Shirley Temple Net Worth, The Hollywood Superstar

Shirley Temple net worth

Shirley Temple net worth is $30 Million. She was an American television and film actress, dancer, singer, diplomat, and author. She became the highest-paid actress in the world even before entering her teenage years. 

She was just six years old when she signed her first contract with Fox Films. The very same year, she got her breakout role in the movie “Stand Up and Cheer.” Soon Shirley was the talk of the town and was making $1,250 per week, which is $22,000 now.

She had a net worth of $3 Million before 13 years of age which is equal to $34 Million now for a child actor. Shirley died at the age of 85 in 2014 in Woodside, California. 

She became a true superstar after the release of her movie “Bright Eyes.” This movie was made to feature her singing skills with the song “On the Good Ship Lollipop.” This song sold more than 500,000 copies of sheet music. 

Shirley appeared in many movies like “Our Little Girl,” “Curly Top,” “Dimples,” “Poor Little Rich Girl,” “Heidi,” “The Littlest Rebel.” Most of these films became the highest-grossing movie of the year.

Shirley ran for election in Congress in 1967 but lost. Eventually, she became the ambassador to Czechoslovakia and Ghana. Shirley Temple also served for many corporations like Walt Disney, Del Monte, Bank of America, and many others. 

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Early Life

Shirley was born Shirley Temple Black in 1928 in Santa Monica, California. Her parents belonged to Anglican, Dutch and German ancestry. Her father was a banker and her mother was a homemaker. Shirley grew up along with two elder brothers in Brentwood, Los Angeles. 

Her mother always encouraged her dancing and singing talent and enrolled Shirley in Meglin Dance School, Los Angeles, when she was three years old. While in dance school, she was spotted by a casting director and was invited to the studio for auditions. 

In 1932 Shirley signed a contract for a movie, “Baby Burlesks”, a ten-minute comedy show. Her performance was loved so much that she was promoted to a 20-minute comedy show. 

In 1933 she was cast in an action romance movie, “To The Last Man,” and received a salary of $150 per week, which is now equal to $3,000. Her mother became her hairdresser and earned an amount equivalent to $500 per week now.

In 1934 Shirley Temple was cast in the movie Fox Film “Stand Up and Cheer,” which was a breakthrough for her. The Magnitude of her roles slowly kept increasing, and she then started acting in comedy musicals like “Baby, Take a Bow” and “Bright Eyes.” 

During the time of her life as a child actor, she also appeared in various family-oriented movies and musicals and was also cast in different roles, which were a conflict between her fairy-like attributes. 

In 1935, Shirley became the first child actor to receive a juvenile Oscar for her amazing movie performance and received $2,500 in a week, equal to $500,000 of today’s amount. 

Career During The Late 1930s & 1940s

In the late 1930s, Shirley became a popular culture icon, and her name was omnipresent. She got many lead roles in movies during 1937 and also received a nomination for “Wee Willie Winkle.” 

In 1939 her major role in the movie “The Little Princess’ ‘ came out, which was based on the book with the same name. This was her very first technicolor film and was a huge success. 

She later appeared in two commercials in 1940, which were flops. In 1942 she took a break from acting and returned in 1944 starring in successful war films “I’LL Be Seeing You” and “Since You Went Away.” Despite huge success in 1950, she announced her retirement. 

Other Work

Though she did not make an appearance in the movies, Shirley became the narrator and host of an NBC fairytale anthology, “Shirley Temple’s Storybook.” The show received a positive response from audiences and critics; however the budget did not allow for any special effects required to make it competitive with any other anthology show of that time.

During her adulthood, Shirley maintained an active role in the California Republican Party with an unsuccessful bid for Congress during the 1967 election of the 11th Congressional district.

He also made attempts and chance encounter with Henry Kissinger in a party that was led by Union Nations delegates in 1969. In 1974, Gerald Ford was appointed as a U.S. ambassador of Ghana, and later, she became the first female Chief of Protocol in 1976.

Shirley also held the position of U.S. Ambassador under George H.W. Bush Administration from 1989 to 1992.

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Personal Life and Death: 

Shirley Temple got married to an Army Air Officer Sergeant John Agar in 1945. The couple had one daughter together, and they got a divorce in 1949. 

In 1950 she remarried Charles Aiden Balck, a former Naval Intelligence officer, and they had two kids together. They remained married until death for fifty-four years, when in 2014 Shirley died due to Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease.

Real Estate: 

Shirley Temple lived in Woodside, California, for many years. During the time of her death, the house was valued at $5 Million.

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