What is Urlebird: Is It Legal and Safe?


Urlebird – Ever since there was the wind that stated the actions and movements of people were being tracked on social media, the need for tools that allowed anonymity has increased. Applications like Dupor and Picuki helped users shadow their movement on Instagram. However, there is no way to judge this as right or wrong.

 People nowadays prefer being in the dark regarding unnecessary social media exposure or their movement on people’s profiles. And if any user desires the same, Urlebird is the master play for you. Urlebird is the tool that works on TikTok and prevents the application from tracking any movement of the user. This enables users to watch other people’s videos and profile or stalk in pure anonymity.

But just like it sounds, Yes, you are right to wonder if it is legal? Or is it unlawful to use this tool? Your search has ended as in this article; you will find answers to all your queries and doubts. Scroll down to know more:


Urlebird is a tool hated by many Tiktok content makers but loved by every Tiktok user who uses the platform for entertainment purposes. Urlebird is a tool or website used to stream, download or upload videos on TikTok while caching any data from your end. Since it uses artists’ content without their consent, many petitions have been filed against Urlebird because of its unethical behavior. But no proof or report suggested the Urlebird’s ban shortly.

However, the anger in the Tiktok content creator’s community is fair and justified as this application puts its content on its website. There have been no reports of Urlebird’s legality issue.

How does  Urlebird provide Anonymity?

Through Urlebird a viewer can look through TikTok in a very unique and different way. This tool can also be used to enhance content creators’ videos. The website has many features and endless possibilities for its user, and the user can tap on the search and scroll through their favorite artist’s profile and videos. The user can search for the creator’s name or use a trending hashtag to find the desired content.

The user also gets a hassle-free pre-made list of trending content creators through which they can choose as they like. Also, the viewer can find a list of trending hashtags and their effectiveness if they wish to use them in their videos. Furthermore, all these useful and user-oriented simplicities in a tool like this come with total anonymity.

Additionally, other than tabs like Trending, Search bar, and Hashtags, one may also find access to download videos through this website. And with the help of its algorithm, the viewer is automatically recommended the most recent and the most liked or similar videos helping them with other entertainment without interruptions. Also, the user gets access to the most trending music. But all in all, no matter how amazing this tool might be, it isn’t affiliated with or approved by TikTok.

Is it Safe to use Urlebird?

There has yet to be any proof that Urlebird is unsafe for its user. Although the users might think of its work as stealing content, there have been no complaints from tik to either.

How did Urlebird have Access to Users’ content from their Profiles on Tik Tok?

This is still a mystery as to how urlebird gets hold of TikTok users’ content. And since it is not affiliated with Tiktok, content creators can’t complain about it to higher authorities working in Tiktok.

Interestingly not only usual accounts urlebird has access to some of the famous private accounts on TikTok as well. 

How to Download Urlebird?

Any interested person can easily get hold of urlebird on their device and use it to watch videos or share them on their profile. It is as easy as downloading any other application on your phone. A premium version of the app is available through which the user can go through uninterrupted entertainment. To download urlebird on your device, check out the steps below: 

  1. First up, open your browser, and search www.Urlebird.com from the search bar.
  2. You will find the app by the same name and click on the download tab.
  3. Put in your Tiktok user ID and password to log in.
  4. It is done. Watch, share, save, or Download your favorite video without worrying about being traced.


Urlebird is an app only known to the community associated with TikTok for its notorious nature. And only some people love this tool. Since TikTok is currently banned in a few countries, people from these countries use this as a proxy to watch videos.  

Furthermore, it is also loved by people who tend to get conscious about their social media activity, leaving a digital footprint. Hence, they opt for this app to use TikTok anonymously.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

  1. Is urlebird safe?
    There is no proof to either support or oppose this statement, but since there have been no complaints found against we can believe it is safe for now.
  2. What is urlebird used for?
    It is an application that anonymously watches videos on TikTok without leaving any digital footprint.
  3. Can you see who viewed your tikok?
    No, it is what this application is used for. No user data will be cached, and no content creator can see if any viewer saw their content.