Changing Your Lifestyle, One Step at a Time

Father and son walking during the hiking activities in autumn forest at sunset

Life can get overwhelming and very few people would argue with that sentiment. The older you get the more responsibilities tend to pile up. There is work to be done, chores to take care of, families to raise, friends to see, places to go, and endless tasks to fill up our to-do lists for the day. You may come to a point where you think, “I cannot continue at this pace anymore.”

This is a feeling that many individuals have dealt with. In fact, everyone will feel overwhelmed by the busyness of life at some point. When that happens, it may be time to enact a lifestyle change. That sentence alone may seem like a scary thought. How could you possibly adjust your lifestyle with so much to get done?

The key is to make small adjustments that are easy to adopt but could cause a chain reaction of future changes. In this way, you can slowly adapt your lifestyle to a new pattern that will help you face the mountain of responsibilities and desires that you have. Let’s take a look at a few small steps that you could take today to start changing your lifestyle when the going gets rough.

Add Supplements to Your Diet

Hopefully, you already consume a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, and dairy in your everyday life. This is the only way to give your cells the nutrients they need to function. However, adding dietary supplements to your daily intake can be helpful support for balanced eating. It can support further nourishment of your cells, providing them with additional key nutrients. You can find supplements in most grocery stores or online, such as USANA’s Cellsentials. This small step can start you on the path to a new lifestyle that supports whole-body health.

Get One More Hour of Sleep

A hectic schedule often results in your sleeping patterns falling by the wayside. You may head to bed late and then get up early, missing out on key aspects of the REM cycle. While it may be difficult to completely alter your schedule to fix this issue, starting with just one additional hour every few days could make a big difference. Maybe set aside time every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday evening to head to bed earlier than usual. Starting with just one more hour every few days could lead to a more consistent sleep schedule and better recovery for your body.

Invest in Your Comfort

Comfort is an important part of self-care, and just because life is busy does not mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Purchase those sneakers that offer a little bit more support for your feet. Get a couch that you can sink into when you have a free evening to watch a movie or tv show. Do you deserve a massage after all the hard work you do? Yes! Taking these small steps to increase your comfort can improve your mood, help you rest, and ease some of the anxiety that builds up throughout the day.

Start Carrying a Large Water Bottle Around

Hydration is crucial to overall health, but getting into the habit of drinking more water every day can be difficult. It all starts with having the right water bottle with you. By keeping a reusable and large bottle by your side, you can easily refill it, track how many ounces of fluid you are consuming, and keep your cells hydrated during the day. Even if you start slow and just drink one bottle at first, it can start a new habit that will pick up speed and eventually cause you to drink the recommended amount every day. Better hydration means optimal cellular health, fewer toxins in the body, and more energy.

Get a Budget Tracker App

Money is one of the leading causes of stress. Worrying about your finances can take years off your life. Fiscal responsibility can help you experience a little more peace of mind when it comes to money, and using a budget application on your phone or another mobile device could help you organize your expenses and plan for the future. Using a budgeting app offers several benefits, such as simpler expense tracking, integration with bank accounts and credit cards, and increased financial awareness. Downloading an app is a tiny step that could make a huge difference as you save for the future.

Put One Foot in Front of the Other

As mentioned before, changing your lifestyle to combat the feeling of being overwhelmed is all about adopting small steps. It may be impossible to make wholesale changes to your life all at once, but starting with something simple like downloading an app or taking a dietary supplement could get the ball rolling. Once you start to notice the differences in your daily rhythms and feel the positive effects, you can add the next behavior to your habits. Eventually, these small steps will result in a whole new lifestyle that gives you more peace and the energy you need to tackle those responsibilities.