Testerbuzz.com Reviews – Is Testerbuzz Legit?

Is Testerbuzz Legit

TesterBuzz – Are you considering using testerbuzz.com to get reviews and feedback for your product? If you are, you might be wondering if testerbuzz is trustworthy. We want to help you know what Testerbuzz does and how it can help you.

We’ll check out Testerbuzz and talk about the good and bad things about using it. After reading this blog post, you’ll know if Testerbuzz is a good choice.

What is TesterBuzz?

TesterBuzz is a website where you can sign up to try out and review products from Amazon. It’s like joining a particular club that lets you test stuff and give your honest opinions.

With TesterBuzz, you don’t have to wait for Amazon to invite you. They make it easy for you to get access to products, rewards, and feedback so you can be a good and reliable reviewer.

How TesterBuzz Works?

When you join TesterBuzz, you’ll make a profile and tell them what kinds of things you like on Amazon. They’ll check to make sure you’re a reliable reviewer.

Once they say okay, TesterBuzz will invite you to review certain Amazon stuff. If you say yes, they’ll send you a free Amazon item; you must write an honest review about it. You’ll get points to get other things on TesterBuzz when you do that.

Who Can Use TesterBuzz?

TesterBuzz is a website where you can get free or cheap things if you write honest reviews. To use TesterBuzz, you must have at least 10 genuine reviews on Amazon. This ensures that people who join know how to review Amazon stuff and can give good opinions.

To sign up, you make a profile on the TesterBuzz website and share info about your Amazon account, like your email, Amazon buyer name, and a link to your Amazon reviews. After that, you can check out the products you can review.

If they say yes, you’ll get the product in the mail within two weeks. Then, you must write an honest Amazon review within 30 days.

TesterBuzz gives prizes to customers who always write excellent reviews, like extra points and coupons. They want people to write honest, detailed reviews that help others decide what to buy.

Is TesterBuzz.com real or fake?

The answer is a strong NO. TesterBuzz.com is not a real website. It’s a fake website, and you should avoid it completely.

A real company won’t ask for your info through email or text. The website may look real, but it’s just a trick to steal your personal and money information.

TesterBuzz Pros

  • TesterBuzz is a nice way to earn some extra money while you’re at home.
  • You can do different jobs and answer questions to earn rewards. You can pick the ones you like.
  • They say you’ll get a reward every time you finish a job, and you can get it through PayPal, direct deposit, or gift cards.
  • The jobs are easy, and you don’t need any special skills.
  • The rewards you can get are pretty nice. That’s why lots of people like using TesterBuzz to earn money online.

TesterBuzz Cons

  • If you’re thinking about using TesterBuzz, there are a few things you should know that might not be so great:
  • Nobody has written a review about the website, so it’s hard to know if it’s trustworthy.
  • Not many people visit the website, so finding a job might be tough.
  • TesterBuzz doesn’t actually give you a job. It just shows you job listings from other websites, so you still have to apply and compete with other people.


In conclusion, we strongly advise against using Testerbuzz.com for testing services. It appears to be a scam with many warning signs.

It’s hard to confirm if the company is real, and the lack of contact information raises concerns. Also, there’s no clear information on how payments work.

If you want to earn money by testing things, exploring more trustworthy options is better. Many legitimate companies offer testing jobs, so avoid Testerbuzz.com and research potential employers thoroughly before deciding to work with them.