inheritance and a victory.

In the future, the couple would have a kid sometime in 2020, which was ideal because the pandemic caused Rod Wave to slow down in his profession and have additional time with his loved ones.

Although other rumours state that both babies were delivered in 2021, 2020 seems more likely. In the song Thug Motivation, which became available in January 2020, Kelsey’s pregnancy was addressed. She must have given birth to the children that year, biologically speaking.

Meet the Twin Daughters of Rod Wave


  • 2020 as the birth year
  • 3 years of age
  • Kelsey Dee Coleman, the mother

The names of Rod Wave’s twin girls have never been made public. But it’s thought that their names are Kash & Mocha Green. Whether the girls are similar or not is unknown. Also unknown is the age difference. But it’s undeniable that Kash and her sister’s birth fundamentally altered their father’s life.

In a 2022 interview, Rod Wave acknowledged that having girls has altered his worldview. The rapper instantly understands that any girl he encounters is someone’s daughter. His new mentality will make him more sympathetic with problems affecting women.

Mocha Green

  • 2020 as the birth year
  • Age: 3
  • Kelsey Dee Coleman, the mother

Mocha Green is one of Rod Wave’s twin daughters. Although she hasn’t shared many personal details with the world, it is clear that her biological father would love her & her sister dearly. Having lived in poverty as a child, he acquired the means to support them.

In addition to the money, he makes time in his busy schedule for being at home. When his twin daughters were born, Rod Wave admitted that he was constantly on the go, but now that they have arrived, he wishes he could be at home with his children instead of travelling or being on the road.

Even though Mocha Green and her sister Kash are famous children, their parents try to keep them out of the limelight. They don’t frequently appear on social media. However, once their father invited them to join him during an Instagram live session. They were having fun together in his automobile as a well-known children’s song played in the background. This provided fans with a verified peek of Rod Wave’s offspring.

In 2022, Rod Wave was detained for assaulting the mother of his children.

Rod Wave & Kelsey enjoyed a long-lasting, enviable romance. The fact that the pair is no longer together is practically certain at this point. Rod Wave was detained in May 2022 for assaulting Kelsey in the presence of their children at her Osceola County, Florida, home.

The rapper allegedly went to Kelsey’s house to accuse her of conversing with other males, according to the police. Then, in the presence of their children, he choked her until she could scarcely breathe. Then he let her depart and walked away.

Soon after, Rod Wave returned to the house and said that his ex had taken his two phones. Before going again, he damaged a few objects in the house. When Kelsey was compelled to call the police, her statement revealed that she and the rap artist were not currently dating.

Rod Wave was detained and accused, but he was released on bond. Later, the accusations were dropped. He and Kelsey may or may not have reconciled, but they must keep their relationship positive for the kids they share.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What country is Rod Wave from, and how old is he?

Ans. On August 27, 1998, in the Florida city of St. Petersburg, Rodarius Marcell Green, better known by his stage moniker Rod Wave, was born. There were a few hiccups at the beginning of his youth and adolescence. Wave’s parents divorced when he was a student in elementary school.

Q2) Is Rod Wave a multimillionaire?

Ans. Rod Wave is not regarded as a billionaire.

Q3) How many children has Rod Wave?

Ans. Rod Wave has two kids of his own. His kids, Kash and Mocha, are identical twins.