things to do in glenwood springs

THINGS TO DO IN GLENWOOD SPRINGS : Glenwood Springs, Colorado, is a beautiful vacation spot and is situated approximately two hours and fifteen minutes away from Denver. Hot springs, horseback riding, hiking, and the loveliest downtown are all found in this hidden town treasure. That is to say, it is unquestionably worthwhile to visit. And to make it easier for you to organize your itinerary, we’ve compiled a list of all the top THINGS TO DO IN GLENWOOD SPRINGS, the state of Colorado.

Wander Up To Hanging Lake

Hikers & waterfall enthusiasts, unite! The Hanging Lakes Trail is something you shouldn’t pass up. When you get to the destination—the renowned Hanging Lake—it will all have been worth the 1.2 miles of route & a thousand feet of altitude gain.

This magnificent lake, located within the Roaring River Valley, is perched precariously on the top of a cliff (refer to how they came up with their name?). But what makes it so beautiful are the deep blue waters & lovely cascades. Unavoidably, you’ll snap dozens of photos of this captivating location.

This gorgeous lake is beautiful all year round, but the summer is the ideal season to visit. The picturesque setting of these famous things to do in Glenwood Springs destination is enhanced by the blossoming wildflowers in the spring, the fiery-coloured leaves in the fall, and the shimmering icicles in the winter.

Be sure to obtain a permit on the Access Things to Do in Glenwood Springs website before leaving to visit Hanging Lake.

Ride a bike or a raft through Glenwood Canyon

Both locals and tourists enjoy activities like floating down the waters of Colorado and bicycling through Glenwood Canyon. Whitewater lovers can book tours to raft down the iconic Shoshone Class III-IV falls through a few guiding businesses in the area.

And if you’re travelling by car, take a motorbike and ride the stunning I-70-along 32.6-mile Glenwood Canyon route. In the city, you can also hire equipment and bikes.

Grizzly Creek Trail to be tackled

Even though the Suspension Lake hike is unquestionably the most well-known, the Grizzly Creek Track is also nothing to belittle. You should include both things to do in the Glenwood Springs container list!

With a distance of 6.8 miles and an elevation gain of around 1,800 feet, the Grizzly Creek Track is fairly long. However, there is much to admire along the road, including cascading creeks, flourishing trees, and dramatic cliffs. If fishing is your thing, there are even a ton of great sites to stop along the road. Overall, it’s unquestionably among the top things to do in Glenwood Springs.

Glenwood Canyon Horseback Riding

Even though the magnificent Glenwood Canyon can be explored on their feet, why not explore it with a fresh equestrian friend? Two-hour horseback riding excursions through Glenwood Canyon are available from Glenwood Adventure. You’ll wind through valleys bordered by mountains, cedar-filled forests, and meadows sprinkled with wildflowers. In other words, it will undoubtedly be a memorable event.

Take a bath in the bubbling hot springs.

Another of the top things to do in Glenwood Springs is to soak in a warm, rich, nutrients hot spring. It’s the ideal approach to rehydrate your muscles all year or for warming up during winter. Fortunately, Glenwood Springs has three hot spring locations that are all well worth a trip.

To start, the most massive natural springs pool in the globe is located within the Glenwood Thermal Resort. Furthermore, Glenwood Springs became known as a thermal hotspot thanks to this enormous hot spring.

Iron Mountain and its Hot Springs come next. The Iron Mountain Thermal Springs needed to act to distinguish itself from the other Glenwood Hot Springs as it was the newest. They created 16 thermal pools, each with a distinct temperature, and they did just that.

The Yampah Springs Vapor Caves, regarded as Glenwood Springs’ premier hot springs, are last but surely not least. You’ll navigate a maze of underground caverns and enter a steamy natural hot spring environment there. And if you’d like, you may upgrade your experience by getting a soothing spa service such as a facial, massage, and manicure. The Colorado hot springs near Glenwood are among the greatest.

Ski at Sunlight Mountain Resort’s Downhill Runs

We are all aware of the fantastic skiing spots in Colorado, but Sunshine Mount in Glenwood Springs, Colorado has somehow escaped notice. It’s such a well-kept secret that there are rarely any lift or slope lines!

Additionally, Sunlight Mountain has ski runs for skiers of every ability level. Along with the highest lift-accessed run in Colorado, the slopes are nice and simple for beginners. Of course, only experienced skiers should attempt this.

Visit the Glenwood Springs market for farmers to do your shopping.

Look nowhere else to the Glenwood Springs, Colorado Farmers Market for the greatest locally produced goods, crafts, and more. This charming market is available every Tuesday night from late June through mid-September.

For the most elegant prosciutto, board around, grab an expensive bottle of alcohol and a container of regional jam. Or buy some fresh produce for a beautiful home-cooked supper.

Visit the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Resort to Discover the Underground World

It’s a cool place, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. It’s a rare and enjoyable blend of a theme park and a caving trip.

Let’s start by discussing the theme park portion of the situation. Many rides at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Resort are sure to make your heart race. Ride the kid-friendly Alpine Coaster, soar through the air on the Zip Ride, or experience a 102-degree falling on the Defiant Rollercoaster.

Please be aware that Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park’s theme park may have to close some rides if the weather is dangerous.

Then there is the intriguing underground portion that constitutes the things to do in Glenwood Springs tourist destination. There, you’ll have a variety of alternatives, including the lavishly decorated King’s Row Cave, the time-honoured Fairy Cave, and the exhilarating Wild Tour.

Investigate Glenwood Springs’ downtown.

You’ll inevitably find things to do in Glenwood Springs in the downtown area between your days of skiing, horseback riding, and hiking. After all, this is where you’ll discover all of the town’s top eateries, pubs, and stores.

Downtown Glenwood Springs, situated directly on the Colorado River’s banks, already has a beautiful vibe. You might not want to leave if you also take into account the surprisingly excellent food and beverage scene.

For exciting contemporary tacos, go to Slope & Hatch. Elegant dishes with a Western flair are served at Colorado Ranch House, such as the field & torrent dish with roasted elk medallion & pan-seared steelhead or the more relaxed elk burger with excellent onion jam. You should visit Glenwood Canyon Brewpub to enjoy a cold regional beer, delectable chips, and seafood.

Why not walk around the charming boutiques in the downtown area of Glenwood Springs after your meal? Purchase a brand-new wardrobe at White River Boutique or a few trinkets at The Act of Dancing Bears Trading Center.

Vacation at the Maroon Bells

The Maroon Bells, also known as Maroon Peak, approximately North Maroon Peak, are a set of shaped bell mountains twenty minutes from Aspen, approximately about an hour beyond Glenwood Springs. They hold the title of Colorado’s most popular tourist destination.

The Maroon Bells are best viewed on foot. Excellent views of the mountain pair are available from the one-mile Maroon the Lake Panoramic Trail, a 3.2-mile band Maroon Stream Trail, or its 3.6-mile Crater Lake Trail.

Fall is often thought to be the ideal season to see the Maroon Bells. The vivid red, orange, and yellow foliage enhances the already stunning landscape. However, trips made in other seasons aren’t half bad either.

Remember that the route leading towards Maroon Bells, Maroon Creek route, is blocked throughout the winter. But you may still use snowshoes, cross-country skiing, or snowmobiles to travel to the Maroon Bells.

Summertime access is restricted to the general public, and taking the RFTA (the public bus) is recommended.

Day Trip to Grand Junction

Grand Junction, a town that values nature, is located approximately an hour & a half via Glenwood Springs. There are countless chances for mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking in this hamlet in Western Colorado.

The Colorado National Monument has a five-mile Freedom Memorial Trail (Monument Loop Trail) covered in red rocks. Each stone climber will want to put their abilities to the test at the well-known Unaweep Canyon. The legendary Kokopelli Trails are a must-see for mountain riders. What additional benefits could a day excursion filled with nature possibly offer?

Your route to Palisade

Palisade is a fantastic Colorado town that is well worth a visit, and it’s not too far from Grand Junction. You can make two distinct day trips from things to do in Glenwood Springs to the two towns or combine them into one. You are in charge!

Colorado’s Palisade is well renowned for a few things. It is first recognized for its Palisade peaches. They’re certainly worth a try because these well-known fruits are renowned for being particularly juicy and sweet. And if you’re in town during June and October, sometimes known as peach season, you can even go to a nearby orchard and pick your fruit!

However, Palisade’s rich soil is beneficial for more than just growing peaches. Additionally, it’s great for growing grapes! In other words, there are a ton of amazing wineries in this Colorado town. Try the well-known port beverage from Graystone Winery, experience some distinguished wine at Colorado Cellars, or enjoy picture-perfect views while sipping wine at Maison La Belle Vie Vineyard.


There are so many amazing THINGS TO DO IN GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado, from the highest mountain peaks to the underground caves. In this hidden treasure of a Colorado town, you could easily spend days taking part in all the outdoor pursuits.

What are you waiting for? Prepare for a thrilling excursion packed with nature to Glenwood Springs by packing your bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What distinguishes Glenwood Springs, Colorado?

Ans. The community is home to three top hot springs destinations where guests can fully immerse themself in a State of Colorado experience comparable to skiing downhill or scaling a 14er. The biggest hot springs pool in the entire globe may be found at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort.

Q2) Is a trip to Glenwood Springs in the summer worthwhile?

Ans. In Glenwood Springs, there are a ton of thrilling and enjoyable activities to do during the summer. View our lovely trails, aerial excursions, river activities, and much more! Find all summer programs & itineraries below. Summer is particularly magical when you’re near our historic downtown.

Q3) Are there any mountains in Glenwood Springs?

Ans. In the Colorado mountain town of Glenwood Springs, where there are three thermal springs, two rivers, and a gem of a lake, water makes each adventure exciting!