The living room rug: The essential decorative element


The carpet is an essential element for the decoration of your living room! If you’ve ever walked into a living room without a carpet, you’ve probably had the slightest impression that something was missing! The carpet is the centerpiece that will enhance your living room. It allows you to create a real cozy nest.

Why invest in a living room rug?

Depending on its style and color, it will bring that touch of creativity that a neutral colored living room lacked. Conversely, it will soften an already busy style and decoration. In addition to that, the rugs are very comfortable on the floor! Isn’t it better to put your feet on a soft surface when leaving your sofa rather than on a cold floor? Likewise, you will enjoy lying on your carpet, especially if you choose a long pile carpet, to read a book.

And then, there are a multitude of living room rugs, in different colors, styles and shapes. So there is bound to be the carpet somewhere that will suit your personality, the decor of your living room and your age!

If you choose it right, the living room rug, if properly cared for, can have a very long lifespan. Rest assured, you will make a long-term investment with a rug that will accompany you for many years without losing its splendor. Again, you need to take care of your rug with professional carpet cleaning.

What dimensions to plan?

Do not neglect the size of your future living room rug! Indeed, this is an essential aspect. It is important to match the size of your rug to that of your living room in order to create true visual harmony. An improper mat may not have the effect you expect and may disappoint you. Likewise, it will tarnish the harmony of your living room. For a small living room, it is better not to choose a rug that is too large. It might accentuate the small size of the room and give a feeling of confinement. Prefer models with dimensions not exceeding 90 cm by 160 cm. It is also advisable to opt for a round carpet.

On the other hand, for a very large living room, a rug that is too small can give the impression of being lost in a room of such generous proportions. It is advisable to opt for a mat measuring at least 2 by 3 meters. For a long living room, it is preferable to favor a long carpet, not covered by the sofa or the armchairs in the room. This will highlight the volume of the room. The mat should not be too wide, otherwise it may give the impression of a cramped space. Likewise, a small square rug can also be chosen to make the room bigger.

Warning! You don’t just have to take into account the size of the room to effectively choose your living room rug. You also have to think about the size of the furniture already in the room. Indeed, if you have an imposing sofa, then a rug that is too small may look ridiculous on the side. In general, it is best to choose a rug that is the same length as your sofa.

In which part of the living room should the carpet be placed?

There are several places where you can place your rug, depending on the function you want to give it. For example, in a room with large volumes and open to the rest of the house, a carpet can play the role of separation between the different spaces. Arranged near the sofa, the rug will visually delimit the space devoted to the living room. A very effective way to separate it from the dining area! For this, it is important to choose a large rectangular or square rug that greatly exceeds the area of   the sofa. It will then encompass all the furniture arranged in that part of the room.

You can also use it to highlight the central element of your living room often represented by the presence of a coffee table. Choose a larger model that you will place under your table and which will enhance it. After all,  make sure you can apply effective carpet cleaning on your rug.