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Serena has always made a name for herself with her outstanding and distinguished tennis skills and for her indefatigable, on-court effort in the field. She has also represented the United States for several Olympics, winning two gold medals. With such an impeccable resume, Serena Williams has really become one of the most popular women in the sport and made her career exactly in the same way as she wanted. After becoming a part of the Wimbledon championship, Serena has not lost her spot on top. She has since become the most sought after tennis player in the world.

Serena Williams Net Worth

Serena Williams net worth is certainly something to behold. She has attained a place among WTA World No.1 players belonging to the USA. Serena Williams net worth has never been questioned by many people. Her talent and charm make her the tennis star of the moment. She has millions of fans worldwide. Serena Williams net worth, as mentioned above, is enough to sustain her in life as well as her businesses. Serena Williams net worth is estimated to be around $200 million. This figure is greatly influenced by her endorsements. As an endorser, Serena earns a lot of money, and so does her team. Serena Williams net worth is currently approx. $125,000,000.

Serena Williams is an excellent corporate spokesperson & star, and as such, she manages to impress corporations worldwide. Serena also has a partnership with Nike, with which she has a sponsorship contract worth $3 million per year.

For the sake of comparison, Serena Williams earnings in a year are $4 million. Serena’s endorsements give her a lot of money, and so do her teammates. The team has the same earning potential as Serena Williams and, thus, has earned a lot of money as well. Serena is a part of a team that includes the likes of Rachel Smyth and Angelique Kerber. The team’s main aim is to brand Serena Williams. The team wants to project Serena in an image of elegance, elegance, and class.

Endorsements Done by Selena Williams

Serena Williams endorsements are worth a lot of money. The women’s tennis player Serena Williams has a great following as a brand ambassador for several Nike, Puma, Reebok, and Adidas brands. Serena has several Nike apparel, Nike shoes, and a selection of accessories available at the Official Serena Williams Websites. Serena Williams fans want to purchase the products that she endorses, and they love her as a business person as well.

Serena is certainly an excellent business role model for women who want to earn money from endorsements. There are hundreds of athletes, models, and actors who try their hand at becoming endorsements agents and celebrities. Most of them fail in the venture.


How Old is Serena Williams?

Serena Williams age can be determined by knowing her exact date of birth, i.e., September 26, 1981. It means that Serena Williams age is 38 years. But if one’s mind surrounds with the question ‘how old is Serena Williams?’, this shouldn’t be asked through the age numbers she has attained. But the success and goodwill she has acquired until now, which cannot be measured through her age.

Serena Williams Height

Serena Williams height is 1.75 m, i.e., 5.74 ft. Serena Williams height justifies her to be known for being a competitor who loves to win. Have you ever seen a star of approx. 175 cm walking, running, and playing incredibly? If not, then watch Serena Williams, and get your eyes popping out due to seeing amazement directly in front of your eyes.

Serena Williams Husband & Relationship Status

The name of the spouse of Serena Williams is Alexis Kerry Ohanian. He is very well known through his username, i.e., ‘kn0thing.’ Serena Williams husband, who is Alexis, is an American investor, as well as, entrepreneur. Alexis Kerry Ohanian is currently the executive chairman of the new website Reddit, and also one of the co-founders of the same. 

The only child of Serena Williams and Ohanian (boyfriend turned into husband) is Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. They both met in the year 2016. They both had a lot of things to be sorted out, along with maintaining the goals they have decided for their careers. Many things have changed in the past few years for Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian. Due to managing her personal and professional lives properly, Serena Williams is known as G.O.A.T., i.e., Greatest of All Time.

Worth Knowing Achievements of Serena Williams

Serena Williams has been a tennis player for many years now. With this, she has earned many achievements in her sports career. Below are some of the achievements that have been recognized by different people.

  • Serena Williams is the first-ever WTA World No.1. This success makes her even more successful in her endorsements. The WTA is the highest-ranking female tennis player in the world. When Serena won the Wimbledon Championship, it was the first time that a woman had won this prestigious tournament.
  • Serena has won the Grand Slam singles championship three times and also the Australian Open twice. Serena has received numerous awards and honors for her accomplishments.
  • Serena has recently won the most coveted honor for a women’s tennis player, the Royal Albert, and she is a recipient of the most coveted award for ladies’ tennis player, the International Federation of Tennis as well. Her current ranking has again come under WTA top 10.
  • One of the most impressive achievements that a tennis player can receive is when she wins Wimbledon. However, winning Wimbledon is only one of the reasons why she could be considered as one of the best tennis players.
  • Aside from becoming one of the best players, Serena Williams has also been a part of the sporting world’s most prestigious and influential women. She has been a part of the Fab Five, and therefore, was able to gain respect from many people.
  • In fact, Serena Williams has won the US Open three times. This is something that cannot be forgotten about since it was quite impressive to watch her perform at Wimbledon. This feat has been recognized by many people, including her competitors.
  • Serena Williams has also received many awards and trophies for her performances. These awards include gold medals at Wimbledon, US Open, and Melbourne Cup. As expected, this has been accepted by other people, such as her coaches and family.
  • Moreover, Serena Williams has received many scholarships to study her art in order to improve herself as a tennis player. Furthermore, she has also been selected by the US Sports Management Association to become one of the head coaches for the junior tennis team.
  • On top of this, Serena Williams has also received many people that have supported her in her career. These people include her former players, coaches, as well as other athletes.
  • Aside from these, Serena Williams has also been nominated by the International Tennis Federation to participate in the Olympic Games. It has been recognized by the people who have chosen to nominate her, such as the president of the United States.

In fact, Serena Williams has been a part of so many accomplishments, that it cannot be overlooked. These are just a few of the achievements that she has received, which has been recognized by many people.