Smart Cartoon Characters That Are A Must Watch

smart cartoon characters

Throughout cartoon history, there have been some amazing and smart cartoon characters. Both kids and adults enjoy the wacky antics of these brainy protagonists and inventions featuring unexpected elements that need to be tackled by our heroes.

In this post, we have listed some of the smart animated cartoon characters there have been throughout television history.  

Jimmy Neutron

Cartoon: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

Like Dexter, Jimmy Neutron is a genius boy who built his own fully equipped laboratory. He is not secretive with his work and likes to maintain a healthy social life, and even has a girl crush, Cindy.

Jimmy has a long list of incredible inventions, including an anti-aging tonic, mechanical dog Goddard, and also a time machine.


Cartoon: Dexter’s Laboratory

Despite being a young boy, Dexter somehow managed finances to build his secret lab at home. This is where all his genius fuels and powerful creations take place. Some of his inventions include dimensional portals, giant robot mechs, and nightmare-preventing dream machines.

Dexter is an absent-minded genius but sometimes overlooks common flaws to his problems. He has meddling sister Dee Dee which is the reason for many mishaps in the inventions.

Rick Sanchez

Cartoon: Rick and Morty

Another one of the smart cartoon characters is Rick Sanchez. This cartoon is best for adults as it features zany humor, sci-fi adventures, and enters into the dark aspects of life. 

Rick is inspired by Doc Brown from the Back To The Future movie. Despite having nihilistic views, Rick is very compassionate about his family and has created some amazing things like invincible combat suits, cloning facilities, compact dimensions to cross portal guns. 


Cartoon: Batman: The Animated Series

Batman is one of the most loved smart cartoon characters of everyone. He boasts an amazing physique and an incredible mind with a wealth of high-tech gadgets, which force him to be respected as a Justice League Member.

Batman has made appearances in many cartoons with changed designs; however, one thing that is constant is his genius mind and detective skills. Batman has appeared in many cartoons

Stewie Griffin

Cartoon: Family Guy

Unlike other family-friendly smart cartoon characters, Stewie Griffin from Family Guy is not very kid-friendly but is great for adults who like unique bland humor.

Stewie is an infant who is armed with amazing inventions like the time machine, laser gun, teleportation device. He holds serious grudges against his mother for the time she kept him trapped in the womb.


Cartoon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Donatello is one of the ninja turtles with a purple headband and one of the squad’s essential members. While other ninja turtles are skilled fighters, Donatello is the scientific brain who is focused on gadgets, inventing new machines, and upgrading allies.

What makes him even smarter than other characters is that he did not attend regular school but still got the smartest mind.

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Phineas and Ferb

Cartoon: Phineas and Ferb

The most lovable preteens, Phineas & Ferb, have incredible creativity at such a young age, constructing wonderful things like giant robot tree houses, time machines, and so much more. They are also very skillful musicians with a lovable attitude. 

They have a pet platypus Perry that conceals its identity and works as a secret agent.

Mr. Peabody

Cartoon: Peabody’s Improbable History

Mr. Peabody first appeared in Peabody’s Improbable History, who is a strict mentor to the young Sherman.

Mr.Peabody is the smartest cartoon character of all on this Earth and gets bonus points for accompanying a canine. He is not only great in science but has also built time machines and shows a multitude of talents like artistry, music skills, athleticism, and so much more. 

Susan and Mary Test

Cartoon: Johnny Test

Susan and Mary have incredible engineering abilities despite being thirteen years old and using the younger sibling as a lab rat. Some of their appreciable inventions include cloning facilities, the time machine, and the vb mind control device. Even being so smart, they cannot win the attention of their handsome neighbor named Gil.

The Brain

Cartoon: Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the Brain are both talking mice. The brain has only one wish of conquering the globe. He thinks he would keep humanity’s best interest in front and do a better job than the political leaders.

However, Brain’s schemes always fail due to interference by Pinky. Either way, he is always consistent and demonstrates amazing inventions ranging from mind control devices to high-tech robots to accomplish his goal.

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Now that you know about all the smart cartoon characters do not forget to tell us how many of these smart cartoon characters did you know about? Leave your answers in the comment box.