Journey To Stardom Of The Most Ratchet Asian Girl


The Most Ratchet Asian girl is a collective of female artists that showcase their love for Hip-hop, High Fashion, and the art of being Ratchet. Crunchify is well-known for our candid depictions of Asian women who are rarely shown through a positive lens in mainstream media. What the heck even is Ratchet? It was simply something that made an item very crude or dilapidated. 

But now, it means so much more than that–yes, it can mean “shabby” in some instances, but it also can be used when describing someone as flashy or trashy. Our origins began in September 2012 on a lonely street in London’s Chinatown. A young photographer named Simon Shuhang was walking down an alleyway when he stumbled into a local fruit vendor. 

The woman looked nice on the outside and the inside, but upon further inspection, Simon discovered that she was quite different from what he expected. She spoke like an educated woman and had many piercings and tattoos–voices rarely heard in most Asian markets where women tend to be much more reserved.

Who is Lovely Mimi?

She is a Chinese model who studied in the United States and has been living in London for several years. She has real tattoos, piercings, bleached hair, and all the hooping she does herself.

Because he was so enamored, Simon took her picture and videotaped some of her vlogs about living in London and being the most ratchet Asian women. She’s not a typical model–she’s lovely, but she doesn’t wear makeup or do lots of makeup to improve her look. She just has good skin and knows how to use it and constantly flaunts herself because she feels that’s what real women do. The fruit vendor talked to Simon about his photography and started talking about inspiration. 

She mentioned that she was inspired by many Korean actresses but also loved American celebrities and even some Chinese ones. So the fruit vendor and photographer started talking further, and they decided to make a website together emulating several famous Korean female celebrities. 

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Details About The Most Ratchet Asian Family:

The family of five not only talks about their lives, but also the issues they have faced. From their prejudice from the public to body shaming and slut-shaming. In addition to discussing our journeys of heartbreak and change and dealing with our gender identity issues–which ultimately led us to this and what is meant by “The Most Ratchet Asian person“.

Mimi’s professional life:

She is a model who has done several shoots on her own and with famous photographer Simon Shuhang. This blog is their collaborative effort to showcase the more ratchet side of Asian women and to show that many women like this are not afraid to flaunt themselves and stick out in a crowd. 

They look like females from another planet but in a good way; this is what makes them so ratchet but also endearing in some way. Many folks find it hard to believe that these women can be accurate, but because of the internet, we can all see that they exist, and Simon has captured them on camera for us to enjoy.

Early life:

She was born in Sichuan Province, China, and spent most of her life there. However, as a young girl, she was sent to live in a wealthy family’s house for several years and exposed to many different cultures. As a result, she grew up drinking her milk tea with pearls, attending Chinese school, and wearing unique dresses.

Mimi moved back to Sichuan at age 14 because her mother had serious trouble with the government. The family needed somewhere quiet, so they sent Mimi so that she could get an education since she couldn’t afford it herself.


She may not know English very well, but don’t let that discourage you because she’s a knowledgeable woman. The Most Ratchet Asian girl Blog was started because people were confused about who these women are and how they live their lives.

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