The Underrated Difficulties of Developing your Own Style


With so many talented and beautiful people finding ways to express themselves in stunning and elegant ways, it can be tempting to follow their example. While this can be helpful in terms of getting simple ideas, your overall character can be hurt by limiting yourself to mere emulation.

Instead, a better idea is to experiment, to try, and even to fail on your way to finding a truer representation of you. In this article we want to take a closer look at the concepts playing into this, taking examples from other industries that we hope can better illustrate our point.

Mood Matters

An aspect of style which is commonly overlooked comes from the contributions of mood and attitude. We are malleable creatures, and our mental states reflect this. Understanding moods and attitudes means taking into account that you might not fit in with traditional styles and that your tastes can change by the day. This can involve having a range of different styles to mix and match daily, in something either totally dedicated to a single feeling or through expressions more eclectic.

For an illustration of how this can work, take a look at the 2019 psychological thriller The Lighthouse. Shot entirely in black-and-white, this movie takes steps to recreate styles long since abandoned by the mainstream. In doing this, it evokes an attitude which most modern movies simply can’t. It may stumble along the way, but in the attempt, it still manages to clearly communicate itself.

You’re Unique

Being unique is a funny thing. We all know it’s true on a base level, yet we’ve been told this so many times that we begin to see uniqueness as a contradictory expression of pack solidarity. Be unique, according to these trends, we’re told, and this can be inherently limiting. Instead, your starting position when considering your style needs to be as wide as it possibly can. You should take the lessons and ideas that are popular, sure, but don’t make these ideas the entirety of your stylistic spectrum.

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For an example of this, you only have to look at how businesses strive to separate themselves from their competitors. Consider the stylistic choices made from Comeon. As an online casino, there are certain elements here that are always going to be shared, with a basis on immense choice in slots, table, and card games. Around these core components, however, the casino has embraced a unique layout and color theme so that it has its own unique identity. 

This is the same sort of idea you need to internalize, that outside the necessities, there are few barriers for the brave and bold. It’s fair to comment that at some level we will always share some similarities, but that doesn’t mean we cannot exceed them.

Failure is a Part of Success

Fortune favors the bold, and nobody ever found the best way to express themselves without making a few missteps along the way. Whether in how we dress or how we decorate our homes, style is a canvas, and only through consideration of finished creations can we see the bigger picture.

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No matter what thoughts you have when making a plan, the real outcome can sometimes be unpredictable and even shocking. This applies to anything creative, as this article at Cheatsheet explains with music. Madonna, for example, can’t stand the idea of playing Holiday or Like a Virgin ever again, but that doesn’t mean she regrets writing them in the first place.

It may be a cliché, but the idea of style as a journey and not a destination is one that continually gets proven true. No matter your setbacks and failures, every step is a chance to learn and grow. Don’t give up, don’t be afraid to be you, and you’ll thank yourself in the longterm.