Three Sports That Are Superb For Your Overall Fitness


The current year is almost over, and that means many people reading these pages are in the process of setting themselves some New Year’s resolutions. Losing weight and improving fitness is by far the most common goal set by people as a new year begins.

There are hundreds of ways to improve your cardiovascular system and overall health. Playing a sport is a great way to do this. Sports build strength and fitness, improve your confidence and hand-eye coordination, and help build potentially life-long friendships. Team sports and individual sports each come with their own positives and negatives. The following three sports are superb for improving your health and wellbeing.


Professional basketball players are among the fittest people on the planet. The game is physically demanding and requires a high level of fitness and strength to succeed. Take a look at the elite basketball stars of the NBA; every one of them is like a chiseled Adonis! It is not a coincidence. Players for teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, who are popular picks at California betting sites online, run several miles per game, make dozens of jumps, and only stop moving during the interval or a time out.

The best thing about playing basketball is you can do it on your own. Sure, playing in a traditional five-versus-five or three-on-three format is best because of the team element, but you can dribble with the ball and take jump shots by yourself. Doing so improves your core strength, overall fitness and helps you build more muscular calves, thighs, shoulders, and arms.


Few occasions were more joyous as a child than receiving a new bicycle. It gave you the freedom to travel almost wherever you wanted, riding around at speed and performing stunts. The same happy feeling is something adult cyclists enjoy too.

Cycling comes in various formats, including road, track, and offroad. Track racing is less common with recreational cyclists because it requires going to a dedicated bike track known as a velodrome. Depending on the type of racing you want to do, track cycling improves your stamina or your explosive power. In addition, expect your overall cardio fitness levels to soar.

Road riding is the most common form of cycling because it basically entails riding your bike wherever you find a road. To get the best out of road riding, you want to vary your routes so they have a mixture of inclines and declines, twisty sections, and long straights. A varied course gives your body a full workout, plus it keeps matters interesting.

Finally, offroad, cross country, or mountain biking is more dangerous than other forms of cycling, but you build up more strength and stamina thanks to the rough, undulating terrain. Always make sure you wear a protective helmet when you ride a bike, even if you are not going off the beaten track.

Walking and Running

Walking and running are age-old activities that are brilliant for burning calories and massively improving your health and fitness. Like most cardio-type workouts, it is best to vary your routines if you plan on taking this exercise.

A brisk or fast walk is brilliant for burning fat stores because it keeps your heart rate in the correct zone. Incorporate hills into your walking route to give yourself a more strenuous workout.

Not everyone is built for running, and you should not just jump into the world of running and expect to be able to run 5km or more. It is essential to build up your lung capacity and improve the strength of your legs. Gradually increase the distance you can run until you reach a number you are happy with. Then work on increasing the speed you can run that distance in. You will be enjoying personal bests before you know it. The Couch to 5K is a great, free program available on most smartphones. Try it, you might like it.