COSMOPROF CREDIT CARD: If you work in the beauty industry and anticipate spending at least $4k annually @ CosmoProf and/or Sally Beauty, getting this card will probably be worth the hassle of having to manage another Cosmoprof credit card account.

If you are considering applying for the CosmoProf Rewards Credit Card, you have come to the right place.

The following review covers all the information you need to know, including advantages, disadvantages, and whether the sibling relationship is worth it.

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CosmoProf Credit Card Advantages and Drawbacks


  • $10 off your next CosmoProf purchase with code 
  • 3%OFF $10 off a CosmoProf transaction each year during your “birthday month.”
  •  when you make a $50+ purchase after receiving the card.
  • Two annual presents (one during the month of birth and one on the card’s opening anniversary) 
  • Get the “Platinum” level after spending $4K annually to qualify for free shipping on orders over $150.
  • Same benefits when shopping at Sally Beauty, such as an extra 2.5 points, 20% off your next purchase after opening a card, and free shipping to the US
  • No yearly charge.
  • A renowned provider of credit cards: Comenity Bank, formerly known as Bread Financial.


  • Extremely high APR of 29.74%. Whoa!
  • It can only be used at CosmoProf & Sally Beauty stores.
  • $10 off your next purchase as a meagre welcome “bonus”
  • Only accessible to those in the beauty industry.

Perks of the CosmoProf Credit Card

They will register you as an expert with CosmoProf as a professional certified with Sally Beauty since Sally Beauty & CosmoProf are affiliated businesses. If you qualify for the Cosmo Prof Rewards Credit Card, you are automatically enrolled in CosmoProf.

You will first get an email containing the 12-digit Cosmo Prof Membership Card number. You can establish an account at to access incentives and privileges by using the number on the CosmoProf credit card Membership.

Benefits of Using a CosmoProf Credit Card

1. When using your card, get a 3% discount.

2. $10 off your subsequent Card purchases of $50 or more.

3. Customers who have CosmoProf Platinum cards receive free shipping on purchases totalling $150 or more.

4. On both the anniversary of the account’s opening and during the month of your birthday.

5. As soon as the CosmoProf Credit Card account is opened, you are automatically a Cosmo Prof Gold cardholder.

6. Spend $4,000 in a calendar year to become the Cosmo Prof PLATINUM cardholder, which entitles you to free shipping on orders of $150 or more.

Sally’s Benefits Applying for the CosmoProf Credit Card

1. Earn an additional 2.5 points on top of the ones that the Sally Beauty Rewards Membership already gets for each dollar spent on your card.

2. Get 20% off on your subsequent Card purchase.

3. On Card orders, regular shipping is free. Not a minimum. US only.

4. Also included is a surprise present for your birthday and the anniversary of your account opening.

Do the Benefits Qualify?

Given that you receive $10 off orders above $50 at CosmoProf and an additional 20% off at Sally’s, most benefits encourage initial signup. Additionally, Sally’s offers free delivery with no minimum purchase requirements, whereas upgrading from gold and platinum at CosmoProf requires a year’s wait and $4,000 in spending.

The free delivery from CosmoProf with a platinum level seems like a beautiful incentive, but there is still a $150 minimum purchase requirement.

The only possible incentive, therefore, appears to be when you frequently order in quantity, in which case you may take advantage of the 3% savings and free delivery to your barbershop or salon.

That is a great, albeit modest, loyalty award, and I would be negligent if I didn’t note that you will get a birthday present from Sally and CosmoProf Simultaneously.

Drawbacks of the CosmoProf credit card

  • Although not unusual for store cards’ like this one, the interest rate of 27.49% variable APR is significantly higher than the industry norm.
  • $41 in late or returning fee charges.
  •  Although frustrating, this is the norm.
  • Your options for purchasing using your CosmoProf credit card are extremely limited because you can only use it at Cosmo Prof & Sally Beauty.

Return and Late Fees

Although late and return penalties are frequent, the key factors to consider when choosing a credit card are whether there is a yearly charge and, of course, the interest rate. In an ideal environment, you wouldn’t carry a balance on your credit card, although if you do in an emergency, you want to ensure the cost isn’t too high. Fortunately, there is no annual fee for the CosmoProf credit card. Here’s the awful news:

The interest rate

An APR of 27.49% is used to calculate the rate of interest. The average rate of interest for credit cards currently is 19.49%, which is quite high, given that a reasonable interest rate is thought to be around 17%. To prevent incurring astronomical interest fees on your purchases, you should be sure to pay off the entire balance on this card every month without fail.

You must belong to a beauty expert to access this site on a minimum level

Before applying for the Sally’s Beauty Credit Card or the CosmoProf Credit Card, you must be a registered, duly licensed practitioner in the industry who has validated your professional credentials with CosmoProf. In addition, for the Cosmo Pro Rewards Credit Card to work its best, you must be a Sally’s Beauty Rewards program member. You will be prompted to enter the required data for synchronizing your rewards membership benefits when you possess a standing professional account.

There shouldn’t be any temptation to utilize a Cosmo Prof credit card carelessly since it can only be used by professionals in Cosmoprof and Sally’s Beauty locations. However, you should select a card with a lower interest rate if you anticipate occasionally needing to carry a balance. Cosmo Prof may occasionally change the interest rate because it is a variable rate, however, you are confident that the change will not be to your advantage.

How It Connects to Comenity Bank

The Comenity Bank, a provider of MasterCard credit cards, is the issuer of the Cosmoprof credit card and Sally’s Comenity credit cards. Although Comenity legally represents the Bank of Comenity and any of its associates, Comenity Bank is a division of Bread Financial, having recently changed its name to Bread Savings. This is significant as they offer more than 100 distinct credit card companies, many known for having exorbitant interest rates.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How do I get in touch with the card’s customer service?

  1. 1. Contact information for customer assistance is 888-206-1192.

2. ‘Submit an inquiry’ is available here.

3. You can also communicate with an agent by entering your user account (refer to the section below) and selecting the chat icon.

Q2) How do I access the Cosmoprof credit card login page for my account?

Ans. Visit and log into your synchronization Car Care Credit Card.

Q3) Where should I pay with my CosmoProf credit card?

Ans. Visit to get into the CosmoProf beauty member account.