Taking Packaged Protein Is Really Healthier, or It’s Just A Myth!

Is Packaged Protein Healthy

This post is based on the facts behind the “Is Packaged Protein Really Healthy or Not”

Our body majorly requires three primary nutrients for proper and healthier functioning of body parts. These are Proteins, Carbs and Fats, which we can intake through our meals or can consume through packaged foods. Among three of the macronutrients – Carbs, Fats and Proteins, Proteins is the most indispensable nutrient of all time.

Our body requires a significant amount of protein that is helpful in build and strengthens our muscles as well as improves hairs and skin texture. Intaking protein diet it helps you lose weight without damaging muscles. Dietary proteins even make your meals filling and super healthy.

But the questions pop-ups is that consuming packaged protein is really healthy? Are these company providing genuine proteins or its hoax?

Just for the sake of marketing, these companies label their boxes with 100% natural and healthy protein. As being a smart consumer, we need to take care and ask ourselves how much protein our body need to intake?

It is better to know how much we actually need protein in our diet. If a person is not doing any heavy exercises and either nor gaining or losing weight, it is recommended to consume 54 grams of protein in a day for a 70 kg person. Whereas, if you are doing heavy exercises, for the same weight person, it is advisable to intake 81-90 grams of protein each day.

Let’s see what the other natural and instant options than consuming packaged protein powders are.

If you are heading straight from the gym, taking nuts, protein pack of jerky with sunflower seeds is a much better option. It contains 250 grams of calories with 13 grams of protein which is much healthier than grabbing other things from the market. One more is taking protein bars, and it contains 20 grams of proteins which is again healthier than taking a candy bar.