Thinking of Opting for a Pool Heater? See Everything You Need Here!


Most of us think that a pool heater is an integral part of a swimming pool heating system. However, the truth is that these are not really meant to be a part of a proper pool heating system. The reason for this is that pool heaters are supposed to cool the water by themselves. This way, the pool will not get too hot, and at the same time, it should stay cool to the touch. As we all are aware that the only thing that the best pool heater does is that it cools the water.

Materials Affecting the Functionality of a Pool Heater

As for the effectiveness of a pool heater uses, it actually depends on the material that is used for its construction. For instance, fiberglass is a very popular type of material that is used in the construction of pool heaters. Moreover, since it is made of lightweight material, it can be moved around easily. It can be moved from one place to another without being damaged or missing anything. However, if it is coated with paint, it will be even more effective in cooling the water of the pool. This is because of the insulation that is present at the bottom of the pool heater.

Even though such materials are usually used, there are also some cases where iron is used. Since iron has more thermal conductivity than fiberglass, it can transfer heat better. Thus, it can be said that the material used to make a pool heater should depend on the fact that it can absorb the heat efficiently. The efficiency of a pool heater is usually expressed as the BTU per square meter or BTU/m2. Other factors, such as its length, diameter, wattage, and insulation, can also affect the efficiency of a pool heater.

Now that we’ve seen various materials that can be sued in a pool heater, let’s see a variety of pool heaters to get a deeper idea about the same:


The category that comes under the best pool heater is the swimming pool heater. To double your fun, you can even use an above ground pool heater. While using a swimming pool heater, you have to move the unit from side to create optimal warming through a heat pump. You also have to turn on and off the water heating, perhaps several times a day, in order to ensure the water stays at the perfect temperature. It can be difficult for some people to simply move the water heater from side to side. This is the reason why a portable pool heater is suggested when it comes to using a swimming pool heater.

Two Tips to Let the Swimming Pool Heater Function the Best

  • You have to keep the swimming pool heater in one place. Otherwise, the water will absorb the warmth, making it colder. Remember that you are turning the unit on and off several times a day, so you want to keep it somewhere warm. Once you place the heater in an area that is warm, it will stay warm for a longer period of time. Using a heater that is near the wall could be very difficult to set up. If you want to make the settling process easier, you should use a portable pool heater.
  • If you have a pool heater, you need to make sure that it is not situated in an area where the ground is soft or filled with rocks. If the ground is soft, the heat may not transfer well. In addition, the heater is moving with the water, which causes it to be placed in a position that is not optimal. A smooth surface would be ideal.

The utility of Swimming Pool Heater

  • One of the utilities of a swimming pool heater include low energy consumption and comfort. A small swimming pool heater can be put away and forgotten about. This can help you save money over time.
  • In addition, if you are interested in heating the water as you swim in your pool, you may find that a pool heater makes the most sense. Since the heater uses hot water to warm the water, there is less work required. The heat is radiated through the ground around the pool and is distributed to everyone who is enjoying the water at the same time. Keeping this in mind, when you are considering whether or not a swimming pool heater would be right for you, it is always wise to get the most efficient unit possible.
  • You can find one that is portable, i.e., a portable pool heater, with easy to operate controls and one that is able to cover a larger area with only one tank. You also have the choice of getting one that has the ability to make warm water for hot tubs and Jacuzzis, which are great if you are looking to provide a comfortable environment for relaxing after a long day. Since you are providing warm water, you are lowering the utility costs for all those relaxing in the water.
  • A pool heater can help you in chilling and relaxing your soul while you’re sitting at your favorite outdoor space. To do the same, you can opt for an above ground pool heater. By opting for an above ground pool heater, you can extend the swimming season whenever you want without thinking of the season.
  • If you’re interested in storing energy and lowering your utility bills, you may consider getting a pool heater that is able to lower your electric bills by as much as 50%. The extra space provided by a heater is a big plus when it comes to reducing your utility bills. However, if you are looking for something bigger, something that heats up the entire pool and turns it into a hot tub, you may need to get a unit that can heat the entire pool and do other tasks.

The extra savings you will receive will certainly help offset the heating bill you have been trying to keep low. You also have more room to swim and relax because the heating system heats the entire pool instead of just the water in the pool. When you combine the two, you will discover that it really is easier to keep a swimming pool heater at bay. To make the most out of the benefits of a swimming pool heater, you need to find the one that has the best features for you.


An electric pool heater is called a heat pump also as it keeps the water of the pool warm during the winter season. This electric pool heater sucks some water in heating taken, and then pumps back the warm water to the pool. When you own an outdoor pool, then the electric pool heater works the best.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether electric pool heaters are better than gas or propane. That is the argument related to gas vs electric heater forever. The answer is that electric pool heaters will always be a better choice because of their cost efficiency and the amount of space they consume when the discussion is about gas vs electric heater.

Why is Electric Heater Better Than Gas or Propane?

  • First, let’s put a glance at how much a typical electric pool heater will cost you. At least the first year, an electric heater is very cheap compared to a propane one.
  • For a household, the average electric heater will run you about $300 or so. This amount is negotiable, depending on what else you need or want from your heater. You can purchase something that functions as a space heater and heat water from your pool as well.
  • The electric pool heater is more efficient than either gas or propane. Gas or propane is basically made for outdoor use and for swimming pools. It does not really have a place in a hot tub.
  • Electric pool heaters are just as efficient in heating water from outside. They can do it by themselves. Electric heaters have a vent and a burner to get the warm air from the pool directly into the house and are usually twice as efficient as gas heaters.
  • Another aspect of an electric pool heater is its space usage. The electric heater sits under your deck, out of the way. Gas heaters require a large area to be used and need a place to store the gas.

So, if you want an electric pool heater, get one that works independently and does not have any combustion needed to be initiated. Electric pool heaters are a lot more efficient than gas or propane heaters.

All in all, you will find a good electric pool heater if you shop around. Just be sure that you are not buying a gas heater, because gas is a fossil fuel that is going to be more expensive in the long run. Keep reading for more information on gas and electric pool heaters.