Tired of Helmet Hair? 9 Helmet-Friendly Hairstyles for Every Cyclist


Bikers love rocking hairstyles that go with their personality and give them an edgy look at the same time. They also look for comfort during the ride. However, wearing a helmet for a long time, or even just for a few minutes, can give something known as helmet hair.

Are you tired of this helmet hair, where your well-done hairstyle gets ruined thanks to your helmet? Don’t worry. We have a list of nine helmet-friendly hairstyles that every cyclist can rock and will also be comfortable with under the helmet. Whether you have long or short hair, try these hairstyles today!

1.               Crew Cut

The crew cut is one of the most common hairstyles you’ll see among cyclists, and for a perfect reason. A timeless hairstyle popularly done in military and police forces, you can achieve this side-shaved hairstyle in two ways: an even buzz on top of the head and a buzz on top with a longer front.

There’s almost no room for the hair to mess up under the helmet, which is why this makes it perfect if you want a haircut before mountain biking. Pair the perfect mountain bike with your style, such as mountain bikes from Specialized. You can look at these models to find the perfect one for you.

2.               Sweepback

The sweepback is a classic hairstyle that has been around for many years. You can do an utterly uniform sweepback like Johnny Depp or a messy one like Harry Styles, whichever you’re in the mood for! This hairstyle grew in popularity in the 80s among everyone.

All you’ll need for it are a wide-toothed and a medium or hard gel. Slather a reasonable amount of gel on your hair, roughly disperse it on all the hair strands with a comb, and back-comb and style your hair. You may also set it even more with a good quality hair dryer.

You can add a bit of spice to this hairstyle by making an undercut. You’ll essentially be shaving off the entire backside and sides of your scalp, leaving you with hair from the frontal region to the crown.

3.               Simple French Braid

The French braid is a trendy and simple yet gorgeous hairstyle. Unlike regular braids that start from the bottom of the head, French braiding your hair begins from the forehead or the crown, whichever you like. You can also do side braids and double French braids.

It may be a little tricky to master it initially. But with practice, this hairstyle will be like a reflection for you. Due to its compact nature, all the hair is held together in its place, leaving less room to get messed up, even when you take off your bicycle helmet.

4.               Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is one of the trickiest braids to master. It’s like a French braid but with reverse directions, which gives it an edgy look. And if you want to look edgy while riding your mountain bike, do a double dutch braid.

Due to how groups of hair strands cross over each other, it creates a compact and elevated structure. You may think it will flatten under the helmet, but it holds up its shape and volume perfectly fine. A perfect style for all the long hair cyclists!

5.               Middle-parted Curtain Hair

Who remembers Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt LeBlanc rocking the curtain hair? Although this hairstyle hasn’t been seen much, it’s making a comeback and is a beautiful hairstyle if you want to rock your hair under the helmet.

You need a hair comb and soft gel. You can use hairstyling powder to give your middle-parted curtain hair volume and texture. You need to disperse a small amount of gel on your hair with a comb and dust some of the powder.

Your hair may fall flat when you take off your helmet. But thanks to the hair powder, you can wiggle your fingers under your hair, give it a little shake, and your hair will look perfect!

6.               Low Bun

A low bun is always in fashion, no matter who pulls it off and for what. This simple yet elegant hairstyle is perfect if you want to keep your long hair tied up and in good shape under your helmet.

You may twist your hair around your fingers and create the bun or secure them with hairbands, whichever you’re comfortable with. You won’t have helmet hair even when you leave it on for long!

7.               Low Pony

The low pony is the most effortless, simple, and elegant hairstyle, perfect for wearing under the helmet. Gather all your hair behind your head and tie it up with a hairband. That’s it!

Because of how you need to comb your hair in place for a low pony, they’re arranged to sit under the helmet perfectly, leaving almost no room for the hair to mess up when you take the helmet off. You’ll have a few flyaways, but you can pat them down and look perfect!

8.               Twisted Pony

Twisted pony is just a variant of the simple low pony. You can do this hairstyle to give it a little edge under your helmet. Just do the basic low pony, pull down the hairband a little, create a gap in the middle, and twist your pony through it.

Whether you want to twist it upwards or downwards that’s up to you! Because of this twist, your hair won’t loosen and mess up, making this a great hairstyle for long hair to wear under the helmet.

9.               Side-parted Ivy League Cut

The Ivy League cut got its name from, of course, the Ivy League. This classy hairstyle is a bit high maintenance when it comes to styling. However, it’s all worth it!

Trim your hair initially up to the length you desire. Then, trim down the sides of your head to the tiniest trim, and draw a fine line on any side of your head with the trimmer. Now you can trim the upper portion of the hair until you get your desired long front hair.

Style it to the side with a gel or styling cream, and you’re good to go. Even when it gets messed up a little under the helmet, you can comb it back to its place as if you never had a helmet head!


Wearing a helmet while rocking a perfect hairstyle may feel daunting. However, with the right style, everyone can rock their hair and look flawless even when they take off their helmet.

If you’re looking for perfection whenever you take off your helmet, then you can choose any style from this list. We hope this list of nine helmet-friendly hairstyles will alleviate your exhaustion from getting a helmet head every time!