Can you board a dog in heat?


Can you board a dog in heat?

You can board a dog in heat as long as the boarding facility offers to keep her separate from other dogs. Some kennels provide special services for dogs in heat, including keeping them only near female dogs or completely away until the cycle is over.

In some cases, as soon as the female dogs enter into the heat cycle, they become more needy. If your dog is like this, then you should look for a kennel that accommodates dogs requiring special treatment. 

As male dogs do not get heat cycles, they tend to get excited near females experiencing the cycle. When a female enters the heat period, she fully releases chemicals to arouse male dogs.

If you want to board a dog in heat, you might want to rethink putting her in the kennel and reschedule your trip. 

What to Ask Your Kennel if Your Dog is in Heat?

You need to start by asking the kennel if they have any experiencing dogs in heat. It may be a little embarrassing, but you should not beat around the bush. 

Some dog facilities have experienced staff that separates dogs in heat from other dogs to keep them safe. 

The best kennel has a special area set aside for dogs in heat. You should ask the facility whether they supply diapers for heat. These temporary garments are helpful in preventing unplanned mating. 

Some board facilities also make sure that the dog is not exposed and does not become a target of the aroused males. Other kennels may ask you to supply your own diapers and other equipment for dogs.

How to Find a Great Kennel for Dogs in Heat?

While finding a good dog kennel may sound cliche, you can start by researching online. Look at the onsite information of the facility and how they manage dogs in heat, as well as any kind of experiences they have with the animals. 

Large dog boarding facilities have dedicated staff or services to deal with dogs who require special treatment or are in heat. If the kennel offers such facilities, they will surely put that on the website. 

You can always drop in an email or call them if you like the place. They often have limited space even at the largest dog boarding facility, so make sure to make a reservation soon.

You should start research early so that you have plenty of time in hand. While the dog might seem to go into heat out of nowhere and make things a little difficult, it is best to keep looking for a good facility. 

How to Prepare Your Dog in Heat for Their Kennel Trip

You can prep your dog for kennel during the heat by getting some familiar items to ease the process. Most kennels let you bring a few favorite dog toys. Some kennels even let you bring a handkerchief and scarf with your scent to make the dog feel at home. This helps to reassure dogs who cannot stay away from their families. 

Considering the heat, things can get more stressful. To reduce your dog’s stress and give her a more pleasant time, just act normal and do not make a fuss about it, or else the dog will know something is going on.

Depending on kennel rules, if you wish to bard the dog in heat, you can take dog diapers for her. These will cover her genitals to catch any bleeding or discharge while she is in heat. 

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Should You Move Your Trip if Your Dog is in Heat?

If you think there is no way to board a dog in heat, then it’s best to move your trip. Kennel facilities sometimes mix male and female dogs, which can cause mis-matting incidents.

Some females need extra care in a heat and may urinate frequently. Dog owners may also notice that their dog becomes more affectionate during this time.

This means that no outside party can assist the dog’s needs. In this case, it’s best to reschedule your trip.

Most female dogs only come into heat just once or twice a year. This means that rescheduling a trip is not that difficult unless you have a reservation. 

Some pet owners bring the heated animals along on the trip; in this case, be sure not to take them to any area where they can intermix with other animals. 

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