Threw me off

Threw me off

Threw me off:

She stated that she was having relationship issues with her boyfriend while you were talking to her.You were surprised to learn that they got along really well because you thought they did.You are now relaying that conversation to your girlfriend.

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Kind of is an adjective and an adverb that means “a little” or “somewhat.”It is frequently used in spoken English:

When it comes to people of the opposite sex, I’m kind of shy.

I was kind of taken aback by it.

Before an adjective, such as “kind of shy,” or before a verb, such as “kind of took me by surprise,” you can use the word “kind of.”

“somewhat” is another expression with a similar meaning:

The majority of students find that university courses are somewhat more challenging than high school classes.

More formal is “somewhat.”When writing or discussing academic subjects, use “somewhat.” Use “kind of” for the majority of situations.

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The word “kind of” sounds like “kinda” when pronounced.

(something) threw (someone) off When something unanticipated occurs, you may become “thrown off.”This indicates that you are unsure of your response.You think about what happened a lot and can’t concentrate on other things.

Some examples of things that could frighten someone include:

being insulted by someone who hears bad news Physical factors can also frighten someone, such as:

how to use “throw ___ off” in a sentence: getting hit in the head not getting enough sleep getting sick

A:That really threw me off when you said that.”What does she mean, I might need to watch out for Jay?” I thought.Is he attempting to fire me or something?

B:No, that was not my intention.I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to confuse you.I just meant… When (someone) said that, (sentence) When people recount a conversation, they frequently describe how they felt about something said.

“I’m going to report this to your boss,” he said.I thought, “Oh crap!” when he said that.

I was informed by her that she was 70 years old.I thought, “Damn, I hope I look that good when I’m seventy!” when she said that.