How to Choose the Right Cat Litter Mat? – Guide to Buy Best Cat Litter Mat

How to Choose the Right Cat Litter Mat

One of the best things about cats is that they are quite clean. They are good at grooming themselves. Cats are cute; however, sometimes, they get messy when it comes to litter boxes, which not only affects the litter box but also impacts the area around the litter box. 

Cat owners are aware of the fact that there is no litter box that can provide complete protection from the litter and its tracking. So how to get rid of the mess. A cat litter mat is inexpensive, as well as a simple solution to these hygienic issues. 

Now the question is how to choose the right cat litter mat? Before purchasing the cat litter box mat, it is better to do some research. It would not only help you in buying the right cat litter catching mat but will also help you know the best cat litter trap mat for your little friend. Here is an article with a guide on how to choose the right cat litter mat for your little cat. The article includes some key factors that you can consider to buy the best cat litter mat.

How to Choose the Right Cat Litter Mat

Advantages of Having a Cat Litter Mat

A cat litter mat is developed to assist in controlling the litter from spreading when the cats leave the cat litter box. The cat litter mat is placed underneath or in front of the cat litter box. 

In simple words, cat litter box mats are like the house doormats that we place in front of our house. Cat litter trapper mat is something that is needed by all the cat parents. Cats are naughtier as compared to other pets. Some are calms, while others like to go crazy by spreading their litter here and there in the house. 

If your cat spreads the litter, then you should buy a cat litter mat. It is the perfect solution to get rid of cat litter. Cats like to excrete on the sand and soft mud, and the cat litter mat provides them the same feeling indoors. 

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Litter Mat

How to choose the right cat litter mat? Here are some factors that you should consider while buying the cat litter mat.  

  1. Type of the Cat Litter Box

The first factor that you need to consider is the type of litter box you have. This factor greatly influences the type of cat litter mat that you need to buy. There are different types of cat litter boxes like front entrance, top entrance, completely covered, high sided, low sided, and many more. 

It is important to consider the type of cat litter box so that you can figure out how the litter gets out and spreads on the floor. For instance, you have a top entry or low side cat litter box; you will need an extra-large cat litter trapper mat. For other types of cat litter boxes, traditionally sized litter catching mats would be enough.

  1. Area of Cat Litter Box

The area of the cat litter box is another crucial factor to consider while purchasing the right litter box. Is your litter box huge in the area or small? It helps in identifying the size as well as the shape of the cat litter mat that you need to buy.

Some of the litter mats can be easily cut with the help of a knife in order to fit them in the space; however, you can not cut the waterproof mats as they might leak.

  1. Hair Length

Cats with short hairs are more likely to kick the litter and spread it out of the box. On the other hand, cats with long hair are more likely to have litter stuck in the side of their paws and on the bottoms. 

If your cat is short-haired, then opt for buying multi-layer cat litter mar as it is more concentrated on trapping the litter. If your cat has long hairs, then you can choose to grab type litter as it will gently pull the litter off the hairs of your cat. Grab, and pull-type cat litter mat is best for cats with long hair. 

How to Choose the Right Cat Litter Mat

  1. Age of Your Cat

Cat age also plays a crucial role in deciding the right cat litter mat. As a cat grows older, it is more likely to have urine accidents that can get out of the box and get spread in the nearby area. As your cat grows older, you would need a large cat litter mat and especially the one that is waterproof. 

  1. Litter Type

Most of the people use the traditional clumping clay litter; however, these days a wide range of litters is available in the market like pine, crystals, paper, and many more. If the format of the litter is larger than usual, make sure to check the hole sizes present on the two-layer systems. 

  1. Purpose of the Litter Mat

The obvious purpose of the cat litter mat is to control litter tracking. But is your goal really limited to litter tracking, or you also want to save money, buy a stylish cat litter mat, have something that is easy to clean? Each of these factors plays a crucial role in choosing the right cat litter trapper mat. 

Different Types of Cat Litter Mat

Having a cat at home is a joy, but it is also a responsibility. Cats are finicky as well as exacting creatures, which makes them difficult to handle. It becomes difficult for the cat owners to find the right accessories, food, and litter box for their little friend. Below mentioned are some of the different materials in which cat litter mats are available. 

  1. Rubber Cat Litter Mat

A rubber cat litter mat comes in the dual layer format in which the upper layer between the double layers contains larger holes, which helps in trapping the cat litter effectively. These litter then drop on the lower layer, where it stays trapped until you clean the mat. These mats are highly beneficial but are difficult to clean. 

Rubber cat litter mats feature large holes that are designed to keep the litter continuously removing from the mats. These mats are flexible but are a bit difficult to clean. The only negative part about these mats is that they are available in dark colors, which make them less suitable for different types of home decor. 

  1. Microfiber Litter Mat

cat litter box mats

Microfiber cat litter mats are made of two layers and materials. The topmost layer contains a microfiber that is soft, and it comes in different patterns and colors. It is soft, which allows the cat to relax, and meanwhile, it traps litter.

The bottom layer of these mats is made up of non-slip rubber materials, which assures that the mat does not slip away when the cat rushes on the mat from the litter box. These mats are easy to clean and are suitable for a wide range of home decor. 

The best thing about microfiber litter mats is that they can be cleaned in machines with warm water. However, these cat litter mats are not effective in trapping odors. These mats feature extra-large holes. In addition to this, they are light and easy to clean. 


  1. SmartGrip Litter Mat

SmartGrip cat litter catching mats contain a smooth and soft surface, which helps in making sure that the cat rests the paws on it, and thus the mat traps the litter. It is suitable for different types of home decor as it is available in different options in terms of patterns and colors. 

The only disadvantage of using a smart grip litter mat is that it can only be cleaned using a sponge or vacuum cleaner. These mats feature smaller grooves to hold the litter. These mats are easy to clean and are relaxing for your cats.

  1. Plastic Cat Litter Mat

Plastic cat litter mats are made of PVC. They possess a coiled layer of plastic material which traps the litter present on the paws of your cat. It is thick and highly effective in trapping the litter present on the cat’s paws due to its hard surface.

The litter present of the cat’s paws usually gets trapped on the coils present in the mat, which restrict the cat from spreading the litter here and there in the house.  

These mats are hard to clean because the litter remains trapped in the mat’s coils. In order to clean these mats, higher water pressure is required. 

While purchasing cat litter mats, opt for buying water resistant cat litter mats as they are ideal for sensitive and smiling paws of kitties. These are made of non-toxic EVA. These mats help in keeping the home clean as the vinyl shelf liner present in these mats protects the floor from stains. In addition to this, waterproof cat litter mats contain rubber-perforated shelf lines, which helps in keeping the paws of your cat clean. 

It is easy to clean water resistant mats; all you need to do is remove the dust by shaking it and then machine wash the mat. You can also use a vacuum cleaner or a sponge to clean these mats. A wide range of brands are available in the market, so before buying the cat litter mat make sure to check the reviews and customer ratings for different brands of cat litter mats so that you end buying the best one for your little friend.