The best online MMO projects, you should play if you like to play with other people


The MMO RPG genre attracts many players around the world. Gamers are attracted by the idea of pumping and developing their unique character, which will directly or indirectly have an impact on the development of the game server.

Game developers release relevant updates to keep the attention of old players and attract newcomers to their projects.

The list of MMO projects is constantly expanding, but we will discuss the most popular ones and those that are just worth playing. The option of free distribution, or subscription, is not taken into account, since it does not affect the quality of the project.

What MMOs should you play?

  • World of Warcraft
  • Final Fantasy 14

World of Warcraft

Cult MMO RPG with the concept of confrontation between the two factions – the Horde and the Alliance, recognizable around the world. Luckily for many players, the distinction between opponents is now only nominal – meaning that you have to choose your race, class, and faction based purely on visual considerations and preferences.

Players are waiting for constant PVP battles and many game mechanics built on the extraction of WoW Gold – the main currency from the world of Azeroth.

From interesting content, players can participate in raids of various difficulty levels. The more difficult the mode is chosen, the more dangerous and unpredictable the behavior of the boss and his retinue will be, but the reward will also be higher. Dungeon mechanics will require players not only to have a high level of equipment, but also teamwork between players, otherwise failure is inevitable.

Profession system – adds a huge layer of content for all lovers of farming and gold mining, sharpened to earn money and provide other players with valuable and unique items of equipment, weapons, potions, equipment and tools.

You need to choose a profession from gathering or creating to start your journey into the world of crafts and earning gold.

You can choose only two professions, so you have to choose.

Three options:

  1. Choose two gathering professions to earn money by selling consumables to other artisans.
  1. Choose one collecting and one creating linked to provide a full cycle of collecting materials and creating items for the game server.
  1. Choose two creating professions – it will be very difficult at the first stages, because you need to spend a lot of gold on the initial leveling, but when you survive this stage and open the order table – you can create two types of goods for players at once, spending client resources and getting gold for every successful order.

Flight system

In World of Warcraft, with the Dragonflight update, the flight system has been redesigned. This is not about scripted takeoffs on griffins and other magical creatures, but a full-fledged free flight with the ability to choose a course.

To do this, you need to get level 60 and go to the Dragon Islands. These are new territories that have been discovered in Dragonflight.

You can sail from two ports and all representatives of the factions will be able to sail together without the possibility of fighting among themselves. Thus, the ships become something of a tavern for communication between enemies with a temporary truce.

In the process of mastering new content, you will have to get to level 70, go through four islands with different types of dragons and, as a result, be able to tame one of them.

Taming will allow you to interact with the dragon, train and costimize it, and most importantly, fly it. The higher your skill of flying and interaction with a pet, the better you will stay in the saddle and opponents will not be able to knock you out of the saddle. You will be able to perform aerobatics and attack the enemy while riding your dragon.

Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 became a project that realized two values at once. The developers from Square Enix wanted to create a project that could compete with World of Warcraft and at the same time continue the whole story over the many years of the Final Fantasy series.

FF 14 offers the concept of a story and storyline that crosses many characters from all parts of the series and has over 100 hours of play time.

The main emphasis is on the mechanics of professions, similar to WoW in terms of their mechanics and tasks, but with one difference. Final Fantasy offers the concept of mini-games that decide the fate and success of all loot. On the one hand, this is a fight against macros and clickers, and on the other, a variety of established routines.

FF is distinguished by its advanced graphics, beautiful outside world and the ability to fully fly and move around game locations.

Join one of three factions to complete tasks and serve in the army – in the navy, in the infantry, or in the militia.

Learn to play your favorite musical instrument – Final Fantasy offers the concept of playing any instrument according to the note system. So, having found information about your favorite songs on the Internet, you can play them in large areas, earning gils and simply entertaining other players.