Know Tom Cruise Net Worth & Almost Everything About Him


Tom Cruise made his name in the entertainment industry as a man who could get by with little and then start earning big. Tom Cruise or Thomas Cruise has been an American actor, as well as, film producer for decades till now. He has gotten many accolades due to his work comprising three Golden Globe Awards and also nominations for three Academy Awards. He has done just that for over three decades now. To answer the question “what is Tom Cruise net worth?” we need to first look at how much he makes from his numerous movies and his various income streams. Then we can compare that figure with his net worth.

Tom Cruise Early Movies


The money he earned off of such low-income movies in the mid-to-late 80s has allowed him to get by on a grand scale of making movies. His films were a big hit, so he got to keep making movies for a very long time, and finally got to the point where he was doing so well that people started to notice. From there, the amount of money that comes in seems to be continuously increasing. Some of the Tom Cruise early movies are:

  • Endless Love
  • Taps
  • The Outsiders
  • Losin’ It
  • All the Right Moves
  • Risky Business
  • Legend
  • Top Gun
  • The Color of Money
  • Cocktail
  • Rain Man, etc.

Out of these, the first movie done by Tom Cruise (who took up acting in high school) was ‘Endless Love.’ The list of movies done by him will go on and on, but one thing we can see through the films he has done. Some of the titles of Tom Cruise early movies are totally justifiable by him. Like ‘All the Right Moves,’ Tom Cruise has taken the right decisions throughout his life. Like ‘Risky Business,’ he had always taken risks throughout his career, and never said no even when it came to performing scary stunts as well. And going this way, he has turned into a ‘Legend’ himself.

Best Movies of Tom Cruise

Though for his fans, all the movies are the best. And, it is actually hard to predict the best movie out of all, but we can discuss some of the highest-ranking movies done by Tom Cruise. These movies are Mission Impossible, Magnolia, Tropic Thunder, Risky Business, War of the Worlds, The Color of Money, Eyes Wide Shut, Minority Report, The Firm, Edge of Tomorrow, Valkyrie, Born on the Fourth of July, Top Gun, Vanilla Sky, Cocktail, The Last Samurai, A Few Good Men, and Jerry Maguire, etc.

Tom Cruise Net Worth Based on His Movies

We know for a fact that he has been making movies for more than three decades now, and one may be wondering how much Tom Cruise earns per movie per year. According to movie industry insiders, his average earnings are in the millions per year. Though I would guess that if you take into account all of his movies, it would be closer to the billions of dollars per year. Because of his films, he has gone over $4 billion in North America as well as over $10.1 billion worldwide. It makes him one amongst the highest-grossing box-office actors throughout the eras.

Some people say that he doesn’t earn that much because he only makes movies, but that doesn’t mean that all of the money isn’t being spent. The movies he makes are being shot, and that money is going back into making movies.

Tom Cruise Net Worth

Being a successful and everlasting producer and actor in America, all of his fans remain curious regarding the net worth of him. The yearly salary of Tom Cruise is calculated as approx. $570 million. If we talk about the gross worth, it tends to $570 million. Other than these, his house in Colorado is worth approx. $59 million. His house in Colorado spreads throughout the 298 acres’ area.

Where Does a Big Part of Tom Cruise Net Worth Belong to?

It would seem as though there is no way that he could be earning as much as he does, but by adding up the figures, one would be able to see that he does indeed have an enormous amount of money that could go to any individual’s bank account. He is so successful, in fact, that he was once asked what he does with all of his extra money.

Tom Cruise responded, “I use it for charity.” What’s even more amazing about this comment is that some of the money that he makes and spends goes to great causes, such as helping to clean up after the tsunami that struck Japan in 2020. The money he makes from his movies would be better put to a charitable cause than his personal one.

There is too much speculation as to what he does with the money that he earns from his movies, but again, it seems to be better put towards charitable causes rather than anything else. He definitely has a lot of money, and that money may not be all of it. But a lot of his money has gone towards his personal choices, and those choices may not be that popular among people.

Lifestyle Standards Attained by Tom Cruise

One of the best things about Tom Cruise’s wealth is that he doesn’t seem to have any need to live too lavishly. As long as he has money coming in, he is able to live the way he wants to. No matter what happens, he seems to be doing fine and never seems to go broke, though others certainly have, and the rest of us are still trying to make ends meet.

For those of us who do have money, Tom Cruise and his contemporaries have made a life with their money, which may be the exact reason why they make that much money. They are able to lead the lifestyles that they do because they can buy anything they want, and they also are well-known for their clothing accessories.

Because of this, he is able to buy brand new clothes on the regular, and the latest and most expensive in every season, and because of the money that he is making, he is able to buy new clothes. When it comes to jewelry, he will always be able to find what he wants, because he may have a more expensive piece than another person, but he can still afford to have the pieces that suit his taste.


Tom Cruise Age

Let’s put a quick glance at the biography of Tom Cruise. He was born Thomas Cruise Metaphor IV. Tom Cruise age can be known through his date of birth only, which is July 3, 1962. This way, Tom Cruise age turns out to be 57 years this year 2020. Due to his date of birth being in July, his zodiac sign turns out to be Cancer. Due to which, he comprises some of the characteristics like Cancerians, like being full of persistence, and imaginations.

An Interesting Fact About Tom Cruise Teeth

While seeing Tom Cruise being established as one of the most successful and handsome actors in America, no one can judge that the actor had a visible fault on his face before. Yes, we are talking about Tom Cruise teeth. He was born with poor teeth alignment. He had a big tooth in the middle of the alignment, which could be seen easily by everyone. To fix this fault in order to turn as a flawless being, he went under cosmetic dentistry. With the help of ceramic braces and aligners, Tom Cruise teeth got perfectly aligned like pearls.

Tom Cruise Height

If you’re also a fan of Tom Cruise, then the question ‘how tall is Tom Cruise?’ must be running in your head. To answer the same, we’ve come up with authorized information regarding Tom Cruise height. His height is 1.7 m, i.e., 5.57 ft.

Tom Cruise Spouse and Tom Cruise Kids

Tom Cruise has had three wives until now. His first wife was Mimi Rogers (1987 – 1990), who stayed with him for 3-4 years. The second name belonging to Tom Cruise Spouse is Nicole Kidman (1990 – 2001), who spent almost 11 years with Tom Cruise. The name of his third wife is Katie Holmes (2006 – 2012), who spent approx. six years with him.

While having a conversation about Tom Cruise kids, we can say that he has three children. The names of Tom Cruise kids are Connor Cruise, Isabella Jane Cruise, and Suri Cruise. Connor Cruise and Isabella Jane Cruise were adopted by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. And Suri Cruise is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

While talking about the women Tom Cruise has been dating, the names of Penélope Cruz, Nazanin Boniadi come out.

There is something wonderful about knowing that despite having so much money, he is still a down-to-earth, all-around good guy, who loves his family, and friends, and knows what he wants out of life. It is simply amazing to see how many years he has spent creating his movie persona, and how long he has been able to continue working at something that he loves, making films, and being successful.