The Best Festivals in America You Shouldn’t Miss to Experience


As soon as you transfer yourself to a particular country, you intend to catch its vibe to the fullest. The history, culture, flavors, and lifestyle of a country can be caught entirely only when you attend the best events and festivals belonging to that nation. And, if you’re prepping to travel to the USA, then you must know the best festivals in America to admire the country’s vibrancy and culture. 

Let’s see some of the best festivals in America to help you dive deep into utmost joy and frolic:

New Orleans Mardi Grass

One amongst the top festivals in the US is New Orleans Mardi Grass. If you want to witness a plethora of colors, events, social gatherings, and fun, then this is one of the American festivals that you must not miss. This festival is organized by the city’s social clubs. While attending this one of the best events and festivals in the US, you will be mesmerized by seeing people dancing in colorful costumes and doing parade all around the city.

Also, you will be able to witness an entirely different vies of throwing colorful cups, as well as light objects in the air, to show up the glee in everyone’s hearts. The primary colors used as a theme of this festival are green, purple, and gold. These colors represent faith, justice, and power, respectively.

Kutztown Folk Festival

Kutztown Folk Festival is one of the American Festivals, i.e., extremely popular in the country. It is considered one of amongst most significant festivals in the USA. The cultural aura it introduces captures all your attention as soon as you enter the territory. All you can see while attending the festival is people wearing traditional costumes and traditional music being played all around.

Kutztown folk festival avails you with an opportunity to absorb the Pennsylvanian German Culture to the fullest & know about the same some more. Also, you can be a part of one of the most significant workshops thrown by one of the top festivals in the US.

Burning Man Festival

If you’re planning to visit the USA, and are a festival-freak, then you must mark the date for the Burning Man Festival. This festival proves to be a bliss for hippies and wanderers. The communities of people who attend the festival are the ones who add true charm to the festival.

While attending the Burning Man Festival, you’ll get to witness alluring art installations, mesmerizing musical performances, and energetic people dancing and scrolling all around. This festival proves to be the best festival in the US because it’s not a cliché touristy event but a raw experience that’s needed to be witnessed by all.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

This event is something that you’ll remember for a lifetime once you attend this. To visualize yourself in the same festival, you can imagine yourself amid countless colorful hot air balloons in the sky. You’ll be amazed to see such a scenario in front of your eyes.

This event is celebrated in Ne Mexico every year were approx. more than 500 balloons fly in the sky and make the aura vibrant and colorful. While attending the same, you can even have a ride on one of the hot balloons and enjoy the ambiance to the fullest.

Now that you’re aware of the best of festivals in the USA, you can capture the fun to the greatest extent during your trip. To know more about the USA before planning to go there, click here!